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OutdoorHow To Choose Barn Lights: A Helpful Guide

The barn light has come a long way from its first installation over a century ago. And thanks to the growing popularity of Industrial, Farmhouse and Modern Country homes, it’s well and truly back on the map!

Barn lights are now available in a huge range of colours and styles, making them incredibly versatile and right at the top of many home renovation wishlists. Whether you go for galvanized industrial styles or bespoke colours in high gloss, they’re an easy way to add character to any home or business.

If you’re looking for the perfect barn light, you’re in the right place. We share important information and a whole lot of inspiration to help you visualise exactly what you want. Plus, we even walk you through everything you need to know before adding one to your shopping cart. You’re welcome.

What Makes Barn Lights So Special?

The Eclipse Gooseneck Barn Light in a country kitchen
The Eclipse Gooseneck Barn Light

Barn lights are a cornerstone of ‘modern farmhouse’ or ‘industrial’ homes. And while we may not all have a barn out the back or live in a New York Loft apartment overlooking Manhattan (we wish!), clever use of them is a fast and affordable way to replicate the style.

But aside from their good looks, barn lights are also adored because, while they’re built for outdoor use, they look just as fab indoors. In fact, because they are rated for outdoor use, you rarely need to think twice about where they are positioned in and around the home. Want a barn light in the kitchen? No worries.

Types Of Barn Lights

Barn lights in a domestic bathroom
Atomic Industrial Barn Light

If you thought there was only one option when it comes to these lights, think again. From entry lights, to gorgeous outdoor wall lights and statement pendants, the options are endless. You could easily kit out your entire home with them, inside and out!

Aside from colours and style, what largely differentiates barn lights is their mounting mechanism. Take a look at the options:

Curved Gooseneck

Gooseneck Barn Light at entrance to home
The Original Curved Gooseneck

One of the original barn light styles and perfect for farmhouse and Hamptons-style homes, this elegant, curved light creates distance from the wall and allows you to highlight specific zones beautifully.

It brings a retro vibe to modern living and works well for front porches, garages and pathways as well as kitchens, entrances and hallways.

We love the pairing above of a black gooseneck light with a semi-gloss black front door.


The Parry Dual-Arm Light
The Parry Dual-Arm Light

Why have one light when you can have two? Dual-arm styles offer the illumination of two light fittings in one single fixture. These are fantastic for shadowy zones that need a little extra light – plus, they make a fabulous statement piece.


Original Solid Stem-Mounted Barn Lights in patio area
Original Solid Stem-Mounted Barn Lights

If you’re after sturdy lights that focus direct light on pathways, hallways, your island bench or other zones, these are the answer.

They come with the beauty of pendants but also offer heavy-duty, wind resistance making them ideal for outdoor use. We love these in outdoor areas equipped with ceiling fans (like covered decks) as they won’t move around!

Wall-Mounted & Flush-Mounted

Front entrance lighting
Austin Cottage Wall-Mounted Barn Light

Also referred to as a sconce, these stunning accent lights sit close to the wall to create splashes of light. Got a particular piece of artwork you want to highlight, or a plant you want to show off? A wall-mounted fixture is fit for the task! Use them inside or out, in a huge range of styles and colours.


pendants in a modern kitchen
Wesco Barn Light Pendants

Available as chain-hung or cord-hung, these suspended beauties make a huge statement in and around the home. Use them in the kitchen for an industrial or farmhouse aesthetic, or take them outside and light up your alfresco area.


red post-mounted light
The Original Outdoor Post-Mounted Barn Light

Vintage-inspired and available in your choice of colour, post-mounted barn lights are as functional as they are beautiful. These are ideal for fences, pillars, letter boxes and driveways; they’re a stylish way to highlight favourite areas of your property.

What To Consider Before You Buy

Farmhouse light
The Original Farmhouse Light

We know, it’s very easy to get caught up in the beauty of lights and choose based solely on aesthetics. But, like any permanent fixture in and around the home, you need to take a few important things into account before you buy. So, before you reach for your wallet, ask yourself these questions:

Do you have the headroom for the light?

Particularly when choosing a light that will be positioned near a door, consider whether you have the headroom for the style you’re considering. Is it likely to be bumped by an opening door? Will an arm catch it while reaching for a shelf? Are the kids going to knock it as they race maniacally down the hallway?

What type of weather will the light endure?

For outdoor lighting, consider environmental factors when choosing your finish. If the lights are exposed to heavy wind and rain, consider an IP55 rating and high-performance powder-coat finish. However, if installed underneath eaves or indoors, the IP44 rating will likely suffice and won’t require such a heavy-duty finish.

Choosing pendants? Consider what drop you need

A standard drop for pendants is one metre, so take this into account when ordering as you might need to arrange for a specific drop to suit your space.

What colour do you want?

Need to colour-match? You can now order colour-matched barn lights in Dulux, Colorbond, Porters and Resene colours, so your colour scheme stays perfectly on track.

Where To Buy Barn Lights In Australia

Cafe Gooseneck Lights
Cafe Gooseneck Barn Lights

If there’s one store we turn to for expertise, service and range, it’s Barn Light Australia. Led by Mel and Jesse, the company has taken a vintage fixture and transformed it into a modern lighting solution. They supply high-quality fixtures that make homes and workplaces unique.

Based in Victoria, the team creates every barn light they sell from scratch. They’re wholly dedicated to making the highest quality outdoor rated lighting that Australia has to offer.

In bringing their unique lights to life, they work with expert designers, tradies and engineers. From the spun aluminium to powder coating, on-site electrical wiring and assembly, it’s all created by their quality-focused Australian staff. 

Barn Light Australia is a proud partner of the Making HOME renovation series.

All images and products via Barn Light Australia.

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