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Kitchen11 Best Farmhouse & Butler Sinks In Australia

It doesn’t matter the era, a farmhouse sink always looks fabulous. In fact, sinks are now a major design feature of new kitchens in Australia and the timeless style of the butler or farmhouse sink is something renovators can’t get enough of.

What is a farmhouse sink?

A farmhouse sink is unique because it has a completely exposed front side. Also known as an apron or butler’s sink, it looks spectacular in all kinds of kitchens, but best of all, it’s hardwearing, roomy and available in a range of materials, from concrete to fireclay. If it’s a statement sink you want for your Australian kitchen, a farmhouse style is the way to go.

Turner Hastings Novi Black Fireclay Sink
Turner Hastings Novi Fireclay Butler Sink

Why choose a farmhouse sink?

Here are some of the reasons Australians are choosing a farmhouse sink for their new kitchens:

  • Space – Typically wider and deeper than other types of sinks, apron styles offer more space for cleaning up large pots and using large accessories. They’re also fantastic for meal preparation.
  • Range of materials – Farmhouse sinks are often associated with rustic styles, but given the wide range of materials they come in, they work seamlessly in virtually any kind of kitchen. After urban vibes? Go for a concrete sink. Or for a Hamptons-style kitchen, white ceramic style is perfect.
  • Colour choices – There’s a sink out there to pair perfectly with wood, laminate or any kind of stone bench top. And speaking of colour, they make a great partner for statement features like brushed brass tapware or coloured cabinetry like the Kaboodle Trends range.
  • Versatility – Apron sinks aren’t just for modern country homes, they’re also a top pick for contemporary laundries and bathrooms.
  • Good looks – The biggest reason people love these sinks is that they look stunning in kitchens. They combine homely vibes with elegance – perfect for modern family living.

11 Of The Best Farmhouse & Butler Sinks In Australia

From bold colours to classic elegance, this collection of sinks has something for every kind of kitchen.

Schots Quartet Concrete Farmhouse Sink, $919

Schots Australia Quartet Concrete Sink

A statement farmhouse sink if there ever was one, the Schots Quartet is one of Australia’s best for industrial interiors. It uses lightweight polished concrete in dark grey and features a curved front and centred drain waste. It measures 83.8cm x 52.1cm x 26cm.


  • Fabulous industrial vibes
  • Lightweight polished concrete
  • Designed with a curved front

Turner Hastings Patri Fireclay Butler Sink, $2718

Turner Hastings Patri Fireclay Sink

Designed and made in Italy from fireclay, the crisp white Patri sink combines country charm with the luxury found in French Provincial homes. It boasts a clever double-sided design, allowing you to choose which side you’d like displayed, and it’s guaranteed not to crack. We love how elegant this looks with a matching stone splashback and bench. It measures 100.3cm x 47cm x 26.5cm.


  • Made in Italy using fireclay
  • Double-sided design for your choice of fitting
  • Reinforced with nano-glaze for easy cleaning

Mito Copper Rose Gold Apron Sink, $799

Mito Copper Rose Gold Apron Sink

If it’s a bit of bling you want in your new kitchen, this burnished copper sink from Mito could be just the ticket. It comes with double bowls, centred wastes and double bowls, and it’s specifically designed for easy cleaning and less noise. It measures 86cm x 52.7cm x 22cm.


  • Easy to clean
  • Designed for low noise
  • Made using stainless steel

Oliveri Santorini Black Farmhouse Sink, $1301

Oliveri Santorini Black Farmhouse Sink

Sleek and stylish, the Oliveri Santorini makes a striking contrast to white benchtops. Not only is it made from premium moulded granite, but it’s also reversible, so you can choose whether you want to install it with a narrow or wider edge at the front. It measures 83.8cm x 52cm x 24cm.


  • Matte black finish for a luxe look
  • Constructed using moulded granite
  • Reversible design – choose which side you show!

Early Settler Farmhouse Sink, $1699

Early Settler Australia Farmhouse Sink

Made from durable fireclay, this Early Settler sink holds over 61 litres of water. It has a central waste and comes with traditional rounded corners and a breathtaking panelled front. It measures 75.5cm x 45.5cm x 25.5cm.


  • Made using durable fireclay
  • Inset rectangle design on the front
  • A perfect fit for country and farmhouse homes

Blanco Villae 8 Farmhouse Sink, $1220

Blanco Australia Villae 8 Farmhouse Sink

Pretty as a picture, the Blanco Villae 8 farmhouse sink comes in a high-gloss white finish befitting modern Australian kitchens. It’s built tough using Ceramic PuraPlus and it’s totally resistant to heat, acid and scratches. This versatile sink is ready to slot into any home. It measures 73cm x 46cm x 22cm


  • Striking high-gloss finish
  • Scratch and heat-resistant
  • Built tough with Ceramic PuraPlus

Turner Hastings Novi Matte Black Fireclay Sink, $2977

Turner Hastings Novi Black Fireclay Sink

In spectacular matte black, the Novi double sink comes with one ribbed side and one flat side, giving you the choice of how you want to install it. It uses fine fireclay for high durability and it’s tolerant of extreme hot and cold temperatures. It measures 84.8cm x 45.7cm x 25.4cm.


  • Choose from a ribbed or flat front
  • Beautifully made with fine fireclay
  • Resistant to chemicals, stains and scratches

Schots Belfast Double Fireclay Sink, $1019

Schots Australia Belfast Double Fireclay Sink in White

If you need to choose your sink but haven’t finalised your kitchen’s colour scheme, this Schots sink is a safe and stylish choice. Expertly crafted from heavy-duty fireclay, it comes in glossy white and features a classic design. It measures 81cm x 50cm x 21.5cm.


  • Glossy white finish
  • Crafted from durable fireclay
  • Classic design, highly versatile

Abey Chambord Louis Single Ceramic Farmhouse Sink, $1542

Abey Chambord Louis Large Single Bowl Ceramic Sink

Exquisitely designed with a fluted facade, this stunning white sink gives you every excuse to throw another dinner party! It’s made with fireclay and finished off by hand with a porcelain glaze for serious toughness. It measures 79.5cm x 48cm x 22cm.


  • The fluted facade is a showstopper!
  • Made with fireclay and porcelain glaze
  • Rounded edges for easy cleaning

Turner Hastings Concrete-Look Butler Sink, $1497

Turner Hasting grey concrete-look butler's sink in an outdoor kitchen next to a built-in bbq.

Hardwearing and highly practical, the Turner Hastings 60 x 46 Concrete-Look Butler Sink is just at home in modern coastal homes as it is in industrial and urban ones. It comes with the sleek look of concrete but all the easy maintenance you need in your kitchen’s workhorse. Made in Europe, it’s reversible (with ribbing on one side), resistant to stains and scratching and it handles hot and cold temperatures better than ceramic. It measures 60cm x 46cm x 24cm.


  • Scratch, chemical and stain-resistant
  • Stands up strong against extreme heat and cold
  • Fireclay composition is more resilient than ceramic

ABI Interiors Belfast Sink, from $699.90

ABI Interiors Belfast Single Sinks

More like works of art than kitchen sinks, this single bowl from ABI Interiors uses 304 Stainless Steel for strength and durability. It comes fitted with a water-sense cushion system to minimise noise and it’s available in four colours: brushed brass, copper, gunmetal and traditional stainless steel. It measures 60cm x 50cm x 22.9cm.


  • Compact, high-impact design
  • Made with 304 stainless steel
  • Includes a cushion system for less noise

Tips For Buying A Farmhouse Sink in Australia

Blanco Villae 8 Sink
Blanco Villae 8 Farmhouse Sink

The kitchen sink is one of the most important fixtures in your home and a purchase you want to get right the first time. So, take a look at these guidelines before you rush out and buy that beauty you’ve had your eye on.

Building a new kitchen? Choose your sink first!

If you’re planning a brand-new kitchen, it’s critical that you choose your sink first so that your builders can create the cabinets and install the bench around it; off-the-shelf cabinets aren’t likely to fit with these sinks.

Consider your cabinets and benchtop

If you are installing a farmhouse sink in your existing kitchen, you’ll probably need to alter your existing benchtop and cabinets to make it fit. Apron-style sinks are often heavier than traditional sinks, so ensure your cabinets can cope with the weight.

Do you want a single or double sink?

This will largely depend on the size of your family. Larger households will get a lot more use out of a double sink than singles and couples with fewer dishes. Also, keep in mind a double will take up quite a lot more bench space.

Choose the material wisely

While some farmhouse sinks come in stainless steel finish, other materials used include porcelain, fireclay, concrete – even granite and marble! These types of surfaces require a lot more care over time.


Do farmhouse sinks scratch easily?

They are known to scratch easier than other kinds because of the materials they’re made of, like porcelain. But, the good news is that some styles now feature scratch-resistant surfaces, so look out for that feature if you use a lot of heavy cookware.

Are apron sinks going out of style?

Absolutely not! The farmhouse sink continues to feature widely in Australian homes because it’s just so elegant and functional. And they’re showing no signs of disappearing anytime soon!

What’s the difference between a farmhouse sink and an apron sink?

In Australia, farmhouse and apron sinks are generally considered to be the same thing. The term apron is used because of the exposed front that protects from splashes during use.

Top image: Turner Hastings Concrete-Look Butler Sink

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