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Living and Dining16 Best Curved Sofas In Australia For 2024

There’s no doubt about it, arches and curves are dominating Australia’s interior trends in 2024 and if there’s one piece of furniture with the power to transform a home, it’s a curved sofa.

A curved sofa is a statement piece that elevates rooms and captures the eye. But beyond their shapely beauty, curved lounges also have the power to soften rooms, create a welcoming and relaxed environment and solve the problem of awkward spaces where other sofas don’t work.

To help you find the perfect curvy couch for your space, we’ve put Australia’s dreamiest pieces in one helpful shortlist. But first, let’s take a closer look at what you need to consider when choosing one.

What to consider when buying a curved sofa

Freedom Cabarita Sofa in white from above.
Freedom Cabarita Sofa

You might already be sold on the beauty of a curved lounge, but there are some important things to take into account before you dive into a purchase. After all, a couch is a major piece that has to be spot on.

  • Do you (really) have the space? While they seem smaller, curved sofas often take up more room than others. Before you buy, mark out the sofa’s outside measurements on your floor with tape or string. Remember, for a curvy sofa to truly shine, it needs plenty of space around it.
  • What type of curves are you after? Are you after u-shaped seating, a sweeping wave, a curved backrest or perhaps a rounded chaise? Curves vary from couch to couch, so think about what works best for your space.
  • Materials – Given the extra cost you’re likely to put into a curved couch, pay special attention to the upholstery fabric to ensure it’s going to go the distance – especially with kids in the picture. Leather is fabulous for wiping down when needed, but fabric should ideally be treated to stand up to regular daily use and the odd spill.

16 Best Curved Sofas In Australia For 2024

We’ve tracked down Australia’s most spectacular curved sofas available to purchase right now. Sit back, relax and get ready to add some serious lux to your living space.

Janella 3-Seater Boucle Curved Sofa, $799

White boucle curved sofa  against a white wall.

Striking, comfy and oh-so-luxe, the Janelle is a sofa that welcomes with open arms. It has a solid frame and a curved back that you’ll be happy to show off, but it’s the cream boucle upholstery that really makes it sing. Texture-rich and ready to pair with virtually any coloured decor, it’s versatile AND sophisticated. Win-win!

Marisol 3-Seater Curved Lounge, $3220

Marisol curved velvet sofas shown in blush and dust blue.

Available in four colours, the Marisol 3-seater offers deep seating and high-density foam padding for maximum comfort. But the vertical channel tufting is the stand-out feature of this velvet beauty, giving it an elegant profile befitting any special space.

Cabarita Fabric Modular Curved Sofa, $7599

Curved Cabarita Sofa positioned next to a round coffee table.

Uniquely shaped with a sweeping curve and an irresistible round chaise, it’s easy to see why the modular Cabarita is a bestseller. The seating is luxuriously deep and the back cushions are loose and reversible, so you can plump them as often as you like. It comes in a huge range of colours (over 50, in fact!) and you have the option of adding Guardsman Protection to the fabric for extra longevity.

Adele Modular Curved Sofa, from $3145

White curved lounge suite in front of a round window.

Positively dripping with sophistication, the Adele 2.5-seater modular sofa takes its inspiration from modern Italian design. It comes in a choice of Cresent Natural or Ink Grey linen-blend fabric and looks stunning when styled as a set of two with luxury blankets and cushions.

Marlow Performance Curved Sofa, from $2969

Curved beige sofa in a living room next to armchairs.

The Marlow by Castlery is one of our favourite curved sofas in Australia for its combination of cosiness and sophistication. Choose from a single curved 3-seater or double it up for extended lounging and even more wow. Perhaps best of all, this beauty features spill-resistant boucle fabric, making it brilliant for entertainers!

Monroe Black Curved Lounge, $3799

Black curved sofa shown from two angles.

Upholstered in smooth black velvet and finished with gold legs, this dark and moody sofa hits the mark for apartment living or formal lounges. It boasts a solid birch frame, foam-filled seating and a contoured silhouette that screams Manhattan lux! Also available in Burgundy, Honeycomb and Rose Water shades.

Trit House Hudson Modular Sofa, $6500

Trit House Modular Curved Sofa in a living room.

With cosy boucle upholstery and curved armrests reminiscent of a rainbow, the Hudson Modular sofa by Trit House is as inviting as it is unique. Whether it’s for a rumpus room, formal lounge or busy living zone, this curvy delight is going to fit right in. Also available in a straight 3-seater and 4-seater version.

Odette Performance Sofa, $1899

White 2-seater sofa with curved backrest and armrests.

If you want the beauty of curves in a classy 3-seater sofa, the Odette is the answer. With gold legs and a stunning curved backrest that practically hugs you, it’s like a cocoon of comfort – and we’re head over heels. Just like the Marlow mentioned above, this Castlery classic uses spill-resistant boucle fabric.

Tribecca Curved 3-Seater Sofa, $3590

Tribecca curved sofa in Latte Leather.

Oozing all kinds of urban chic, the 3-seater Tribecca by United Strangers features organic curves and shapes that follow the contours of the body. It comes with smoke-brown wooden legs and a choice of Latte Leather or Confetti Tweed Fabric finishes.

Marlo Curved Modular Sofa, from $17,305

Jardan curved Marlo modular sofa in beige.

Australian-made using sustainably sourced timber and CEGA-certified foam, the Marlo epitomises stylish contemporary living. Fully modular, it comes in various configurations to suit virtually any space. There’s even the option of extending it with a built-in table. That’s smart.

Clementine 3-Seater Curved Sofa, $4398

Clementine Dove Grey sofa against positioned against a wall.

Can you count all the curves on this stunning 3-seater? A fabulous example of the different ways curves can be used in modern furniture, the Clementine boasts horizontal seating and curved feature armrests. It comes in Dove Grey or Black Boucle, with a matching armchair available separately.

Mars Sofa, $6799

Mars curved lounge suit in grey shown in a modern living room.

With curves in all the right places, this Mars sofa is engineered to the highest European standards and guaranteed to impress – in this world, and the rest! The sectional set includes two pieces, which you can join together for maximum flow or split in two and arrange around coffee tables. (Don’t forget a ball cushion for this one!)

Atelier Sofa, $5795

Blue velvet sofa next to a black coffee table and fireplace.

Designed with gentle curves and plush cushioning, the Atelier 3-seater sofa is the essence of Parisian romance and style. It features an engineered hardwood frame, 8-way springs and roomy seats. Blue velvet not your style? Don’t worry, there are 512 variations to choose from.

Carson Contempo Curved Modular Sofa, $2999

Curved Carson Contempo Lounge Suit shown in Dove.

Curvaceous and oversized, the Carson Contempo Modular Sofa comes in two natural shades easy to match with a range of interior styles. it comes in two pieces, which you can arrange together for sweeping curves or separately for a ‘mirror image’ effect. It features a hardwood frame and premium padding made using a combination of feathers, down and foam.

Eclipse Modular Curved Sofa, from $15,715

Woman lies on the e9 Eclipse curved couch.

Need more room to stretch out? The curved Eclipse modular includes two curved modules, one rectangular joining piece and a magnificent curved end piece. Made in Australia with a steel frame, premium seating system and removable covers, it’s the ultimate way to fill a large living room.

Elite Curved Velvet Sofa, $13,999

Rounded navy couch in a modern living room.

Made up of five curved sections in rich navy, the Elite sofa is perfect for people who like to shake up their lounge room configuration now and then. The design follows the latest European trends, reflecting playful, bold furniture that looks as good as it performs.

How to style a curved sofa

Living room with a tan couch and marble coffee table.
United Strangers Tribecca Sofa in Latte Leather
  • Go for a round coffee table – If you choose to use a coffee table, round is the way to go. The strong lines of square or rectangular styles often clash with the softness of a curved sofa. For a light and bright look, a glass coffee table is perfect because it reflects light.
  • Keep the curves coming! – Whether it’s a large arched mirror or a round pendant light, try continuing curves throughout the room.
  • Add some armchairs – Accent chairs help fill empty space and balance out the room. Cosy boucle armchairs work brilliantly with curved sofas, or for a more eclectic look, try some mid-century armchairs.
  • Go full circle – Speaking of balance, positioning two curved sofas opposite each other in a mirror image creates the effect of a circle, which is great for conversations and for balancing the room. This works well in large sitting rooms where there is no TV.
  • Cushions are the finishing touch – No sofa is complete with the perfect cushions, so keep some cash in the kitty for some quality options. If you prefer fewer cushions on the sofa, you can always add some floor pillows instead.


What is a curved sofa called?

In Australia, curved sofas are also sometimes referred to as Half Moon Sofas or Conversation Sofas. Unlike straight couches, they make it easier to face other people and chat!

Why use a curved sofa?

There are many reasons to use a curved sofa, but most people choose one because of how impressive it looks and how it softens and relaxes a room.

Are curved sofas a trend?

Curved sofas are trending in 2024, but with more Australians embracing ‘relaxed-lux’ interior living styles, we don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon.

Top image: Marlow Sofa, Castlery

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