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Living and Dining13 Best Candle Holders & Candle Sticks In Australia

With the power to power to lift moods and calm the mind, candles are among the most popular decor items in Australia. And because every candle deserves to be shown off in style, we’ve dug up the most beautiful candle holders and candle sticks in Australia.

Candle holders are traditionally used to hold candles upright and firmly in place – because an unstable candle is never safe, especially around soft furnishings like floor cushions and bedroom blinds. But with so many luxurious holders available nowadays, candle sticks are also making a name for themselves as designer decor pieces, and we are absolutely here for it.

Ready to add more wow to your candle collection? Check out the candle sticks we’re head over heels for.

13 Designer Candle Holders & Candle Sticks

From elegant glass to traditional tapered styles, you’re almost certain to find the ultimate candle holder for your style in our list below.

Maison Balzac Grand & Petit Pompoms, from $69

Maison Balzac Pompom Candle Holders

What’s not to love about pompoms? Part of a larger collection of pompom glassware, these vessels come in two sizes and feature adorable glass pompoms on each side. Colours include teal, amber, pink, clear and azure. Loving these for accessorising the bar cart.

Freedom SCANDI Candle Stick, $29.95

Freedom SCANDI Candlesticks

A favourite for its good looks and versatility, the SCANDI taper candle holder works everywhere. It uses white travertine for a solid structure and features a distressed finish with loads of texture. It’s available in small or large sizes.

Black Blaze Beaded Fountain Brass Candle Holders, from $112

Black Blaze Beaded Candle Holders

With curves in all the right places, Black Blaze brass candle holders work in two ways. In one position they hold a tapered candle, or flip them over to hold a tealight or pillar! Each piece is expertly made in Australia and available in white, coral, charcoal or green.

Fatboy Can-Dog Candle Holder, $139

Looking for a sensational gift for a dog lover? This is it! Made from solid aluminium with textured powder coating, these groovy pups are ready to light up any room. They hold candles up to 22cm in height and come in a range of trending hues, including green, blue, orange, beige and white.

Square Round Studio Wooden Candlesticks, from $19.95

Black Wooden Candle Holders

If you’re after a bold monochrome holder for your favourite candles, look no further! Made In Indonesia using solid wood, these black wooden candle holders come in five assorted sizes and shapes, or as a complete set.

Saarde Alev Candle Holders, from $59

Saarde Alev Wooden Candle Holders

Exquisitely crafted from solid mango wood, Saarde holders come in three sizes and cater to tapered candles, pillars and even tealights. Each stunning piece is uniquely handmade by skilled artisans. Choose from black or natural.

Adairs Merri Glass Candle Holders, from $24.99

Adairs Merri Glass Holders

Available in a range of shapes and trending colours, the Merri candle holder collection has something for everyone. They are made entirely from glass and look just as beautiful on their own as they do with a flickering candle inserted.

Nyis Studio Ceramic Candle Holders, from $49.95

Nyis Studio Ceramic Candle Holders

With curved bodies and a matte white finish, these taper candle holders make perfect candle accessories for modern homes. They are crafted from clay and come in three different styles – each designed to hold slim candles.

Georg Jensen Cobra Taper Candle Holder Set, $355

Georg Jensen Cobra Candlesticks

Danish-designed and seriously stylish, Georg Jensen’s Cobra candle holders use stainless steel for the look and feel of traditional candlesticks. They have a mirror finish and come in a stunning set of three. Scatter them around the room or arrange them together for a terrific trio.

Noidoi Design Studio Kapp Candle Holders, $70

Noidoi Design Studios Kapp Candle Holder

Designed in Norway in appreciation of the traditional machinery used near Noidoi Studio, the Kapp candle series uses lasting slip-cast ceramic stoneware. It’s available in a choice of camel, sand, ivory or speckled-white finishes.

Freedom Rita Candle Stick, from $14.95

Freedom Rita Glass Holders

Tall, elegant and timeless, the Rita is a budget-friendly totem candlestick that works anywhere – from tabletops to mantles. It uses borosilicate glass in a smoke-grey colour and features stacked spheres in three different sizes.

Ivory & Deene Gold Candlestick Set, $59

Ivory & Deene Gold Candle Holder Set

One of our favourites for its luxe look, the stunning set includes three metal candle holders of different heights. The classic design includes a rounded non-slip base and fluted top, perfect for holding standard candlesticks on your dinner table.

Normann Copenhagen Heima Black Candlestick, $139.95

Normann Copenhagen Black Candle Holder

Why have one candle holder when you can have four? From Danish designer, Normann Copenhagen, the cast-iron Heima stands proud with four upright totems. It holds traditional taper candles and measures just over 20cm in height.


What are the safest candle holders?

The safest candle holders are products that are non-flammable and stable, such as thick glass or ceramics. Of course, that doesn’t mean wooden holders are a no-go, it just means extra caution should be taken when using them.

What can I put on candle holders besides candles?

Aside from candles, you can put plants, flowers (fresh or artificial) and decorative objects like spheres or Christmas decorations in candle holders. If you are using jar holders, they double as useful storage vessels for craft supplies and makeup brushes.

How do you hold a candle in place?

To hold a candle in place, our favourite technique (from decades of candle love!) is to carefully drip some melted wax into the base of your holder and then place the candle on top of it. The wax works like glue, holding your candle proudly upright.

Remember to never leave candles burning unattended, especially around kids, pets and loose furnishings.

Top image: Fatboy Can Dog Candle Holders

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