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StylingModern Hamptons Style From The Outside In

Modern Hamptons Style is the new look gracing Aussie streets in 2022. Melding classic Hamptons with contemporary Australian design, The new Modern Hamptons Style is a combination of classic Hamptons and contemporary Australian design which catches the eye and draws you in.

Dialling down on the classic opulence, but increasing the bold colours and lines of contemporary design, modern Hamptons style is delivering a high level of sophistication, from Hamptons bedroom furniture to external design elements.

The Modern Hamptons Style is no longer just for beach and waterfront properties.

Long considered the domain of beach and water-front prestige property, classic Hamptons is now being re-interpreted, with this new Hamptons expression expanding to suburbs across Australia. Homeowners want the seamless cohesion that marries the exterior façade with alfresco dining areas and striking interiors.

The modern Hamptons style is much more pared-back compared to the traditional Hamptons style. Immediately noticeable are bold gables, facade articulation and high-contrast trims. We love the combination of vivid white trims on dark or white weatherboard exterior walls, especially when complemented with beautiful outdoor wall lighting.

The refined Hamptons look has really taken off. It’s created a unique modern style which is now popping up in the suburbs and city outskirt areas,” said Hamptons Design Expert and James Hardie Brand Ambassador, Natalee Bowen.

“The elevation of a Contemporary Hamptons home fits well into new suburbs as they tend to be more aligned with newer built homes and a younger demographic. Now more sophisticated home extensions, builds and designs are coming through with a grander feel even if on a smaller block, but still featuring the modern elements,” said Natalee.

What are the trademarks of Modern Hamptons Style?

A trademark feature of Contemporary Hamptons is its clean-lined exteriors extending to alfresco living, becoming fuss-free and more refined.

Rather than wooden decks we’ll see pavers or a continual concrete indoor outdoor open-plan effect, with slider or bi-fold doors rather than French doors,” said Natalee. This creates open plan to the next level, feeling like the alfresco is an extension of the space.

Modern furniture such as wrought iron works well in these spaces rather than traditional rattan.

The facade is all about achieving street appeal and colour plays a big part according to Natalee. More dramatic use of colours such as darker greys, black, and deep navy creates a clean profile on straight-lined balustrades, architraves and windows.

What products are best for the Modern Hamptons Style?

Linea Weatherboards by James Hardie are the perfect exterior cladding solution for this style with their distinctive, sharp, uniform shadowline giving a timber look which is a universal trademark of the Hamptons appeal. “I love the clean horizontal lines of Linea ™ Weatherboards as they work beautifully to bring style and individuality to a modern home,” says Natalee.

A note from the Making HOME team …

We love how beautifully Axent Trim works with the modern Hamptons style. Available in either 89mm or 45mm widths and 19mm or 38mm thickness, you can really go bold with your window trims. The solidness and crisp clean edges of this product are the perfect finishing touch. Your builder will love you too – this product is so easy to work with!

Being fibre cement, the cladding (and trims) are resistant to fire, impact, termites, rotting and warping while requiring minimal maintenance. It can be painted dark colours without concerns, unlike timber which could twist or warp over time when painted in heat-absorbing dark colours.

A more modern look inside, as well as outside, is part of the contemporary trend. Concrete or tile flooring replaces traditional wooden flooring. There’s shiplap instead of wainscoting, and modern furniture such as concrete, metal and glass can be seen instead of wooden styles used in the traditional Hamptons look, according to Natalee.

Instead of the layered look, Contemporary Hamptons is very uncluttered,” said Natalee. “Floors are quite bare with fewer rugs, while lighter fabric colours and textures are preferred for soft furnishings. Contemporary Hamptons also leans a little towards an industrial feel, with signature styles like floating wrought iron or brass shelving in kitchens and visible piping under bathroom vanities, as an example. We’re also seeing encaustic tiles, or patterned tiles being used in wet areas to modernise the flooring and walls. Although the tiles are patterned, they bring a freshness and modernity to the space.”

Alfresco areas take on new importance as the additional room, with furnishings being an extension of interiors. Exterior wall panelling such as Linea Weatherboards, or Matrix Cladding chosen for its bold industrial architectural aesthetic provide an interesting textured backdrop for styling, and plants complement the architectural design. Natalee suggests the use of more architectural plants like the yucca. “Succulents and dragon trees all work well with this look Fiddle trees internally are used instead of palm trees.”

The hallmarks of the modern Hamptons style, according to Natalee:

  1. Contemporary Hamptons homes are all about cleaner lines and a pared-back look.
  2. Use of darker colours on Linea™ Weatherboards set the scene, however, white can still be used with uncluttered detail.
  3. High-contrast trims create a more modern look. Aim for a bold contrast, such as dark Linea ™ Weatherboards with white trims or black trims with whiteLinea ™ Weatherboards.
  4. Façade articulation rules for an architect-designed feel. Allow rooms to project, especially cantilevered upper storeys, while others recede, to create interest and individuality.
  5. A less is more approach. Fewer layers, less details inside and out: clean straight balustrades in aluminium with thinner handrails, no corbel detail, straight architraves and mouldings (if any). Lighting also has a more industrial feel to this look with downlights being seen.
  6. Windows with no beading and with thicker more pronounced profiles enhance the heavier modern look. Sliding doors replace traditional French doors.
  7. A black and white interior palette is favoured instead of the mid-blue and white associated with classic Hamptons. Bold colours on walls can be teamed with pastel furnishings for another take on contemporary. Choose black modern hardware for door handles and tapware.
  8. When it comes to Hamptons-style kitchen cabinetry, statement colour kitchens are on trend, with bold navy or deep green favourites. The cabinetry is clean and pared-back, partnering perfectly with contemporary farmhouse sinks. Floating cabinetry in wet areas means there are no protruding kickboards on kitchen islands.

We’re falling in love with the Hamptons look all over again. The modern Hamptons style has reinvigorated a look that is timeless but is all the better for a fresh injection of style.

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