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Kitchen10 Features Of A Stunning Hamptons-Style Kitchen

Hamptons-style kitchens have become the envy and inspiration of renovators all over the world. A combination of coastal elegance with just the right amount of vintage thrown in, it’s an interior theme that’s both livable and luxe.

But turning a tired kitchen into a Hamptons-inspired haven is no easy feat, so to help you map out your way, we’ve singled out the top ten features of these spectacular kitchens and put them in one handy list for you.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the key elements to consider for your shiny new kitchen, inspired by The Hamptons: Long Island’s luxury playground.

White … and more white!

White Hamptons-style kitchen.
A white palette creates a light and inviting atmosphere.

Hamptons kitchens are expertly designed to be bright and airy. And there is no better shade than white for achieving this.

But aside from its ability to reflect natural lights and make spaces feel more open, white is also a great choice for rooms where you want other features and accents to do all the talking. From statement taps and sinks to luxurious furniture, Hamptons-style kitchens excel when it comes to beautiful fixtures and furnishings – and a white canvas lets them all shine.

Whites vary from cool tones to complete neutrals and warmer whites, so do plenty of testing in different types of light to make sure you choose the perfect shade for your new kitchen.

  • Pro tip: Collect swatches and start your search for the perfect white early!

Classic splashback

Kitchen splashback with white subway tiles.
The subway tile is a clear favourite for splashbacks.

Kitchens of the Hamptons are known and loved for their clean lines and breezy atmosphere, and the splashback has a lot to do with achieving that desired effect.

The safest and most popular choice of splashback tile for Hamptons aesthetic is the white or ivory subway tile, usually brick laid. Neat and elegant, it’s an easy tile to lay, it complements the rest of the room and it provides a brilliant blank canvas that is perfect for showing off kitchenware … and your homegrown hydrangeas!

If subway tiles aren’t your preference, consider matching your benchtops with a stone splashback for a cohesive and sophisticated effect.

Another popular option is to use the splashback to add colour and dimension to the space. Love the idea of green kitchen tiles? No problem. Always wanted blue herringbone tiles in your kitchen? It works! The trick is to avoid flooding the kitchen with colour; keep most of your backdrop white and let the splashback make a statement.

  • Pro tip! A classic subway tile measuring 15cm x 7.5cm gives an authentic look.

Shaker cupboards and drawers

Grey herringbone tiled splashback in a modern Hamptons kitchen.
Shaker cabinetry is a must!

Casually luxurious and totally timeless, shaker doors and drawers are a hallmark of kitchens in the Hamptons region. And we think they’re some of the most beautiful cabinets around.

But what makes it such a great match for Hampton’s kitchens? Well firstly, the design fits the theme perfectly: clean, straight lines combined with recessed panels and raised frames provide an elegant and versatile backdrop for the rest of the space. Plus, the linear theme plays nicely with the straight lines of the kitchen bench and the panels of your wooden flooring.

But best of all, thanks to their relative ease of manufacture, you can achieve a high-end shaker look without spending a fortune. (This means more money left to spend on modern kitchen handles!)

  • Pro Tip! Use glass panels in the top cupboards for a high-end finish.

Wooden flooring

White Hamptons-themed kitchen with wooden floors.
Wooden floors are a match made in heaven for white rooms.

We’ve talked about how white is a dominant shade in Hamptons-style kitchens – but while white is versatile and fresh, it can have a cold effect when not balanced with warm tones. This is what makes wooden floors so perfect for this kind of space.

From solid hardwood panels to engineered floorboards, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to floorboards in Australia. When making your choice, consider what finish works best for your family — think pets and kids — and get creative with your choice of colour. A whitewash tone gives brilliant beachy vibes, while darker tones are more classic.

  • Pro tip! Engineered flooring is cheaper and easier to maintain than hardwood. (Check out the pros and cons of hybrid flooring to see how it stacks up against other options.)

Pendant lights (in the right materials)

Hamptons-style kitchen with brass pendant lights over the bench.
Go for pendants in natural materials.

If you’re a big fan of statement lighting, you’re going to love choosing the pendants for your beautiful new Hamptons kitchen! Traditionally, pendants for this interior style are big, beautiful and bold. They capture the eye immediately but still work in total harmony with the rest of the room.

But before picking just anything, there are a few unwritten rules to take into account, starting with materials. Like styles found in French Provincial homes, Hamptons-themed pendants favour natural materials, particularly glass, wood and metal. In fact, some pendants use a combination of all three materials. As mentioned above, wood brings a rustic warmth to the kitchen, while glass creates the illusion of more space and metals like iron, brass and copper deliver glamour.

Also, while chunky pendants are popular in this style of home, their size and output still have to suit the height of the ceiling and the size of the room.

  • Pro tip! Make sure your pendants are dimmable for creating the perfect mood.

Farmhouse sink

White kitchen with an inset farmhouse sink.
A farmhouse sink creates a focal point.

So much more than just a lovely fixture, a farmhouse sink ties in beautifully with the livable elegance of Hamptons-style kitchens. Larger in size than many regular sinks, it’s equipped to manage big families (and even bigger dinner parties!), plus its stunning exposed front creates a fabulous focal point.

But what we love the most about farmhouse sinks for a luxe coastal theme is how well it works with shaker cabinetry. Installed below the benchtop it integrates cleanly for a streamlined, built-in look.

And if you thought your sink had to be white, think again! Black sinks are a dynamic addition to white kitchens, as are copper and brass options.

  • Pro tip: Choose your sink before finalising the cupboards and benchtop!

Chunky island bench

White stone island bench with brass pendant lights hanging overhead.
Island benches should be large and accommodating.

There’s a good reason why New York’s elite flock to houses in the Hamptons during the holidays: they’re roomy, stylish and fit for welcoming guests. And where there are lots of guests, there must be a big island bench!

Many island benches of homes in the Hamptons are actually big enough to seat several people, and smart designs incorporate plenty of storage within the frame, too.

When it comes to benchtops, engineered stone is the material of choice in Australia. However, the stone bench colour you choose depends on the overall look and feel you want. White is always a clear favourite for this theme, particularly with a marble or grain effect for added texture. But for a bold look, don’t be afraid to go with black and use black appliances like a warming drawer to bring the room together.

Statement tapware

A white kitchen with blue island bench and gold tapware.
Use statement tapware for a pop of colour.

Hamptons-style kitchens traditionally favour pull-down gooseneck taps or bridge taps for their vintage charm and sophisticated shapes.

Matte black tapware is often paired with kitchens of this theme because of its incredible contrast with white benchtops and cabinetry. And when it comes to metal finishes, don’t stop at chrome – consider the brushed metal finishes for a designer look you (and your guests) will adore.

Brushed nickel tapware is a warmer, more matte version of chrome and it’s one of the most popular choices for modern kitchens and bathrooms in Australia right now. But if you want a touch more glamour, you can’t go past brushed brass tapware. Both of these uber-popular finishes elevate rooms and just so happen to work exquisitely with white, blue and natural wood.

  • Pro tip: Taps with a PVD finish resist tarnishing and corrosion.

Exposed beams

Exposed wooden beams in a Hamptons-inspired kitchen.
Add rustic charm with exposed beams.

Exposed beams are often a trademark of cathedral ceilings, and if you’re fortunate enough to have them, make sure you make them a highlight of your modern Hamptons design.

Aside from their rustic goodness and connection to nature, wooden ceiling beams can play a role in creating zones in open-plan areas. In kitchens, they can be used to separate cooking and dining areas, or the kitchen and living room. They’re architecturally stunning, and in keeping with a Hamptons aesthetic, they make the room feel grand and open.

  • Pro tip: For a more rustic look, leave beams unpainted.

Modern appliances

A white Hamptons kitchen with modern stainless steel appliances.
Modern appliances belong in a Hamptons-style kitchen!

The Hamptons theme may be classic and pared-back, but that doesn’t mean the appliances should be quaint. In fact, modern Hamptons homes are well equipped with high-end appliances that are well worth showing off, and when chosen well, they complement the elegant backdrop beautifully.

From state-of-the-art wine fridges to the world’s best induction cooktops and incredible steam ovens, a modern Hamptons-style kitchen is an opportunity to pair classic elegance with contemporary wow – so go ahead and splurge!

  • Pro tip: If in doubt about what size fridge to choose, always go bigger!

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