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KitchenGreen Kitchen Tiles: 12 Showstopping Splashbacks

Green kitchen splashback tiles are getting a lot of attention in design circles for being brave and fresh additions to the heart of the house.

Without any doubt, the splashback is an important decision to get right – because removing tiles isn’t as fun as laying them! And while many people still gravitate to a neutral tile or stone splashback, colour is having a big moment in modern kitchen renovations, particularly green.

Perhaps it’s the feeling of connectedness with nature that mossy tones evoke or the proven calming effect of green that makes the colour so popular in homes today. Or maybe it’s just the fact that thanks to incredible manufacturing and design, contemporary green splashback tiles have never looked so beautiful.

Green Kitchen Tiles To Inspire Your Next Renovation

Ready to gush? Take a look at these 12 examples of green splashbacks at the absolute top of their game.

Pale Sage In Herringbone

Kurio Designs Green Kitchen Tiles
Green kitchen tiles don’t have to be bright. Image: Kurio Designs

We love the boost of freshness that these sage tiles give a traditional 1900s cottage. Paired with neutral cabinetry, they’re a timeless choice – and one that instantly makes you feel relaxed and welcome.

Emerald Green In Classic Subway

deVOL Kitchens Emerald Green Tiling
What a collection of colours! Image: deVOL Kitchens

To the emerald city at last! This brave use of green tiles completely transforms this exquisite kitchen into a place of sheer magic. We can’t get over how perfectly the gold tapware, copper pots and apron sink sit against this backdrop. Major kitchen envy over this one.

Verticle Hexagons

Prince Designs Green Hexagon Splashback Tiles
This green splashback is hexagonal heaven. Image: Prince Designs

Price Design nailed this kitchen design by incorporating hexagonal green tiles into the space. Reminiscent of native trees standing tall, they evoke lovely feelings of togetherness and resilience. The various toes of green add depth and visual intrigue.

Stacked Tile In Mint

Beaumont Ignite and Ignition Tile in Mint
Symmetry in spades with these sage-green finger tiles. Image: Beaumont Tiles

We’re swooning over Beaumont Tiles’ Ignite & Ignition mosaic range, especially in this utterly perfect shade of Mint. Perfectly aligned, they bring symmetry and balance to the most important room of the home.

Classic Herringbone In Aqua-Green

Maholo House Bungalow Byron Bay
These aqua-green kitchen tiles scream holiday vibes. Image: Maholo Bungalow/Instagram

This Byron Bay bungalow absolutely screams tropical holiday – and we can’t think of a better room to start the day in, sipping coffee and nibbling fresh fruit. In various tones of aqua-green, the splashback is like a lagoon you just want to dive right into. (source )

Going Verticle

Fireclay Tiles Hunter Green
Whether city or bush, this splashback just works. Image: Fireclay Tile

Fancy a stroll through the pines? You can almost smell the freshness just by looking at these sensational splashback tiles in a forest hue. Lush and captivating, tiles like these are just as perfect for tropical homes surrounded by palms as they are for city dwellings.

Classic Subway In Moss

National Tiles Paloma Moss Green
Mossy layers. Image: National Tiles

Made in Spain for National Tiles, the Arabic-inspired Paloma in Moss Green makes a striking backdrop to this kitchen. Each tile is unique and boasts vibrant tones of deep green, all shimmering and shining like precious jewels.

Stick-On Green Splashback

Stick On Splashback Tiles In Dusty Green
Why grout when you can just stick? Image: Stick On Tiles

After a quick solution to your splashback? From Stick On Tiles, this product eliminates the need for individual tiles or messy grout, and you can totally do it yourself. We adore these feather tiles in dusty green for bringing new life to the kitchen.

High-Gloss Emerald Tile In Herringbone

Mercury Mozaics Green Splashback Tiles
Herringbone perfection. Image: Mercury Mosaics

If the goal of Mercury Mosaics was to create the most envy-inducing splashback ever – they did it! These high-gloss tiles bring vibrance to an otherwise neutral kitchen, and the herringbone style adds texture and personality.

Vintage Green Tile In Classic Subway

Justina Blakaney Green Kitchen Splashback
A beautiful combination of green, copper and wood. Image: Justina Blakaney

Ok, we’ll admit it, we’re completely obsessed with Justina Blakeney’s kitchen renovation, especially because of her choice of tiles. Her boho kitchen positively pops thanks to the addition of moss-green splashback tiles – the perfect partner to the solid wood shelving.

Stacked Squares

Marazzi Group Butlers Kitchen
Tonal beauty. Image: Marazzi Group

The reason these incredible matte ‘Verde’ tiles are just so captivating in this butler’s kitchen is that they incorporate a combination of shades for an alternating tone effect. The result is softness for days and a colour you’ll never tire of.

Stacked Verticle With Classic Subway

Jean Stoffer Design - The Madison Kitchen
Multiple shades of green that work in harmony. Image: Jean Stoffer Design/Instagram

It’s impossible not to fall in love with any Jean Stoffer kitchen, but this mossy number holds a special place in our hearts for its brave use of green vertical and subway-laid tiles in one splashback. And paired with green cabinetry? When can we move in?!

Why green?

It’s a fair question, and our answer to that is twofold. Firstly, from the prettiest sage to the deepest moss, tones of green are considered optimistic colours that — according to Very Well Mind — inspire creativity and even reduce stress. And what home doesn’t want harmony at its centre?

But green is also a timeless choice in home renovations. When chosen carefully to balance the rest of the room, it never goes out of style. In fact, various shades of green have been labelled Pantone Colours Of The Year three times since 2010. Can’t argue with that.

What colour goes with green kitchen tiles?

The good news is that green is a very versatile colour, and you’re not limited by what other colours you can bring to the room.

  • Neutral shades of white, grey and black will always work beautifully with green, and it’s a great way to make your green splashback pop. Think brushed nickel tapware or a white marble bench.
  • You could also invite other shades of green or ‘analogous’ colours for a layered look (like the Jean Stoffer design above)
  • Opposite colours also work. A visit to the colour wheel shows that the opposite of green is red or pink. Now, you don’t want the Christmas look, but perhaps a soft pink vase against a sage wall? Or if feeling extra brave, pair your green kitchen with a pink feature wall.
  • Yellow sits right next to green on the colour wheel and works brilliantly with green. Yellow tones could feature in the gold hue of tapware or copper of accessories (like the deVOL Kitchen example above). Or it could be a vibrant sunny piece of wall art. The choice is yours.
  • Wood is always going to work well with the colour green. In the examples above, you’ll notice a lot of wooden shelving which complements the green splashback tiles.

Is a green kitchen a good idea?

It’s a resounding yes from us! When carefully planned and beautifully implemented, a green kitchen is energizing and inviting. As mentioned, green is a colour that instils positive feelings in people and brings harmony to a space. It pairs beautifully with indoor plants and wooden elements and works with both vintage-style and contemporary appliances. It also makes your kitchen the star of the house – which it should be!

And if you need further proof, check out what the experts have to say about decorative tile trends for 2024.

How else can I use green in my kitchen?

If you’re going big and bold, you could bring even more green to your kitchen in your cabinets and drawers, wall paint or even your floor tiles. But, if you want your splashback to do all the talking, accent pieces like indoor plants and tableware might be all you need.

Top image: Fireclay Tile

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