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KitchenWhy A Waterfall Benchtop Is Absolutely Worth It

Still on the fence about your new bench? Allow us to fill you in on why waterfall benchtops are winning so many hearts when it comes to modern Australian kitchen renovations.

What is a waterfall benchtop?

A waterfall benchtop extends down the sides of the bench cabinetry, creating a seamless cascading effect – just like a waterfall. It works just as well for island benches as for benches that attach to a wall at one end. And while it almost always costs more than a flat kitchen benchtop due to the extra stone required, it’s a guaranteed showstopper every single time.

As the heart of the home, the kitchen is an important room to get right – they say the kitchen sells the house, after all! So to help you feel confident about choosing a waterfall kitchen, we’ve teamed up with our partner Caesarstone to explain (and show) just what makes it so special.

Oversized black stone bench in a white minimalist kitchen.
Caesarstone Empira Black

9 Benefits Of A Waterfall Benchtop For Kitchens

Whether you’re planning a Hamptons-style kitchen or something sleek and contemporary, a waterfall benchtop is the ultimate finishing touch. And when it’s made using premium engineered quartz Caesarstone, it’s extra special.

Why Caesarstone? Well, the key to creating the dramatic effect of a waterfall benchtop is to use the right materials for a smooth, seamless effect. As opposed to wood or marble, which has a lot of texture and veining that is hard to match on the sides, Caesarstone benchtops blend together beautifully. Expert workmanship ensures no mismatched patterns, just a smooth slowing benchtop worth admiring.

Ready to discover what makes waterfalls a winner for modern kitchens? Let’s dive in!

Fabulous Focal Point

Kitchen with concrete-look island bench, gold tapware and black cabinets.
Caesarstone Raw Concrete

Want your kitchen bench to be the star of the room? A stone waterfall style is the way to do it. Extending vertically down the edges to the floor, it immediately captures the eye and creates a dramatic and inviting look.

Extra Bench Space

White stone waterfall benchtop in a black kitchen with wooden stools.
Caesarstone White Attica

By extending over the edges of the bench frame, you actually score extra surface space with a waterfall-style benchtop. This gives you more space to work with and makes your bench appear larger, especially with islands. And it goes without saying that a spacious kitchen bench is one of the best additions to a family home.

Hides Unsightly Scuffs (looking at you, kids!)

Grey stone waterfall kitchen bench in a timber kitchen.
Caesarstone Sleek Concrete

Flat benchtops leave the sides of the bench cabinetry exposed to all manner of scuffs, bumps and spills. This is especially true if the sides of your bench meet a main thoroughfare. But a Caesarstone waterfall benchtop protects the sides with a resilient non-porous, scratch-resistant surface. This brings us to our next point …

Easy To Clean

Modern black stone kitchen with contrasting stools and timber accents.
Ceasarstone Vanilla Noir

If the sides of a Caesarstone waterfall bench do get grubby, the good news is they’re a cinch to clean. As mentioned, Caesarstone is non-porous, meaning the stone doesn’t absorb liquid. This means no stains (hooray!) and a surface that’s easy to wipe down with a non-abrasive cloth.

Adds Value To The Home

Modern kitchen with grey stone bench, grey stools and timber cabinets.
Caesarstone Fresh Concrete

A waterfall benchtop creates a strong first impression of sophistication and elegance, which inevitably adds value to the home. If you are renovating your house with the intention of selling, take this into account when choosing your countertops. Yes, a waterfall bench is more expensive than a stone-topped style, but a very worthwhile investment in the long run.

Helps Eliminate Sharp Corners

White stone bench with built-in drawers.
Caesarstone Empira White

The cascading edges of a waterfall benchtop eliminate the sharp edges and corners that stone-topped styles often have. This means fewer chances of bumps and scrapes throughout the day – important if you have young kids under your roof.

Looks Fab … Indefinitely!

Corner kitchen bench with waterfall benchtop in a white kitchen.
Caesarstone Bianco Drift

Interior trends come and go, but a waterfall bench remains relevant and gorgeous indefinitely – even if you renovate … again! The fact that modern stone bench colours play nicely with most interior themes makes this especially true. Want to switch from Modern Farmhouse to Urban Luxe? No problemo, your waterfall bench will still steal the show.

Clean Lines

Slimline stone kitchen bench with contrasting black tap and lighting.
Caesarstone Vivid White

A waterfall benchtop offers renovators a stunning combination of straight lines. They create a design story that can carry through to the cabinets, lighting, appliances, even modern kitchen handles for a cohesive and elevated room.

Unlimited Design Opportunities

Grey waterfall benchtop with a built-in wine cellar.
Caesarstone Symphony Grey

With a waterfall-style bench, the imagination is the limit when it comes to your design. Add a built-in wine fridge and extra storage cupboards. Or, add contrasting materials for loads of visual interest. Basically, if you can dream it, you can do it – and a cascading stone bench makes it that much more luxe.

Caesarstone is a proud partner of the Making HOME renovation series.

Top image: Caesarstone Calacutta Nuvo

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