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Living and Dining11 Best Glass Coffee Tables In Australia 2024

Beautiful, useful and fab for showing off your prized decor, a glass coffee table finishes off a living room perfectly. But if you thought that glass was difficult to look after, the good news is that it actually comes with many advantages over other styles.

A glass coffee table is more than a functional piece of living room furniture, it’s also a great way to make rooms look more spacious and bright. But best of all, it works beautifully in almost any style of home and makes an elegant partner to all kinds of sofas.

From designer replicas to versatile Scandi styles, we’ve put our favourite glass coffee tables in one handy shortlist for you. But first, here are our top tips for buying one:

Glass Coffee Table Shopping Tips

Myer table by B2C Furniture.
B2C Furniture Myer Coffee Table
  • Buy the right glass! Ensure the tabletop is tempered glass (it’s stronger than regular glass!).
  • What type of glass do you want? Know what type of glass top you want: frosted, clear or tinted.
  • Consider the shape. A round coffee table looks fabulous with curved sofas; square and rectangular tabled look best with corner and straight sofas.
  • Consider the size of your family. The size of your coffee table should reflect the size of your family or how many people will use it. Also, take into account the size of books or ornaments you want to put on it. The last thing you want is an overcrowded coffee table. Rather than buying a coffee table too big for your space, consider adding a space-saving solution like nesting side tables.
  • Style matters. For continuity, your table should match the style of your home, so resist buying something purely because you love the look of it and consider your existing decor and furnishings.

11 Glass Coffee Tables For Every Kind Of Home

The right coffee table elevates rooms and creates a focal point. And whether you’re after something artistic or pared-back, you’ll find it right here. Enjoy!

Ambassador Coffee Table, $999

Glass coffee table topped with books and a plant.

Looking for a coffee table with a coastal vibe? Look no further. The Ambassador boasts a solid rubberwood frame, tempered glass top and a woven rattan base for all the beachy feels. We adore how much underneath storage this one offers – perfect if you have a big magazine collection!

Aurora Coffee Table, $899

Circular glass coffee tables in natural and black.

We’re not ashamed to admit that we’re completely in love with the shapely Aurora. Beautifully crafted from naturally antibacterial Acacia, it has a tempered glass top and comes in a choice of natural or black colours. But our favourite bit? The spectacular texture of the individual wooden slats.

Cupid Coffee Table, $899

Circular glass coffee table next to a chaise sofa.

Don’t be surprised if your guests mistake this coffee table for a work of art, because it sure looks like one. The sculptured base uses engineered wood with an American oak veneer – and the tempered glass top gives you a fantastic view of it. We’re loving how perfectly this pairs with a corner sofa.

Myer Glass Coffee & Side Table Set, $299

Myer coffee table and side table by B2C Furniture.

In our opinion, when it comes to value, this glass-topped Myer set from B2C Furniture is impossible to beat. Both solid hardwood pieces feature a bottom shelf for extra storage and beautiful hardwood edging around the glass top. And if natural isn’t the look you’re after, it’s also available in black.

Boulevard Glass Coffee Table, $299

Black glass coffee table with metal legs.

At 800mm in diameter, this sleek black coffee table makes a great addition to small-to-medium-sized living spaces. The geometric metal legs ooze industrial and urban living and the thick tempered glass top is tough enough to stand up to years of daily use.

Tokyo Isamu Noguchi Replica Coffee Table, $399

Isamu Noguchi replica table in a living room.

With an unmissable tripod-style base, this replica of Isamu Noguchi’s 1944 design is destined to be the star of the room. It uses solid timber in your choice of natural oak, black or walnut; and it comes with a 15mm thick tempered glass top. If you want your coffee table to make a statement, look no further!

Fabien Glass-Top Coffee Tables, $599

Two iron coffee tables with glass tops.

Sophisticated and texture-rich, these beauties use premium iron to last and last. The combination of straight lines and glorious curves makes it visually rich – and we love that it has an open base for showing off your prized rug. It comes fully assembled in a choice of black or gold.

Bella Coffee Table, $299

Bella coffee table next to a blue sofa.

Fabulous for large families, the Bella coffee table measures 1200mm in length. It features solid hardwood legs in a criss-cross pattern and a 70mm glass top ready to be topped with your best decor! After a complete set? It can also be purchased as a set with a matching lamp table.

Dimple Coffee Tables, $399

Glass coffee tables shown with white and black metal legs.

The curved metal legs of RJ Living’s Dimple coffee table give the illusion of a bowl-shaped table – and we are here for it! It comes in a choice of black or white and measures 850mm in diameter – perfect for small or medium-sized households. This one arrives fully assembled.

Bamford Round Silver Coffee Table, $549.95

We’re gushing over the intricate iron base of this coffee table – almost as much as we’re gushing over the colour! Perfectly sized for sitting rooms, sunrooms or smaller living spaces, it measures 760mm in diameter and comes fully assembled.

Felix Rectangular Glass Coffee Table, $999

A classic combination of solid American oak and tempered glass, the Felix by Icon By Design is perfect for Scandi and contemporary interior themes. It’s expertly built for decades of use and even comes in a round version. After a matching dining table? They’ve got one!

How to style a glass coffee table

Freedom Ambassador coffee table.
Freedom Ambassador Coffee Table

Styling a glass-topped coffee table is very easy and it’s a fantastic way to display your favourite books and candle holders. However, before you start piling things onto your new table, we recommend two things:

  • Be aware of how much weight you place on it (opt for lightweight decor)
  • Less is more! Don’t fill the entire surface of the table and lose all of the visible transparent glass (which makes the room feel spacious)

With that said, here are some of our favourite tips and tricks for styling a glass coffee table:

  • Invest in a great rug. If you can see the floor through the table, a beautiful rug will shine.
  • Does the table have a wooden frame? Adding a wooden tray or bowl continues the story of natural materials. But also, having a solid wood piece creates visual interest paired with the transparent glass surface.
  • Don’t forget the coasters! Glass is shiny and beautiful, but it shows a lot of marks, so ensure you have a set of coasters on the tap for your cup of tea in the afternoon.
  • Create a focal point. Whether it’s a vase of dried grasses or a treasured ornament, having a central piece creates a focal point for the table and the room. Just avoid anything that will scratch the surface.
  • Add books! Because what’s a coffee table without some beautiful books to pore over?


Are glass coffee tables hard to keep clean?

Glass coffee tables need little more than a quick wipe with a microfibre cloth to look sparkly, fresh and clean. Unlike some wooden styles that scratch and chip over time, glass is quite resilient – and best of all, it doesn’t stain! So while glass does show a lot of fingerprints and other marks, cleaning it is quite easy.

Is glass good for a coffee table?

Glass is a great choice for the top of a coffee table and a versatile addition to many kinds of living rooms. More than a functional piece of furniture, it’s also rather clever at giving the illusion of more space and adding some much-needed brightness to dark rooms.

Does a glass coffee table make a room look bigger?

A glass coffee table makes a room look bigger because it is transparent and allows you to see through it, creating the illusion of extra space. It also reflects light, making the room feel bright and open.

What kind of glass is best for a coffee table?

The best kind of glass for a coffee table is tempered glass because if broken, it shatters into small pieces, not dangerously large, jagged pieces.

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