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Kitchen11 Of The Best Warming Drawers In Australia

If you’re still using your oven to warm up meals and dinner plates (all while baking dessert), it’s high time you embrace the convenience of a sleek, stylish warming drawer. Trust us, you’ll never look back.

A warming drawer is a modern kitchen appliance that keeps food warm before it’s time to serve. Usually installed under ovens or benchtops, it comes fully insulated to retain perfect food temperatures for longer. But it gets better because most also slow-cook at low temperatures, melt butter, thaw food, warm plates and do a tidy job of proofing bread!

Whether you love entertaining or just want to free up your oven for other jobs, a warming drawer is the sous chef you’ve dreamed of. Now, let’s take a closer look at what to consider when you’re on the hunt for one.

Source: Miele Australia

What to consider when buying a warming drawer

  • Do you have enough room? – A warming drawer is a large kitchen appliance that needs enough space in your kitchen for safe installation. If you are renovating, choose your model before you finalise your plans and let your builder know the dimensions.
  • Match the dimensions to your oven – If you want your drawer positioned right underneath a brand-new convection or steam oven, make sure the widths are aligned. Many premium appliance brands sell both ovens and drawers, so consider a set for the perfect end result.
  • What’s its purpose? – Will you be thawing food, heating large plates, slow-cooking some comfort food or just keeping breakfast warm for teenagers who like to sleep late? The way you use determines what size and features you need.
  • They’re not cheap! – Warming drawers definitely live on the luxury list when it comes to appliances, with many models costing thousands. Take this into account in the early days of your renovation budget so that you don’t get any unpleasant surprises later!
  • Energy efficiency – Look at the energy efficiency specs on each product to ensure it’s economical to run.

11 Of The Best Warming Drawers In Australia

Ready to farewell the lukewarm leftovers and start slow-cooking like a pro? We’ve scoured the stores and singled out the warming drawers that stand out in the crowd.

Kleenmaid Culinary Drawer, $1199

A modern kitchen featuring wall-mounted Kleenmaid appliances.

With three pre-set temperatures, the sleek and stylish Kleenmaid Culinary Drawer is perfectly sized for busy (and hungry!) families. Able to cook at low temperatures, it’s the answer to delicious slow-cooked roasts that are packed full of flavour. It has a 22L capacity and holds up to 25kg.

Why we love it:

  • Slow-cooks to perfection
  • Comes with electronic sensor touch controls
  • Its sleek black finish looks amazing alongside Kleenmaid ovens

Smeg CPRA115S Linea Aesthetic Warming Drawer, $1890

Smeg CPRA115S warming drawer shown pulled out.

Aptly named, the Linear combines smooth modern lines with maximum functionality. Simply push it and it opens effortlessly – plus, it aligns beautifully with other Smeg products. Five presets cover temperatures ranging from 30°C to 80°C and the removable non-slip mat keeps your favourite dinner plates in one spot.

Why we love it:

  • Five preset temperatures included
  • Comes with a non-slip mat to use when warming plates
  • The minimalist design is perfect for modern Australian kitchens

WOLF Indoor/Outdoor Warming Drawer, $4995

Person lifts a dish of food from a warming drawer in an outdoor kitchen.

Got an outdoor kitchen on your renovation agenda? From WOLF, this drawer is tough enough to handle indoor or outdoor use. At 76cm wide, it fits large baking dishes and dinner plates at once, which is great news if big Sunday barbecues are a regular event at your place. Oh, and it even keeps your pool towels nice and warm while you wait for the guests to arrive. Seriously smart.

Why we love it:

  • Includes four presets, with one for proofing bread
  • Wide temperature range between 27°C and 93°C
  • Comes with a hidden control panel for a clean exterior

Fisher & Paykel WB76SPEX1 Heating Drawer $3199

Front of the fisher and paykel warming cabinet.

This clever warmer is big enough to keep 16 standard dinner plates, 54 espresso cups or 24 cappuccino cups warm while you wait for guests to arrive. Electronic touch controls make finding the right temperature a cinch and the LED lights make everything easy to find in the dark. Pair it up with a stunning french door fridge by the same brand for a cohesive finish to your favourite room.

Why we love it:

  • It has a handy delayed start function
  • Features an easy-to-clean smooth-glass base
  • Capable of slow-cooking, warming and dehydrating

Bosch Serie 8 BIC630NB1A Warming Drawer, $1176

Bosch warming cabinet shown in with a bowl of chocolate sauce inside.

A master in the kitchen, the Serie 8 warmer offers great looks, versatility and the reliability you expect from Bosch engineering. It has a push-to-pull mechanism which makes opening it smooth and effortless and it comes with a tempered glass hotplate for easy cleaning. It has four temperature levels ranging from 40°C to 80°C.

Why we love it:

  • Designed to fit beautifully under Bosch 60cm ovens
  • The hotplate uses tough tempered glass which is easy to wipe down
  • Defrosts, warms plates, keeps drinks warm, slow-cooks and helps dough rise

Miele Pureline ESW7020 Warming Drawer $2749

The front of the Miele warming drawer.

Step aside, home cooks – the Miele Pureline is taking control of the kitchen. With functions that include low-temperature cooking, heating crockery and warming meals for serving, all that’s left is for you to plan the menu! SensorTouch controls make setting your program easy and the timer function ensures it shuts off when it’s supposed to.

Why we love it:

  • Fantastic for low-temperature cooking!
  • The push-to-open feature means stress-free access every time
  • There’s no handle so it looks clean and inconspicuous in the kitchen

NEFF 60cm N17HH20N0B Drawer, $1999

Modern kitchen heating drawer shown integrated under an oven.

If ultra-sleek finishes are your cup of tea when it comes to appliances, look no further. The NEFF warming drawer has a smooth black front, toughened glass heating plate and a lifesaving push-pull opening function. Plus, it’s roomy enough to keep 192 espresso cups warm if you’re serving a crowd.

Why we love it:

  • Easy-use bevelled oval controls
  • The internal heating plate is easy to clean
  • A roomy interior that accommodates up to 40 plates

Siemens iQ700 Heating Drawer BI710D1B1B, $1504

The front of a black warming drawer.

Equipped with four preset temperatures ranging from 30° to 80°C, the impressive Siemens warmer is ready to warm and cook to perfection. It has a perfectly smooth front and can even be operated remotely via the Home Connect app.

Why we love it:

  • No knobs or handles, simply push to open
  • Use the Home Connect app to set and control it!
  • Intuitive touch control for fuss-free functionality

V-ZUG 3402060022 Warming Drawer, $1679

A heating drawer shown open with cut of roasted meat inside.

Swiss brand, V-ZUG is winning a lot of hearts in Australia for its incredible design and engineering – and this warmer is no exception. It has a hidden touch control panel, a smooth handle-free front and a wide temperature range of 30°C to 80°C. There are six settings included – even a yoghurt preparation option!

Why we love it:

  • Fully integrated with a stunning black glass facade
  • The six different temperatures offer loads of versatility
  • Lets you cook succulent meat dishes at the lower temperatures

Gaggenau 400 Series WS462110 Warming Drawer, $3899

Gaggenau heating cabinet.

One of our favourites for its clean design, this Gaggenau 400 series warmer boasts a handle-free front, bright interior light and soft-close system. It heats between 40° and 80°C and has a hygienic stainless steel interior with a glass bottom.

Why we love it:

  • Simple rotary knob operation
  • Fan heating for even distribution of warmth
  • Recessed grip at the bottom of the drawer for easy opening

Electrolux EWD1402DSE Warming Drawer, $999

Black kitchen appliances integrated into wall.

After a slimline option? The Electrolux warming cabinet measures just 14cm, making it one of the slimmest around and great for tight spaces. But don’t judge it by its size, it still delivers effortless warming between 40° and 80°C – and it even dehydrates fruit!

Why we love it:

  • Easy-peasy push-to-open drawer
  • Slim design, great for smaller spaces
  • Five temperature selections are available


Are warming drawers worth it?

If you’re often cooking for a large family or regularly hosting dinner parties, a warming drawer is a huge convenience. It’s also a worthwhile investment for avid bakers, being so fantastic for proofing dough. But if you rarely cook for a crowd or host dinner parties, you’ll probably find it’s an unnecessary appliance.

Can a warming drawer heat up food?

No. A warming drawer is designed to maintain the heat in food already cooked, not to reheat meals from the fridge, for example.

Can a warming drawer cook food?

Yes! Many models cook at low temperatures which is fantastic for slow-cooking meat.

How long can food stay in a warming drawer?

Keep food in a warming drawer for up to an hour for best results. After that, you risk food drying out.

Can you use a warming drawer to proof bread?

Yes! A warming drawer is ideal for proofing bread. Just make sure the appliance has been preheated and that the dough is covered with a cloth. Happy baking!

Can you add a warming drawer?

It’s tricky to add a warming drawer to an existing kitchen due to its dimensions and electrical requirements. If you’re embarking on a new renovation, plan for appliances like this nice and early so that your builders can make it work.

Top image: Subzero WOLF USA

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