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Living and Dining11 Best Floor Cushions & Pillows In Australia

Sure, we all love our sofas, but sometimes you just need to sprawl on the floor. This is where a large, comfy floor cushion or pillow becomes your absolute bestie – not only does it support your body, but it adds some major style points to your favourite room. Win-win!

Floor cushions are actually more beneficial than you might think and they’ve been used in Australia and around the world for centuries. For starters, they’re great for your posture, which means easier digestion and better flexibility. They’re also super versatile, easy to move around and ready to fit into almost any interior theme, from urban townhouses to modern country homes.

Best of all, floor cushions look sensational. And whether you’re after a large one for meditation, a fun one for the kids to lie on as they binge-watch Bluey or to gift a new homeowner, you’ll find the perfect pillow in our shortlist.

Close up of partial leather floor pad next to a bed.
Amigos De Hoy Leather Floor Cushion in tan

What do you use floor cushions for?

Floor cushions are massively versatile, which makes them a safe purchase because you’ll always find a great use for them. Here are some of our favourite ways to use them:

  • As a place for kids to unwind – A floor pillow works as a crash mat, a comfy spot for watching TV or playing video games and it makes a fabulous prop for all the pretend play of the younger years.
  • For improving posture – As opposed to the inevitable slouch that comes with lounging on the sofa, a floor pillow encourages you to sit up straighter. According to physical therapists, this improves your core and even helps with digestion. Always a good thing.
  • To add warmth and texture to rooms – If you feel like your room is lacking cosiness, a floor pillow is a great addition to the space. Warm hues and fabrics like corduroy, velvet, cotton and wool shag bring texture to rooms and make them more inviting.
  • For outdoor entertaining – From picnics at the park to large family BBQs at home, outdoor floor pillows make handy seating for extra guests – just make sure you use water-resistant styles built for the outdoors.

11 Best Floor Cushions & Pillows in Australia

To help you find the perfect floor pillows and pads for lounging the day away (or at least a Sunday afternoon), we’ve dug up Australia’s best options.

How did we choose? We hand-picked these products based on functionality, style, price and customer reviews. Our aim is to take the hard work out of shopping by doing the research for you and putting a selection of stand-out products in one handy spot. Enjoy!

Abigail Floor Cushion, $143

Luxurious living room unit decorated with cushions and books.

A bestseller for good reason, this natural-hued beauty from Freedom is going to fit in anywhere. It uses 100% cotton and boasts stunning embroidered detail for added texture in the room. It measures 80cm x 80cm and comes ready-filled. Pair it up with your favourite luxury blankets for a luscious combo! (Also available in grey.)

Loads of reviewers describe these cushions are being comfortable, durable and stylish additions to rooms. Customers love them just as much for kids as for adults.

Amigos De Hoy Round Leather Floor Pads, $259

Premium round leather floor pads in black and tan.

Arriving ready-filled and primed for lounging, these leather beauties from Amigos De Hoy are the perfect combination of luxe and leisure. They come in a choice of black or tan (the perfect pairings for any room) and they use premium sheepskin leather on one side, with cotton/linen on the reverse. We love the embossed handle for taking it from room to room.

Typo Square Floor Cushions, $39.99

Two images of colourful square floor cushions stacked on top of each other.

If it’s colour you want in a floor pillow, look no further! From Typo, these fun-loving and super comfy decor items make a big statement, and they even double as cushy chair pads. Measuring 50cm x 50cm, they use pure cotton corduroy and come with a very useful carry handle.

Palo Alto Floor Cushions, from $179

Colourful living room featuring a green sofa and coloured floor cushions.

Available in round and square designs, Sage & Clare’s Palo Alto floor cushions are just as brilliant for kids’ rooms as they are for the living room next to a comfy papasan chair! Round sizes measure 60cm x 60cm and square styles are 80cm on each side. Filled with recycled mixed-fibre inserts, they hold their shape well and stack easily to double as an ottoman. There’s even a handle sewn on for easy toting around the house.

Twin Palms Floor Pillow, from $79

Woman leaning on a large pink cushion on the beach.

Delivered with or without an insert, this large, soft and stunning oversized cushion is ready to your picnic game to a whole new level. it measures 55cm on each side and comes with a zip around three of the sides for easy insert removal. We’re gushing all over these glorious tones of crimson and burnt orange.

Reviews mention the excellent quality of the range and the fabulous customer service offered by Wilder The Label.

Lujo Large Floor Cushions, from $1025

A woman and a child lounge on cushions on a deck overlooking the beach.

At the high end of the scale and seriously luxe, Lujo outdoor floor cushions adapt easily from an upright seat to a cosy pad for horizontal lounging. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, they start at 1.3m and use mildew-resistant fabric with polyester fibre filling. Choose from 13 different shades – if you can!

Round Raffia Floor Cushion, $269

Large raffia floor cushion next to a bed.

Earthy and versatile, this hand-woven cushion is the answer to unexpected guests and days spent lounging. It measures 60cm in diameter and comes complete with a non-removable insert. Raffia is a fabulously durable material that is flexible and easy to care for. It’s also naturally biodegradable material, making this one an Earth-friendly choice.

Weaver Green Medina Tangier Floor Cushion $395

Child using a floor cushion as a pillow while she reads a book on a rug.

Washable and stain-resistant, this glorious oversized cushion from Weaver Green is ideal for homes with pets and kiddos. They look and feel just like wool but they are actually constructed entirely from recycled plastic bottles – and oh, how we love eco furnishings. Check out the rest of the range while you’re over there.

A glowing review mentions that these gorgeous cushions get loads of use by the whole family – they’re even used outside for lounging in the garden.

Oversized Wool Floor Cushion Covers, from $299

Large cushion on a coloured floor rug.

At a massive 100cm x 100cm, these jumbo Australian-designed floor cushions are big enough for two of you! Each is ethically constructed in India from 100% wool shag available in three irresistible prints. Keep in mind that these come unfilled – so start stockpiling old clothes! (See below for more idea on how to fill them.)

Castle Scallop & Circus Floor Cushions, $159

Pink and white floor cushion on a rug next to a red chair and blue sofa.

At 61cm, these lovely loungers look like oversized cupcakes – and we want them all!  They come unfilled and feature a separate internal cover for easy cleaning of the shag outer. Available in fun circus and scallop designs, these are destined to be a massive hit with the kids.

Boucle Floor Pillow, from $259

Ivory boucle floor cushion next to a marble coffee table in a living room.

Using premium Warwick fabric, this stunning boucle number from Norsu Interiors is ready to bring warmth and style to any space. It measures a huge 90cm x 90cm and comes in a choice of blush, white or charcoal colours. Purchase it with or without an insert.


How do you style a floor cushion?

If you want to style the cushion to make a statement, keep the surrounding furnishings neutral, perhaps a white boucle chair or grey swivel armchair. But if you want your floor cushion to complement your existing decor and furniture, choose a versatile colour that will play nicely with the other tones in the room. Want to pick up the natural tones of your curved sofa? Perhaps go for a floor cushion with browns, whites and creams. Floor cushions are often positioned near the sofa, perfectly posed for when you’d rather slink down onto the floor. They’re also a fantastic addition to bedrooms as a decor item and a handy seat.

How large should a floor cushion be?

That really depends on what you want to use it for. If it’s to double as an ottoman, it doesn’t need to be enormous, in fact, a diameter of  50cm would be plenty big enough. However, if you want to sit or lounge on your floor pillow like an outdoor bean bag, the bigger the better! Many brands start at around 60cm and range up to 100cm in diameter.

How do you fill a floor cushion?

In Australia, some floor cushions come ready-filled, while others are sold as covers only, and you’ll need to equip yourself with the right materials to fill them before use. The best materials for filling pillows and cushions include old clothes, recycled cloth, foam cut-offs, shredded foam, blankets and linen, fabric scraps, pillow or cushion inserts, polystyrene beans, biofill or biodegradable foam peanuts.

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