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Bathroom15 Best Bath Caddies & Trays In Australia 2024

A soak in the tub is one of life’s simple pleasures, but it’s made even better in an organised tub. The answer to this is a bath caddy, and to help you find the perfect one, we’ve shortlisted our favourite caddies and trays available online in Australia right now.

Bath caddies are flat, narrow trays that sits over your tub and gives you a dry, dedicated spot to rest your book, favourite candle holder, mug, tablet or accessories. Think of them as an extra set of arms to hold all the gear that makes your happy while you soak. And if you thought there couldn’t possibly be one to fit your particular bathtub, the good news is that many are actually extendable and suitable for multiple sizes.

From minimalist teak beauties to styles with a spot for everything, our collection of top bath trays has something for every kind of bathroom. But first, let’s take a look at why everyone is talking about them.

Why do people love bath caddies?

Bath tub next to a window shown with a plant and bath tray.
Kado Arc Bath Caddy via Reece

We’re well and truly sold on these contemporary bathroom accessories, and here’s why:

  • They’re flat and dry – Whether you love reading in the bath or watching movies on your iPad, a tub tray gives you a dry, safe place for everything.
  • They look luxe – From bath caddies made in Australia using sustainable timber to designer resin numbers, these accessories look luxe.
  • Helps you find your zen – By making a luxurious soak more convenient, tub trays encourage you to sink into the tub, unwind and forget the day.
  • They enable multitasking – Want to soak tired muscles but still need to get some reading done for work? A caddy makes it possible to do it all – and more.
  • They’re low-maintenance – In Australia, most bath caddies are specially made to withstand moisture and remain beautiful with very little effort involved.

15 Best Bath Trays For An Organised Tub

Whether you want to get your own bath game singing or find a beautiful housewarming gift for a loved one, you’re sure to find the ultimate caddy in this roundup. Here are the products available in Australia that we can’t get enough of.

Adairs Retreat Natural Bath Caddy, $49.99

Adairs Retreat Natural Bath Caddy.

With a contemporary slimline design, the Adairs Retreat Caddy uses hardy bamboo to see you through years of bathtime bliss. It has arched edges for sitting snugly atop the tub and super handy drainage slots for your favourite bath and body products. Size: 70cm x 14.5cm x 4cm.

Why we love it:

  • Slim design for narrow tubs
  • 100% natural bamboo
  • Handy drainage slots

Schots Emporium Across Bath Caddy, $189

Schots Across Bath Caddy.

Expertly crafted from FCS-certified teak by Schots carpenters, the Across Caddy is a perfect option for slimline tubs. In fact, given the natural hardwearing properties of teak, you could even use this for an outdoor tub. Now, that would be special! Size: 75cm x 20cm x 10cm.

Why we love it:

  • It’s great for narrow tubs
  • Solid teak lasts forever
  • Naturally water-resistant

Serenity Black Bamboo Bath Caddy, $129

Serenity black bamboo bath tray.

Sleek and packed with features, this tray really ticks all the boxes. It has an extendable frame that reaches up to 110cm and comes with slots for your tablet, phone, wine glass and more. We love this tray for a nice pop of black in an all-white room or for continuing a black theme in style. Size: 75cm x 23cm x 3.5cm (extends to 110cm).

Why we love it:

  • Extendable design
  • Made using premium bamboo
  • Includes a slot for tablets

Ivy Tassie Oak Bath Caddy, $100

Ivy Tassie Oak Bath Caddy.

Made using Tasmanian Oak hardwood timber, the Ivy caddy offers bathrooms of all kinds clean lines and loads of practical space. The central drainage groove is super helpful for drying out your sponge and the smooth, flat surface is fab for drinks. Size: 90cm x 25cm x 4cm.

Why we love it:

  • Crafted from solid timber to last
  • Comes with an entirely flat surface
  • Fabulous minimalist design that’s sleek and stylish

Pillow Talk, Botanic Extendable Caddy, $79.95

Pillowtalk Extendable Caddy for Bath.

Available in a choice of natural bamboo or white, the Pillow Talk Botanic bathtub caddy brings freshness and organisation to tub time. Complete with a soap dish, it offers enough width for larger books and even extends when needed. Size: 70cm x 26cm x 2.2cm (extended length 105cm).

Why we love it:

  • Tough frame of bamboo and metal
  • Comes with its own contained soap dish with drainer
  • Available in a choice of natural or white, for any kind of room

Couchmate Relax-a-Mate Bamboo Bath Caddy, $79.95

Couchmate Bamboo Bath Caddy.

Timeless and tidy, the Couchmate Relax-a-Mate caddy is the answer to refined elegance in your freshly renovated bathroom. It comes equipped with non-slip rubber pads and boasts a built-in wine glass slot and a sturdy ledge for your table, phone or book. Size: 70cm x 22cm x 5cm (extended length 92cm).

Why we love it:

  • It has a totally flat surface
  • Comes with an extender panel for each end
  • The bamboo features nitrocellulose lacquer to withstand moisture

Wildfire Engraving Natural Bath Caddy With Rope, $230

Wildfire Engraving Natural Bath Caddy With Rope.

With a one-of-a-kind shape and beautiful curved edge, this natural bath caddy is handmade with love in Australia from locally grown Camphor Laurel slabs. While the tray includes an iPad holder and a dedicated spot for tea light candles, it’s the stunning timber grains that have stolen our hearts. Size: 80cm x 35cm x 2.5cm.

Why we love it:

  • Loads of rustic appeal!
  • Uses Camphor Laurel hardwood
  • Includes a thick rope handle for extra texture in the room

Hudson Teak Bath Tray, $180

Hudson Teak Bath Caddy.

Crafted in Indonesia from termite-resistant teak wood, the Hudson features natural oils that keep it looking as good as new. The outside lip prevents your gear from slipping into the water and the solid base beams hold the caddy in place on your bathtub. Size: 82cm x 30cm x 4cm.

Why we love it:

  • Totally resistant to water damage
  • It uses tough teak that lasts years of soaks
  • The handy base beams stop it from slipping on the bath edge

Butlers Banyan Black Tub Caddy, $69

Butlers Black Bath Tray with a glass of water on top.

Need a splash of black in your bathroom? The Butlers Banyan caddy in black is the answer. Made using bamboo, it naturally resists moisture damage, mould and rot, plus it features an extendable design with room for every must-have. Size: 70.5cm x 22cm x 3.5cm (extended length 105.5cm).

Why we love it:

  • Build strong with bamboo and steel
  • Central drainage slots help keep it tidy
  • Versatile extendable design means you can take on holidays too!

Indi Tribe Collective Hardwood Bath Caddy, $159.95

Hardwood Bath Caddy shown with a plate of fruit on top.

We’re crushing hard on this minimalist caddy from Indi Tribe Collective, and not just because it featured on The Block! There’s a spot for your wine glass, book and candle, and it comes with timber bumpers for customising the fit to your bathtub. Size: 75cm x 19cm / 85cm x 19cm.

Why we love it:

  • Comes with underneath timber bumpers for a stable fit on any tub
  • Available in light or dark hardwood depending on your room’s style
  • The genius rear book stand is also great for iPads

Fine-Day Oak Caddy, $110

Fine-Day Teak Bath Caddy.

Packing some serious Scandi vibes, this smooth and stylish bath tray from Fine-Day is ethically handmade in Thailand using natural oak with a water-resistant finish. Each piece features a drainage section for bath products, a tablet slot and a stemmed glass holder. Size: 80cm x 22cm x 2cm.

Why we love it:

  • Uses all-natural oak
  • Ultra-cool, Scandi-style design
  • Features a recessed candle slot and wine glass holder (win-win!)

Jemmervale Bath Caddy, from $170

Jemmervale wooden bath tray shown with a glass of wine and soap.

Another showstopper in natural Victorian timber, the Jemmervale caddy is made by hand and finished with 2PAC for a water-resistant, easy-clean surface. Wine glass slots are optional and you can choose between two different lengths. Size: 80cm x 18cm x 2.4cm / 90cmx 18cm x 2.4cm.

Why we love it:

  • It’s totally water-resistant
  • The surface is perfectly smooth and a cinch to clean
  • Uses Victorian Ash timber with a premium 2PAC finish

Oliver Thom Tiny Frey White Bath Tray, $550

Oliver Thom Tiny Frey Bath Tray.

It doesn’t come cheap, but this stunning Oliver Thom and Tina Frey collaboration is a little luxury that’s impossible to ignore. Crafted by hand from resin, it’s tough, water-resistant and positively oozing contemporary elegance. Major swoon. Size: 87cm x 15cm x 5cm.

Why we love it:

  • Comes in versatile lengths to suit many bathtubs
  • Uses beautifully curved resin so it’s virtually indestructible!
  • Features a sleek, streamlined design for modern spaces

Kado Arc Adjustable Tray, $99

Kado Arc wooden extendable bath tray.

With a large slotted central tray, there is everything to love about the Kado Arc caddy. Inspired by nature, it brings warmth and texture to your bathroom and looks fantastic with the rest of the Kado Arc collection. Don’t miss the matching vanities! Size: 70cm x 22cm x 4.2cm (extended length 105cm).

Why we love it:

  • Uses tough American solid oak
  • Extendable wings for bigger tubs
  • It has a large central drainage section, great for wet bottles and sponges

The Timber Line Bath Caddy 2.0, from $75

The Timberline Bath Caddy 2.0 shown with a book and candle.

Available in a choice of three sizes, The Timber Line 2.0 offers unique minimalist luxury. Each bath caddy is made in Australia by hand from locally sourced oak and pine. We adore the versatility of the smooth perfectly flat surface. Size: 71cm x 22cm x 3cm / 76cm x 22cm x 3cm / 86cm x 22cm x 3cm.

Why we love it:

  • It’s handmade right here in Australia
  • Comes in three sizes to suit most bathtubs
  • The perfectly flat surface is fab for books and devices

Bath tray shopping tips

Take the time to measure your tub – Obviously, you want your bath caddy to be a perfect fit with your tub, but in Australia, they vary a lot. So, whether or not you go for an extendable design, ensure you measure the width of your bathtub at a few different points.

Check for water resistance – Because the last thing you want is a mouldy bathroom accessory, do your due diligence and check that the product you’re looking at is either made with water-resistant materials or coated to withstand water.

Consider the weight of the caddy – If you are likely to need to remove the bath caddy after each use (perhaps because you share the tub with the kids), take into account its weight. Timber styles will be much heavier than plastic and steel.

Opt for a style with slots for tablets – Bathtubs are slippery places, so to avoid losing your iPad to a pit of soapy bubbles, choose a caddy with a built-in slot that holds it firmly in place, even if it gets bumped when you’re getting out.

Think colour schemes – Do you want your caddy to match other accessories, like a black towel rail or natural laundry hamper? Perhaps you want a caddy to match your black bathroom vanity or your mirrors? Think about coordinating colours and how to make your accessories pop.


What is the best material for a bath caddy?

The best material for a bath caddy is one that is water-resistant and durable. Teak, oak and bamboo are popular choices because they are eco-friendly, hardwearing and elegant. Acrylic and plastic options are a great choice if you are after a more lightweight option or a caddy that extends.

Are bath caddies useful?

Bath caddies are very useful accessories. Not only do they look sensational by adding texture and colour to the room, but they’re also low-maintenance and great for keeping your bathroom organised and clutter-free. Combined with a comfy bath pillow, they take ‘me time’ to a whole new level.

What should I put in my bath caddy?

A bath caddy is great for resting your book, iPad, phone, candle, mug – even your wine glass. Keep in mind that what you put in your bath caddy depends on its design. Some have a safe, dedicated spot to stand iPads and books as well as wine glass holders and indented sections for mugs. Other styles are completely flat, making it easier for items to slide off.

Top image source: Pillow Talk

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