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Outdoor13 Best Outdoor Bean Bags In Australia For 2024

There are few things better than relaxing outdoors in sublime weather – except of course if you have a comfy outdoor bean bag to sink into.

Outdoor bean bags are built tough to withstand the wind, sun and water. Filled with beans and cleverly designed to support bodies of all ages, they’re the perfect sitting spot for diving into a book or sitting poolside with family. And trust us when we say, these bean-filled beauties have never looked better.

To help you get comfy for summer, we’ve scoured the country to find the most-loved outdoor bean bags available online in Australia.

Tips For Buying An Outdoor Bean Bag

Lujo XL Kyoto Bean Bag
Lujo Kyoto XL Bean Bag

Safety first – Foam beans are a serious choking hazard and must be kept out of reach of children. Australia has a mandatory safety standard for bean bags, which states that all openings must be fitted with child-resistant slide fasteners.

Size – Do you want something that will fit two kids, or two adults, or a compact seat for one?

Shape – Gone are the days when all bean bags were all teardrops. Here are some of the shapes available right now:

  • Chairs – This shape offers back support in a sitting position with extra comfort
  • Teardrop – The classic teardrop provides back support and a cushy base to sink into
  • Pillow or cushion – Like a crashmat or large floor cushion, these are great for lying on
  • Pods – Either sit up, slouch down or sit on it like a stool
  • Oversized – Extra-large bean bags for those of us who want space – and more space!
  • Doubles – Whether you want to cuddle up next to someone or need a bean bag big enough for two kids, doubles are the bomb!

13 Best Outdoor Bean Bags In Australia For 2024

Whether you’re after something wow for your stylish new deck, or something playful to pop next to the paddling pool, there’s a bean bag in this list for everyone.

Many bean bags come unfilled, so you’ll need to get your hands on some beans or other forms of filling. We recommend Big W‘s 100L bags of polystyrene beans, which are around $11 each.

Basil Bangs Outdoor Bean Bags

Basil Bangs Outdoor Bean Bags in sage and charcoal tweed.

Expertly made to resist mould and stains, Basil Bangs Outdoor Bean Bags are the answer to luxe lounging in the open air. They come in six different colour combinations and meaasure 150cm x 100cm, so they are big enough for all members of the family. A heavy-duty zip and internal liner keeps the filling well and truly secured and the handle makes it simple to move around. Keep in mind that these beauties come unfilled and you’ll need approximately 240L of beans (see below for where to buy them.)

Zahaara Sanctuary Outdoor Bean Bag Covers, from $40

Zahaara Sanctuary Outdoor Bean Bag Covers

Durable and easy to care for, these handmade gems use premium fabrics specially treated to be resistant to UV rays and mould. They’re 100% waterproof, making them absolutely perfect for the beach, by the lake or around the pool. Keep in mind this is only the cover, you’ll need to buy beans separately.

Kalahari Outdoor Waterproof Bean Bags, $69

Kalahari Waterproof Bean Bags

Bestsellers for their low price and classic look, these comfy seats come in five awesome colours. The fabric is resistant to water and UV rays, so they’ll stay looking great summer after summer. Beans are available separately.

Mooi Living Large Outdoor Bean Bag Chair, $109

Measuring a huge 140cm x 140cm, this luxe outdoor bean bag is big enough for even the tallest adult to enjoy comfortably. In a neutral shade, it pairs beautifully with any environment’s colour palette, whether it is poolside, on the deck or out on the backyard lawn. It’s also water-repellent and resistant to tears, making it perfect for families with pets in the picture.

LIFE! Coastal Outdoor Bean Bag, $76.50

Life! Coastal Outdoor Bean Bag shown from two angles.

Packing some chic French vibes, this navy outdoor bean bag ticks every box for relaxing outside. For starters, it uses wipe-clean fabric that’s a cinch to look after. But it’s also designed to feel as delicious as a big hug, with optimum back support and plenty of length to accommodate legs of all ages. A child-safe zipper and internal liner give you peace of mind around kids and the carry handle makes it simple to drag into the shade. This one requires 250L of beans, which you need to purchase separately.

Ivory & Deene Outdoor Tub Chair, $159

Ivory and Deene Outdoor Tub Chair

Made with tough Oxford fabric, this ultra-stylish tub chair is ready for chill time inside or out. It comes with extra cushioning to give you all the support you need in a chair-shaped bean bag. The cover isn’t removable on this one (and there is no liner), so you’ll have to spot-clean it when you need to.

Mooi Living Bora Bora Chair, $209

Woman sits on a grey outdoor bean bag.

Created using premium eco-friendly Olefin fabric, the Bora Bora is ultra-lightweight and durable enough to see you through many a summer. The unique design supports your body and provides complete comfort as well as plenty of back support – perfect for reading. It’s resistant to UV rays and mould, and it even features antibacterial qualities. Beans are sold separately.

Crashmat Large Beach Stripe, $174.95

Crashmat Beach Stripe

For some kids, only a Crashmat will do – and this one is purpose-built for the great outdoors. It uses heavy-duty cotton canvas with waterproof coating and it has an internal liner to keep beans safely contained. Sit on it, lie down on it or sprawl on it – this one is ready for anything. Beans are available separately.

COAST Luxury Outdoor Bean Bags, from $990

COAST Luxury Bean Bags

Expertly crafted in New Zealand using marine-grade Sunbrella fabric, COAST bean bags offer superb outdoor performance. They come with a waterproof internal lining and a removable shell for easy cleaning. Styles include ottomans, the bestselling Marine Bean Chair and the luxurious Isla Lounger with 1.7m of space!

Lujo Kyoto Outdoor Bean Bag XL, $945

Lujo Kyoto Outdoor Bean Bag XL

In a classic teardrop shape and seriously hardwearing, the XL bean bag is a throwback to the bags of our youth. It’s resistant to water, mould, mildew, UV rays and the cover is even safe to pop in the washing machine when it’s time for a refresh. Available in five glorious colours, this one is as perfect for indoor chill sessions as it is for outdoor lounging.

Ambient Lounge Satellite Twin Sofa, from $249

Ambient Lounge Satellite Twin Sofa

Get all the comfort of outdoor furniture, without the hefty price tag. These bean bag sofas are big enough for two people at a time and use completely water-repellant, woven synthetic canvas with UV protection. A SmartVent system under the handle even provides extra breathability. Beans are available separately and you’ll need about 600 litres.

Noomi Outdoor Outdoor Pod, $349

Noomi Outdoor Pods

Equipped with a genius top handle for easy carrying from the sunshine to the shade, the Noomi Outdoor Pod comes in eight colours to suit any backyard. They use unique polyester fabric and they’re both UV-protected and water-resistant. The cover is machine washable and you can choose to receive your Pod pre-filled or empty. The kids will love these!

SACKit RETROit Cabana, $1130

SACKit RETROit Cabana Chair

If you’re after a structured bean bag that doesn’t require shaping with your hands, the RETROit Cabana is it! It’s water and fade-resistant and uniquely comes with two chambers for beads for extra stability. Super versatile, you can use it by the pool in summer and in the rumpus room during the cooler months. It comes in 11 different colours pre-filled with EPS pearl beads.

How To Fill A Bean Bag (the right way!)

COAST Marine Bean Chair
COAST Marine Bean Chair

Filling a bean bag brings to mind images of white beans flying everywhere – but it doesn’t have to be as chaotic as all that! Modern styles make the process of filling a bean bag relatively simple.

  • First, make sure the ceiling fans are off and the windows are closed. The last thing you want is the wind catching the beans and sending them around the house. Also, ensure there are no young kids or pets around for safety.
  • Find a paper clip to hook onto the safety zip and open up the cover and inner pouch/liner, if there is one.
  • Get someone to help you hold the bean bag open or you could try clipping one side to a table edge to keep it open.
  • Cut the corner off your bag of beans and start pouring! You may want to use a plastic funnel to help you.
  • Once filled, zip up the cover and liner securely using a paper clip hooked onto the fastener


How often do bean bags need to be topped up?

Bean bags don’t need to be topped up often. EPS (expanded polystyrene beans) are quite good at holding their shape and will likely see you through a year before you’ll need to top them up. Of course, it depends on how often it’s used.

Can you wash a bean bag cover?

Some bean bag covers can be washed, but it depends on the type you have. Many bean bags come with an external cover and an internal liner, which holds the beans. This makes it easy to remove the cover to either spot clean or machine-wash. If there is no internal liner, you’ll need to spot-clean the bag. Of course, check the care labels before use.

Where can I buy beans for a bean bag?

You can pick up beans from department stores like Big W for about $11 per 100L.

Top image: Basil Bangs Luxury Bean Bag

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