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Kitchen11 Best Induction Cooktops In Australia For 2024

Australia’s best induction cooktops are cool to the touch and super responsive. They also look fabulous in modern kitchens, and with a flat surface, they’re a cinch to clean. But perhaps the biggest reason so many home cooks are switching from gas to induction cooking is the health benefits.

According to an Asthma Australia survey, gas cooking is responsible for 12% of the asthma burden in our country – as dangerous to health as cigarette smoke is in the home. Switching to electric induction cooking greatly reduces our exposure to chemicals like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide, making the home a cleaner, safer place to live.

So, if you’re looking for a seriously good-looking, easy-use cooktop that heats up fast and helps make your home a healthy environment for everyone, induction is the way to go. Read on for the best models to buy in Australia right now.

Modern kitchen with illuminated stovetop.
Kleenmaid 90cm induction cooktop

How To Choose An Induction Cooktop

Because induction cooktops use a different method to heat up than gas cooking, there are a few things to consider when choosing one.

Consider how fast you need it to heat up

Check how quickly the induction cooktop heats up – they all should be pretty fast. Brands like Bosch (featured below) offer Powerboost functions for even faster heating!

How many burners do you want?

Like any cooktop, you’ll need to check it has enough burners to suit your cooking style. If you need to cook for a big family, you want to make sure you can have several pots on the go at once. Induction cooktops typically range from two to five burners. Some of the best induction cooktops in Australia even facilitate combined zones for a larger cooking area – fabulous for roasting trays.

Ensure you have the right cookware

First of all, it’s important to note that you can only use pots and pans that have a ferrous base on induction cooktops. Why? Well, induction cooktops use electromagnetism to heat up, so your cookware needs to work well with magnets! Cast iron and some stainless steel are ferromagnetic, but not all cookware is. The easiest way to check if your existing cookware has a ferrous base is to put a magnet on it and see if it has a strong magnetic hold.

Secondly, you need to ensure your cookware fits the size of your cooking elements (which vary a lot between brands). Quality induction cookware doesn’t come cheap, so keep this in mind before you buy a cooktop that will require a completely new set of pots!

A pan with a cracked egg sits on a stovetop.
Fisher & Paykel Induction Hob

11 Of The Best Induction Cooktops In Australia

Ready to cook up a storm? We’ve done the research and uncovered the best brands of induction cooktops for Australian kitchens right now. How did we choose? We spend a great deal of time analysing reviews and industry trends to shortlist the products other families are using and loving. We also use our own first-hand experience to know what features make a difference in daily cooking.

KLEENMAID 60cm Induction Cooktop ICT6031, $2549

Kleenmaid 60cm induction cooktop ICT6031.

After a workhorse that packs plenty of style, substance and safety? This is it! From KLEENMAID, this European-designed induction cooktop comes equipped with four cooking zones, nine heating levels and a ‘boost’ function to get dinner on the go fast. The child safety lock and Individual Residual Heat Indicators make it not only a great choice for singles and couples but families too. At 60cm, it’s well-sized for island benches and it comes with a five-year peace-of-mind warranty.


  • Child safety lock included
  • Bridge function for using a griddle
  • High-power boosters on each element
  • ‘Residual Heat Indicators’ display when the surface is hot
  • ‘Voltage Power Guard’ monitors the main power supply for fluctuations

Bosch Serie 8 90cm Induction Cooktop PIV975DC1E, $1959

Bosch PIV975DC1E 90cm Serie 8 Cooktop.

With five induction cooking zones spaced across a 90cm surface, this elegant cooker is very ready to cook for a crowd! It comes with 17 power levels for each zone and features PerfectFry technology for absolute perfection when it comes to browning and frying. We love the sleek surface and premium control panel for a chic look every kitchen deserves.


  • Huge 90cm surface
  • Extra-wide touch control
  • Handy ‘PerfectFry’ function
  • 5 cooking zones and 17 power levels
  • Powerboost for 50% more power when you need it

KLEENMAID 90cm Induction Cooktop ICT9031, $3699

Kleenmaid 90cm induction cooktop ICT9031.

With metallic graphics and bevelled edges, this spacious cooktop looks as good as it performs. From KLEENMAID, it measures 90cm and features six elements, nine heating levels and a booster function for each zone. An Active Zone indicator keeps you alert to which elements are in use and the Bridge function lets you combine zones for griddle cooking. But what sets this gem apart from the rest is the Chef Function, which simultaneously runs each cooking zone from left to right at cooking levels two, six and nine to replicate professional kitchens!


  • Bridge function makes griddle cooking easy
  • Active Zone shows which elements are in use
  • Residual Heat Indicators alert you to hot elements
  • Child Safety Lock keeps it off limits from little hands
  • Chef Function runs all elements at multiple temperatures to mimic professional cooking

ASKO Pro Series 65cm Bridge Induction Cooktop, $2499

Black induction stove installed on a stone benchtop.

Finished with black ceramic glass for a serious luxe look, this clever cooker is quick to heat and a dream for families who cook with large pots, woks and pans. Why? Well, the genius Real Bridge™ induction zones let you connect two zones to create one large zone – how convenient! Other highlights include intuitive touch controls, a ‘keep-warm’ function and automatic pan recognition for peace of mind your cookware is induction-safe.


  • Multi-touch intuitive controls
  • Powerboost function for fast heating
  • Keep Warm, Simmer, Boil Fry, Grill and Wok programs
  • Residual Heat Indicators tell you if elements are still hot
  • Real Bridge™ technology allows for the merging of zones

Bosch Serie 6 60cm Induction Cooktop PXE651FC1E, $1756

Bosch Serie 6 60cm Induction Cooktop PXE651FC1E.

With four cooking zones, each with 17 power levels, the perfect temperature is always just a touch away. It even features ‘FlexInduction’, which allows you to combine cooking zones and make preparing that Sunday roast a little bit easier. The PowerBoost function means less time waiting for the pot to boil, with rapid boiling or heating. There’s also a handy child lock and the residual heat indicators will let you know if the cooktop is still hot to the touch.


  • Easy-to-interpret touch controls
  • 17 power levels for each cooking zone
  • ‘FlexInduction’ lets you combine elements
  • Easy-clean ceramic surface – a wipe is all it takes
  • ‘PowerBoost’ turbocharges the cooking process (you won’t believe how fast water boils!)

NEFF TwistPad 60cm Induction Cooktop, $1799

Modern black stove built into a granite benchtop.

Precise and rapid heat makes the NEFF a winner for families who need efficient and quick cooking. It features three induction zones, including a FlexInduction zone which lets you merge zones for a larger cooking area. The illuminated TwistPad® Fire knob enables complete control of all zones at all times while the raft of safety features gives you peace of mind while cooking. including automatic safety switch-off and residual heat indicators.


  • Boost function on each element
  • FlexInduction allows the merging of zones
  • Automatic safety switch-off and residual heat indicators for added safety
  • The removable TwistPad® Fire knob puts you in complete control of each zone

Electrolux 90cm Induction Cooktop EHI955BE, $2099

Electrolux 90cm Induction cooktop EHI955BE.

Feature-packed and expertly designed, this 90cm Electrolux hob puts the most advanced cooking technology at your fingertips. It boasts ultra-sensitive touch buttons for easy control of each element and a Bridge function for merging zones. Each of the five burners comes with a powerful boost function for boiling fast and frying to perfection. And forget overcooking the kids’ pancakes again, SenseFry automatically adjusts temperatures to ensure the perfect amount of heat is used for every dish.


  • SenseFry automatically adjusts hob temperatures for frying
  • The bridge function allows you to merge two cooking zones
  • Programmable timer to help you keep track in a busy kitchen
  • Residual heat indicator advises when cooking zones are still hot
  • The PowerBoost feature makes boiling and searing quick and easy

Beko 60cm Induction Cooktop BCT601IGN, $970

Pots simmering on Beko 60cm Induction hob.

Sleek and simple to operate, the Beko comes with four elements, each with a touch control. The IndyFlex feature makes merging two zones a piece of cake and the boost feature helps you get temperatures high in no time. There are nine cooking levels for each of the zones and it comes with a host of safety features including child lock, residual heat indicators and spill protection.


  • Each of the four elements comes with nine power levels
  • Easy-clean cooking surface wipes down with little effort
  • Child lock and spill protection provide added peace of mind
  • The boost function allows you to reach the top temperature fast
  • IndyFlex enabled merging zones to accommodate large cookware

Fisher and Paykel 60cm Induction Cooktop CI604DTB4, $1699

Fisher & Paykel 60cm Induction Cooktop CI604DTB4.

With loads of functionality and good looks in spades, this four-element hob from Fisher & Paykel is your new best friend in the kitchen. Highlights include the fast-response touch-and-slide controls and SmartZone technology for merging elements fast. PowerBoost provides extra heat when you need it and the Spillage Auto-Off acts fast when pots boil over.


  • PowerBoost heats elements in a jiffy
  • An integrated timer keeps you on task in the kitchen
  • SmartZone links two zones for handling big pots and trays
  • Spillage Auto-Off provides added safety if pots boil over
  • Touch-and-Slide controls react immediately – no waiting around!

Westinghouse 60cm Cooktop WHI645BD, $1399

An orange dutch oven pot sits on a modern stovetop.

Expertly built with Hob2Hood technology, this Westinghouse 90cm cooktop automatically turns on compatible range hoods when you start cooking! It has five cooking zones and comes with a BoilProtect feature to detect rising bubbles and adjust temperatures accordingly, plus a Bridge Zone for linking elements. Slide-touch controls offer precision cooking and the built-in timer helps avoid overcooking.


  • Timer, pause and keep-warm functions
  • Sleek Slide-Touch controls make precision cooking easy
  • Hot-Surface Indicator and Child Lock for extra peace of mind
  • Hob2Hood technology initiates compatible range hoods when you cook
  • BoilProtect automatically reduces temperatures when it senses rising bubbles

Smeg 70cm Induction Cooktop SAI4744D, $1707

Smeg 70cm Induction Cooktop SAI4744D.

Efficient and ultra-sleek, the Smeg 70cm cooktop comes with five elements and nine power levels. Intuitive touch controls make it simple to operate and the boost function gets water boiling fast! The timer function not only saves you from overcooking diner but helps conserve power while you prepare dishes. Safety features include a residual heat indicator and an all-important child lock.


  • Boost function gets water boiling fast!
  • Well-sized medium cooktop for everyday kitchens
  • The easy-clean surface makes mopping up spills a breeze
  • Nine power levels allow for precise cooking every time
  • Comes with a child lock and residual heat indicator for added safety


What is an induction cooktop?

An induction cooktop is a stove that uses electromagnetic energy to heat the pot. This is different to electric and gas cooktops, which become hot and then that heat is transferred to the pot.
That’s why if you place anything non-mental on an induction cooktop (like your hand or a tea towel), it won’t get hot.

How do induction cooktops work?

Induction cooktops work by producing a current (from energy cells underneath) that reacts with metal – and only metal. They are super quick. They heat up quickly and they heat whatever is in your pot or saucepan up to three times faster than a gas or electric cooktop. They’re energy-efficient, easy to clean and safe with no open flames. With no gas flame involved, induction cooktops offer more balanced and controlled cooking.

Are induction hobs safe?

Many of Australia’s best induction cooktops come with safety features that include residual heat indicators, a child safety lock and spill protection. This gives you added peace of mind, particularly if you have children in the house.

Top image: Westinghouse

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