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Outdoor5 Best Outdoor Gas Fireplaces In Australia

Thought outdoor entertaining was just for summer? Not anymore! An outdoor gas fireplace makes patios, courtyards and beautiful decks deliciously warm, inviting and comfortable on even the chilliest of days.

An outdoor gas fireplace is safely built to withstand weather and provide warmth during the colder months of the year. Usually run on natural or LPG via a gas line or bottle, they have durable stainless steel burners and easy-to-use ignitions.

But the best bit? With various formats and glass beads available, you can create a customised outdoor gas fireplace that’s just right for your space. So, put aside the puffer jackets and start preparing your mid-winter barbecues!

Benefits of having a gas fireplace outside

Patio Horizon Island Fireplace by Jetmaster.
Patio Horizon Island Fireplace. Source: Jetmaster

Here are some of the main reasons why a gas fireplace is a fantastic addition to alfresco areas:

  • Less mess! – Gas fires don’t create ash, which means less soot on clothes and nearby objects. Better still, it makes the fireplace easier to clean.
  • And less smoke! – Gas fireplaces don’t produce the smoke that their wood-burning cousins do, this makes them great alfresco ideas for urban living as there’s less smoke to bother neighbours!
  • Customisable – With leading brands like Jetmaster, you can customise your firepit to suit your space.
  • Stylish focal point – Various types of glass media allow you to create a luxurious, styled fireplace where the whole family can gather.
  • Stay outdoors all year – Why stop enjoying your patio when the thermostat drops? An outdoor fireplace creates loads of radiant heat to keep the fun and fresh air going well into winter.

Does an outdoor gas fireplace need a chimney?

Provided minimal ventilation requirements are met, most outdoor gas fireplaces don’t need a chimney or flue.

Do outdoor gas fireplaces give off heat?

An outdoor gas fireplace gives off plenty of beautiful, cosy radiant heat thanks to the consistency of the gas flame.

5 Amazing Gas Fireplaces For Outdoor Living

Jetmaster is a leading supplier of fireplaces in Australia and one of the only companies that offer custom outdoor fireplaces, perfectly designed to suit any space.

How do they do it? Well, it’s all thanks to their customisable Crystal Gas Fire Burners and large range of Universal Gas Inserts. But it doesn’t end there, Jetmaster also dishes up the ready-made Horizon range, ready to be slotted into your existing space.

Whether you’re after a firepit or an island in your outdoor zone, Jetmaster should be your first stop. And to help you narrow down your search, we’ve put all their beautiful winter warmers in one handy spot.

Patio Horizon – Panoramic

An outdoor gas fireplace built into a stone column.
Source: Jetmaster

With no flue needed, the Patio Horizon Panoramic offers simple installation and a luxe finish.

It turns on with the flick of a wall-mounted switch and it even features a porcelain liner that creates a mesmerising flame that you won’t be able to drag your eyes from.

The glass barrier comes as standard, and you have your choice of four different glass gems.

Top features:

  • No flue needed!
  • A driftwood log set is optional
  • The porcelain liner creates incredible flame effects

Patio Horizon – Island

Island fireplace in an outdoor gazebo with sofas around it.
Source: Jetmaster

If you love sitting around a campfire but would rather skip the ash and billowing smoke, look no further than the Patio Horizon Island.

The tough steel base can be clad with any weather-proof material (or left as it is) and it features a lightweight concrete top for an urban aesthetic.

It has a rectangular crystal fire burner made using 304 stainless steel and comes with tempered glass gems and a glass barrier.

And yes, you can even toast marshmallows over it.

Top features:

  • Contemporary concrete tabletop
  • Choose from four styles of glass gems
  • Fabulous design for families to sit around

Patio Horizon – Onyx

Black gas firepit sits on a concrete patio next to an outdoor sofa.
Source: Jetmaster

The sleek and sparkling Patio Horizon Onyx demonstrates just how far firepits have come from the holes in the ground many of us grew up with.

Absolutely perfect for almost any kind of gathering, it boasts an architecturally designed steel top and base and comes with a 304 stainless steel welded round burner.

Fill it with your choice of glass gems … and a driftwood log for all the campfire feels.

Top features:

  • Comes with a protective glass screen
  • Round burner creates plentiful radiant heart
  • Makes a great central focal point on decks and patios

Custom Gas Firepits

Gas fireplace built into a stone wall on a beautiful deck.
Source: Jetmaster

We know. Sometimes you want the option to think way outside the box – and that’s what makes Jetmaster’s Custom Gas Firepits so popular.

The genius lies in the use of premium stainless steel crystal fire burners, which can be installed within your own design, giving you the freedom to customise your entertaining zone.

All burners are Australian Gas Approved and come with tempered glass beads and ignition controls. Create your dream setting, push the ignition and watch the clean fire burn over sparkling gems.

Top features:

  • Completely customisable
  • Can be installed in open areas
  • Uses premium stainless steel crystal fire burners

Outdoor Universal Insert

Outdoor fireplace mounted into a stone wall opposite a sofa.
Source: Jetmaster

Mesmerising flames aside, the true beauty of Jetmaster’s Outdoor Universal Insert lies in the fact that it’s available in 11 different gas sizes, making it a cinch to find one to suit your specs.

Top features:

  • Suitable for wood or gas
  • Comes in a huge range of sizes
  • Sleek and modern finish, suitable for all types of home

Head over to Jetmaster to find out more about their popular range of outdoor gas fireplaces.

Jetmaster is a partner of the Making HOME renovation series.

With your alfresco area toasty-warm, all you need now is some cosy seating. Take a peek at our favourite outdoor bean bags for entertaining areas (and prep your next book!).

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