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Kitchen14 Of The Best Stone Bench Colours In Australia

With the decision made to include stone bench tops in your renovation, now comes the exciting (if daunting) part of narrowing down your favourite colours to choose from.

Stone bench colours have never been more varied than they are right now in Australia. Whether your vision includes dark and moody hues to pair with a black sink, or the timeless elegance of crisp white, modern stone benches cater to every theme and any project.

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Caesarstone Australia to walk you through the stone bench colours that Australian renovators can’t get enough of in 2023. But first, we’ve put together some fab pointers to help you with your decision-making – because the right colour makes all the difference!

How To Choose A Stone Bench Colour

Caesarstone Arabetto Bench Top
Caesarstone Quartz benchtop in ‘Arabetto

The colour you choose for your bench tops sets the tone for the entire room. Not only does it need to balance with your primary wall colour and cabinetry, but it affects your choice of tapware, accents and furnishings as well. (Insert overwhelmed gasp!)

To help you out, here are some things to consider when choosing your bench colour:

  • Do you want the bench to be the star of the room? If you the bench to be a focal point, consider a bold shade, like Caesarstone’s Empira Black and pair it with contrasting walls and accents.
  • Consider the finish – Not all colours come in every finish. If you have your heart set on a glossy, polished bench, ensure you’re choosing from the right category. Some of the urban and industrial colours feature a honed or rough finish.
  • What’s your interior theme? From loft living to luxurious farmhouses, there’s a stone bench colour to suit it. Grey and black tones work brilliantly in urban themes, whereas cream, white and Terrazzo-style colours are a safe bet in contemporary and coastal homes as well as modern apartment living.
  • Do you have a splashback in mind already? Your bench tops need to play nicely with your splashbacks, so when considering one, always think of the other. Almost any stone bench colour will look breathtaking against a window splashback, but if you have your heart set on coloured tiles, get your hands on some Caesarstone samples to ensure the pairing works.

14 Favourite Stone Bench Colours In Australia For 2023

From warm greys to the whitest of whites, we’ve rounded up a selection of the most beautiful, versatile and unmissable bench colours from Caesarstone’s Quartz Range. These innovative stone benches use raw quartz to create ultra-tough, nonporous surfaces totally resistant to scratching, heat and stains. It’s little wonder Aussies love them!

Agger Grey

Caesarstone Agger Grey Bench Top

Part of the Caesarstone Pebbles Collection, Agger Grey is a clever combination of smoky grey, warm clay undertones and honey veins. It comes in a polished finish and works beautifully with statement metallic accents like the gold tapware and lighting featured above. Pair it up with brushed brass tapware for a match made in heaven.

Calacatta Nuvo

Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo Benches

Opulent and welcoming, Calacatta Nuvo is a stand-out in the Quartz range for its cascading streaks against a milky-white backdrop. It gives off major marble vibes, but comes with all the easy-living convenience of engineered stone. For maximum design cohesion, consider having a stone splashback in the same shade.


Caesarstone Urban Bench Colour

Quietly cool and totally adaptable, Urban is a favourite when it comes to contemporary stone bench colours. It has a brown-grey backdrop and a consistent array of darker specks and it couldn’t be more perfect for modern city living. Loving this waterfall benchtop for a luxurious finish.


Caesarstone Wyndigo Benctop

With a honed finish and versatility in spades, Wyndigo is the answer to ‘elegant neutral’ if you’re struggling to choose a colour. It mixes earth-toned swirls with contemporary greige and pairs perfectly with almost any interior theme.

Jet Black

Caesarstone Jet Black Bench Tops

If you want your benches to do all the talking, Jet Black is the answer. Ultra-bold in deep black, it features a subtle pattern for just the right amount of texture. It comes in a polished finish for added depth (and a good dose of wow!).

Ocean Foam

Caesarstone Ocean Foam bench colour

Aptly named for the generous flecks of grey and crystalline on a true white base, Ocean Foam is one of our favourite colours among Caesarstone’s polished whites. If you’re going for a Hamptons-style kitchen or coastal theme, this is the perfect fit.

Atlantic Salt

Caesarstone Atlantic Salt Bench Colour

Positively packed with brown, white and black shades against a light-grey base, Atlantic Salt lives up to its name. As a statement bench full of intrigue, it’s right at home paired with white walls and glossy cabinetry.


Caesarstone Kitchen Benches in Riverlet

Looking for a honed off-white that reflects light and works in any room? Riverlet is just perfect. And if you look close enough you’ll notice the stunning amber veins throughout, which just happen to work beautifully with gold or wooden accents.


Caesarstone Linen Bench Tops

Whether your room’s canvas is light and bright or a little more earthy, Linen fits in seamlessly. It has a natural-coloured base and features dark flecks for a warmth that lasts the whole year. (Image via Metricon Homes)

Intense White

Kinsman Laundry with Caesarstone Intense White bench colour

We know. Sometimes you need a serious white – and Intense White is up for the job. Crisp, fresh and oh-so contemporary, it features a bright-white base with crystalline sparks woven throughout. (Image via Kinsman Kitchens)


Caesarstone Raindream Bench Tops

Polished to perfection, Raindream resembles a wet river stone, and we are here for it! A clever combination of slate-grey and natural highlights, it’s modern urban living at its absolute best.


Caesarstone Snow Bench Colour

There is so much to love about Snow as a colour, especially the freedom it allows when it comes to fixtures and decor. With a white polished finish and tiny grains for texture, it’s a classic and luxurious option for any room of the house.

Vanilla Noir

Caesarstone Vanilla Noir Benches

Luxe glossy ebony infused with ribbons of creamy white? Yes, please! Vanilla Noir is nothing if not decadent, and regardless of the edging you choose, it’s guaranteed to be the taking point of the room.

Rugged Concrete

Caesarstone Rugged Concrete Bench Tops

What sets Rugged Concrete apart from many other popular stone colours in the stone is that it has a rough surface rather than honed or polished. With this urban beauty, you get a mid-grey base infused with bursts of white and darker greys. We love this for loft and warehouse themes.

Of course, this is just a taste of the spectacular products on offer at Caesarstone Australia. Head over today to source you’re perfect stone bench colour and bring those reno dreams to life.

Caesarstone is a proud partner of the upcoming Making HOME renovation series.

Top image: Caesarstone Pure White

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