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Styling12 Amazing Features Of Modern Country Homes

Modern country homes are where rustic charm meets contemporary flair and the great outdoors is felt at every turn. And if they sound dreamy, it’s because they really are!

But nailing the design brief for modern country living is easier said than done. You want character, but not too much; a contemporary touch without a sterile result. Then there’s the paint, furniture and decor to think of. It’s a balancing act if there ever was one.

So to help you grasp the design and decor features that make modern country homes sing, we’ve put Australia’s trending features in one spot for you. First, allow us to explain what makes a modern country house so special.

Farmhouse kitchen with blue cabinets and timber benchtop.
Image source: Kaboodle (featuring Barn Lights Australia)

What Is A Modern Country House?

A modern country house is a balance between rural farmhouse living and contemporary style. Warmth, comfort and rustic flair are still as important as ever, but so too are modern luxuries like stone benchtops, oversized sofas and state-of-the-art fireplaces.

But there’s definitely no one-size-fits-all approach to modern country homes. In fact, many renovators even borrow some inpiration from industrial or coastal themes to create the ultimate retreat … free from the hustle and bustle of city living.

12 Features Of Modern Country Homes

Ready to embrace country living? Without further ado, here are our favourite features of cosy rural homes built for modern living.

Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding bath next to an oversized window looking out onto the countryside.
Image source: Canva

Whether the day involves working in the home office or tending to those acres, nothing comes close to a delicious soak for unwinding. A freestanding bathtub gives you great depth to fully immerse in the therapeutic goodness of water and it also makes a stunning focal point in country bathrooms Add a great view to really knock it out of the park.

Large Kitchen Islands

Modern stone island bench with timber stools.
Image source: Caesarstone

Whether it’s to gather the whole family for meals or sip cocktails with your house guests, a large island bench is a hallmark of modern country homes. A stone splashback and benchtop dials up the luxury and timber accents such as stools or cabinetry balance the coolness beautifully.

And don’t forget the integrated appliances! Modern helpers like wine fridges and warming drawers look and function beautifully installed under thick stone benchtops.

Open Timber Shelves

Two open timber shelves with tableware stacked on top.
Image source: Canva

Packed with rustic charm, open timber shelves are a nod towards the simplicity of traditional country homes. Not only do they give you a chance to show off your favourite treasures, but they help make the room feel welcoming and homely, especially when stacked with earthy tableware and decor.

Spacious Sinks

Modern country kitchen with a farmhouse sink and statement tap.
Image source: Kaboodle

When it comes to washing up, a farmhouse sink is a must for modern country homes. Roomy enough for large family pots and utterly gorgeous when it comes to design and integration, they’re traditional AND sophisticated – the essence of contemporary rural living. Don’t forget the statement taps!

Cosy Decor

Neutral sofa draped in a throw rug and decorated with a textured neutral cushion.
Image source: Canva

Natural fabrics like wool and cotton align exquisitely with an organic country lifestyle. Warm, comforting and rich in texture, decor throw rugs and cushions are also a way for country dwellers to add colour and personality to rooms. Perhaps best of all, natural fabrics age well, which only adds to the charm of a country home.

A Feature Fireplace

Living room of a modern country home with a built-in fireplace.
Image source: Jetmaster

Cosiness is a must in modern country houses and one of the best ways to achieve a sense of snuggly warmth is with an indoor fireplace. And the toastiness doesn’t need to stop just because you step outside – many homeowners are also installing outdoor fireplaces as way to make decks and patios more welcoming in the cooler months.

Rustic Accents

Rustic brown wooden buffet topped with ornaments and photos frames.
Image source: Canva

From vintage buffets to wicker armchairs, modern country homes are a match made in heaven for rustic accents. In fact, the natural materials like timber and rattan bring warmth and depth to rooms that might otherwise feel a little cool. Plus they bring loads of character and sometimes a little bit of local history too.

Mud Room

A white mud room with black hooks and wicker baskets.
Image source: Canva

When the wet weather rolls around, you’ll need a place for boots, jackets and bags – and that’s why mud rooms are not just super useful but expected in country homes. In some homes, the laundry doubles as a mud room, but if there’s space, there’s nothing like a dedicated room so that you can close the door on all that muck!

Tile Flair

Bathroom of a modern country home featuring patterned tiles and a timber vanity.
Image source: Beaumont Tiles

Once, no one would dream of pairing glossy subways tiles with a blue patterned floor tile like the Beaumont Farmhouse Lux Package above. But today, homeowners are embracing textures, shapes and patterns in all their glory. From timber and Terrazzo-look options to provincial patterns in all kinds of colours, the imagination is the limit when it comes to tiling country homes.

Statement Lighting

Entrance of a modern country home with white barn lights on either side of the doorway.
Image source: Barn Lights Australia

With less traffic and buildings around, the countryside feel darker at nighttime and great lighting is essential. Barn lights are an undisputed favourite when it comes to feature lighting for country properties – it’s stylish, functional and fun. They’re not limited to outdoor spaces, either – many countrysiders love barn lights for indoor areas too, especially hallways and entrances.

Home Office

A home study with large open shelves and a timber desk.
Image source: Canva

With so many Australians having made a ‘tree change’ recently and working from home, a dedicated working area is an important feature for contemporary rural homes. The beauty of a home office is that it doesn’t need much to bring it to life, just add a great desk, cosy floor rug, plenty of shelving for storage – and a pot plant or three!

A Welcoming Fire Pit

A country backyard with a stone fire pit on a paved entertaining area.
Image source: Canva

Fire pits are a super popular entertaining feature at country properties – and for very good reason. They create a warm and inviting area for catching up with loved ones and they make a sensational garden feature. Some homeowners choose to DIY a custom fire pit, others go for ready-made styles – either way, they’re always a hit with all ages.

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