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Kitchen12 Modern Kitchen Handles We Love Right Now

You’ve chosen your tiles, picked out a dreamy sink and finalised your stone splashback. Now it’s time to turn your attention to a small but mighty element of any modern kitchen: the handles.

Modern kitchen handles are not only budget-friendly but versatile and creative. Gone are the days of every handle being a chrome knob, contemporary designs are playful, colourful and pretty much guaranteed to be the perfect finishing touch on any renovation.

To help you get a handle on handles, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Kaboodle to step you through our favourite affordable kitchen handles for modern homes.

Olive green kitchen cabinets with worn gold handles.
Salento Handle in worn gold. Image: Kaboodle

How To Choose Kitchen Handles

Here are a few pointers to help you choose the perfect handles for your brand-new kitchen.

  • Colour – Sure, you may love those brushed gold handles, but do they match your cabinetry? Your kitchen handles need to play nicely with the surroundings. If you have a neutral space such as a Hamptons-style kitchen, many types of handles will coordinate with the white background. But if you’re using Kaboodle Trends colours or other custom shades, consult the good old colour wheel to see what works – and do plenty of testing in different types of light.
  • Size – Remember, your handles should be proportionate to the size of your drawers or cupboards. Think Goldilocks: you don’t want them too big or too small.
  • Maintenance – Certain handles get a lot of use every day (looking at you, cutlery drawer!), so you want to ensure they’ll go the distance. Check that the materials are heavy-duty and designed not to peel, chip or tarnish as the years go by.
  • Visibility – Not all handles have to be on show. If you prefer a clean, streamlined look in your kitchen, consider hidden handles (more on those below!).
  • Practicality and comfort! Don’t let aesthetics overshadow the comfort factor when choosing handles. Whether you have an injury, long fingernails or tiny toddler hands to consider, ensure you pick a handle that is easy for the whole family to grip and pull.

12 Favourite Modern Kitchen Handles

The right handles take a nice kitchen and make it WOW! Take a look at our shortlist of favourite styles available in Australia and bring that dream room to life.

Salento Handle

Long white kitchen drawers with modern gold handles.
Image: Kaboodle

Available in striking worn gold or bold matte black, the Salento Handle has a broad arm perfectly suited to modern cabinetry. It uses zinc alloy and comes in a choice of three sizes: 96mm, 160mm and 192mm. From French Provincial homes to modern apartments, this makes a versatile companion to any kitchen.

Plaza Handle

Scandi-style kitchen with wooden bench and black handles.
Image: Kaboodle

After a dark handle to match your beautiful black sink? With its flat top and tapered edge, the Plaza Handle in matte black hits the mark perfectly. Aluminium-based, it comes in four sizes: 64mm, 96mm, 128mm and 350mm. And if you’re going for a softer aesthetic, it’s also available in white and brass.

Cup Handle

White farmhouse kitchen cabinets with black cup handles.
Image: Kaboodle

A little bit rustic and oh-so inviting, the Cup Handle makes the ultimate finishing touch on modern farmhouse and country kitchens. It comes in silver and matte black and measures 64mm. A match made in heaven for modern country homes fitted with farmhouse sinks and ornate tapware.

Mushroom Knob Handle

Green kitchen cabinets with black knob handles.
Image: Kaboodle

The Mushroom Knob Handle is one of the most versatile options at Kaboodle. In fact, it even works well with other types of handles if you want to mix things up. Available in brushed nickel and matte black, it measures 27mm in diameter.

Antique Bow Handle

Brass antique-style handles on white shaker kitchen cupboards.
Image: Kaboodle

One of our favourites, the Antique Bow Handle brings charm and elegance to new and existing kitchens. It measures 96mm in length and comes in brushed brass for an aged, rustic look; and matte black for more modern spaces. We’re loving the brushed brass against a farmhouse-style cabinet as pictured here.

Cabo Handle

Contemporary white kitchen with black undermount sink and chunky silver handles.
Image: Kaboodle

Chunky and tough, the Cabo Handle plays just as nicely with traditional styles as it does with modern industrial and urban kitchens. Pair it up with matching brushed nickel tapware or contrast it with black fixtures as shown here. Also available in matte black, it comes in a choice of 96mm and 128mm lengths.

Cali Handle

Modern green and white kitchen with black pull handles.
Image: Kaboodle

For a streamlined finish to kitchen cabinets and drawers, the Cali Handle is a smart choice. The geometric shape brings a modern touch and its slim body makes cabinetry seem longer. Sizes include 96mm, 128mm, 160mm and 192mm; and colours include white, matte black and brushed nickel.

Turbo Knob Handle

Pale yellow kitchen cabinets with black square-shaped knob handles and a black tap.
Image: Kaboodle

With a nod to the Art Deco era, Kaboodle’s Turbo Knob Handle boasts beautiful symmetry and geometric style. It comes in both matte black and brushed nickel and measures 30mm from edge to edge. If you’re after the same aesthetic in a longer profile, check out the Turbo Handle in the same colourways.

Discreet Grip Handle

Modern kitchen sink with stainless steel tap, white cabinets and discrete pull handles.
Image: Kaboodle

Available in 16mm or 160mm options, the Discreet Grip Handle gives a streamlined look, without the bulk of other styles. It has a perfectly flat top, but unlike the Plaza with its tapered edge, this one has a rectangular body. Available in polished stainless steel.

Round Bar Handle

Modern kitchen with grey shaker cabinets with silver pull handles.
Image: Kaboodle

As functional as it is versatile, the Round Bar Handle is almost guaranteed to suit any kind of kitchen. It comes in a brushed stainless steel finish in a choice of 96mm, 128mm and 192mm lengths, great for mixing up sizes throughout the room.

T-Pull Handle

Blue coastal kitchen cupboards with long silver t-pull handles.
Image: Kaboodle

Just as fab for commercial spaces as residential kitchens, the functional T-Pull Handle has plenty of length to grip, regardless of the size you choose. With a slim profile, it’s one of our favourites for minimalist modern homes, but this picture shows how well it works in a coastal theme too. Available in brushed stainless steel in 96mm and 128mm sizes.

J Pull Handle-Less Profile

Contemporary kitchen sink with chrome tap and hidden pulls on white cabinetry.
Image: Kaboodle

If it’s a clean, sleek look you’re after in your new kitchen, look no further than the J Pull Handle-Less Profile. Integrated into modular and custom doors and drawers, it features a j-shaped indent, making it easy to grip and pull, without any knobs or bars needed. It’s available in a white, semi-gloss called Coconut Milk.


What is the trend for kitchen handles?

This year, kitchen handles are trending towards bold colours like matte black and brushed gold. Paired with either neutral or coloured cabinetry, these handles give a unique touch to all kinds of kitchens.

Should I use knobs or pulls in my kitchen?

When choosing between knobs or pulls for your kitchen handles, it’s important to consider the size and position of your cabinets. Pull handles are better suited to large drawers and under-bench cupboards, whereas knobs are great for higher cabinets. For most people, a pull handle is easier to grip than a knob, so keep this in mind when choosing your design.

Do knobs or pulls look best on shaker cabinets?

When choosing between knobs or pulls for shaker cabinets, you need to consider the style of your kitchen. Knobs pair well with country, farmhouse and traditional homes and pulls are favoured for more modern homes.

What are the most popular kitchen handles?

In Australian homes, pull handles are the most popular accessory for modern kitchens. They are available in a wide range of colours, price ranges and styles to suit every personality and interior theme.

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Top image: Kaboodle Provincial Farm Kitchen

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