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9 Of The Best Brushed Nickel Tapware In Australia

Step aside chrome, brushed nickel tapware is making big waves in the renovation world for its stylish appearance and easy-care finish.

And whether you’re after taps for the bathroom, laundry, powder room or kitchen, you’re in the right place because we’ve teamed up with Greens Tapware to bring you a shortlist of the most beautifully designed and engineered brushed nickel taps for any style of home.

But first, if you’re wondering why everyone is talking about brushed nickel, let’s take a closer look at how it compares to chrome taps.

Selection of three different basin taps on a shag rug.
Greens Tesora Basin Mixers in brushed copper, brass and nickel

Brushed Nickel Vs Chrome

One of the biggest advantages of brushed nickel over chrome is that it doesn’t show fingerprints. The shiny, reflective surface of chrome means that it shows virtually every single mark (meaning a lot more cleaning). Brushed nickel, on the other hand, has a more matte finish that’s lower maintenance and easier to keep looking clean and new.

With a warmer tone and more texture than chrome, it’s easy to see why brushed nickel is super popular for modern renovations. It pairs beautifully with everything from black sinks to many modern kitchen handles, offering homeowners a fuss-free fixture to enjoy for years.

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Brushed Nickel Tapware: 9 Top Picks In Australia

Greens is a New Zealand-based company that sets the bar high for modern tapware designs. Since the 1970s, they’ve been at the forefront of tapware technology and innovation – and you’d be hard-pressed to find more impressive taps anywhere else.

To help you find the perfect beautiful brushed nickel tapware for your freshly renovated rooms, we’ve put our favourite Greens products in one handy shortlist for you.

Clean lines

Two brushed nickel sink mixer taps side by side.

Beautiful lines and a practical handle make the Corban Brushed Nickel Sink Mixer a winner for contemporary kitchens and laundries. But what makes this brushed-nickel beauty especially unique is its smart twist aerator spout – twist it once for a veggie spray option, and twist it again for regular water flow. That’s smart.

Petite perfection

A brushed nickel tap mounted on a wooden bench.

Perfectly sized for bathrooms, powder rooms and utility sinks, the Tesora Brushed Nickel Basin Mixer combines glamourous curves with timeless texture. It has a European brass cartridge and features a top mixer. Best of all, you can continue the Tesora story throughout the house with other products in the range.

Understated glamour

Two pull-down sink mixer taps side by side.

The perfect companion for large farmhouse sinks and deep laundry troughs, the Tesora Pull-Down Mixer is one of Greens’ most popular taps. The warmth of the brushed nickel combined with the glamourous textural details makes it a statement tap you’ll love showing off.

Fashion meets function

Three taps mounted on a bench in brushed nickel, chrome and matte black.

Greens’ Astro II Basin Mixer is the perfect balance of gentle curves and crisp straight lines. It has a fixed spout and sleek, flat handle that looks right at home in contemporary spaces. It’s also available in a tower option and comes in a choice of five colours, including our favourite: brushed nickel!

European elegance (and loads of functionality!)

Greens Galiano brushed nickel mixer taps side by side.

There is so much to love about the Galiano Brushed Nickel Pull-Down Mixer, starting with the dreamy, European-inspired sculptured lines. But it’s not all about looks with this one, it also has a powerful dual spray function and a twist-free hose. It’s everything you want in a kitchen tap.

High and mighty

Three uninstalled taps in different finishes lying flat on grey carpet.

The Mika Brushed Nickel Tower Mixer takes textural inspiration from the Tesora range and combines it with elegant straight lines. With a fixed spout and available in a range of colours, this beauty is perfect for bathrooms and powder rooms.

A timeless classic

Two identical brushed nickel gooseneck taps side by side.

If it’s a classic arched tap you want in the kitchen, look no further than the Mika Gooseneck Mixer in brushed nickel. It comes with a side-mounted handle and features a fixed spout and just the right amount of light-catching texture.

Minimalist magic

Selection of three basin mixer taps in different colours and finishes.

Minimalism is still very much trending in modern bathrooms and the stunning Maci Basin Mixer is the ideal tap for the style. Suitable for all pressures, it comes with a fixed spout and it’s available in five shades, including brushed nickel.

Swept off your feet

Two tall brushed nickel bathroom or laundry taps.

Clean lines and block-shaped design make the Swept Tower Basin absolutely perfect for urban and industrial-style spaces. It comes with a fixed spout and looks sensational paired up with rectangular basins and towel rails.


Taps aren’t always an easy thing to change, so it’s a decision worth getting right the first time. To help you make the right choice, we consulted the experts at Greens Tapware about common brushed nickel questions.

What colour is brushed nickel?

Brushed Nickel is a very similar finish to brushed stainless. It has a slightly warmer tone with a natural finish that complements everything in your kitchen or bathroom.

Can you paint brushed nickel?

No, brushed nickel cannot be painted.

Does brushed nickel show water spots?

Like all tapware water spots can appear but if cleaned regularly and well looked after, water spots should not appear.

Does brushed nickel rust?

The good news is no, brushed nickel will not rust.

Does brushed nickel tarnish?

All tapware, including brushed nickel, can tarnish if not looked after. If you clean it regularly and take care it shouldn’t tarnish.

Is brushed nickel more expensive than chrome?

Yes, brushed nickel is usually more expensive than chrome, but not by a huge amount. It is definitely worth it for a more convenient and modern look.

How do you clean brushed nickel taps?

Caring for brushed nickel is actually not all that difficult. All it takes is some gentle scrubbing with non-abrasive dish soap and a sponge to keep your taps looking beautiful.

Greens Tapware is a proud partner of the Making HOME renovation series.

Top image: Galiano Pull-Down Tap

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