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Bathroom10 Best Bath Pillows In Australia For 2024

If a stiff neck or sore joints put you off enjoying a long, hot soak in the tub, a supportive bath pillow could be the answer. So to help you find the perfect one for your body and bathtub, we’ve put Australia’s most popular products in one handy spot for you.

What is a bath pillow?

A bath pillow is a padded accessory designed to support the head, neck, back and shoulders while you lie in the tub. Paired with the perfect bath caddy, it makes a soak in the tub more relaxing and rejuvenating than ever. (And yes, we’ve tried them!)

Why use a bath pillow?

The main benefit of a bath pillow is that it eases the strain on muscles and joints while you lie in the tub – because we all know that bathtubs aren’t the most comfortable of places! The thick padding supports the head and neck while helping keep the spine aligned – and some larger styles even support the entire upper body. The result is a more comfortable tub, which means a longer soak and a more relaxed you.

Mesh bath cushion attached to a tub.
Suction Back and Neck Bath Pillow

10 Bath Pillows And Cushions For The Perfect Soak

A soak in the tub is one of life’s simple pleasures and a padded headrest dials up the comfort to help you enjoy every moment of bathtime. From full-length luxury pads to travel-friendly compact options, here are Australia’s top bath pillows available right now.

Anko Kmart Bath Pillow, $8

Anko Kmart Bath pillow shown with its packaging and without.

Fast becoming a cult favourite in Australia for its low price, the Kmart Anko Bath Pillow provides welcome support to tired bodies. It comes with super-tough suction caps on the base and the right amount of curvature to fully support the head and neck while you soak. At this price, grab one for your best mate while you’re at it!

Bath Tub Neck Pillow, $34.90

Padded pillow in a white tub.

With not one, but three cushioned panels, this pillow helps your entire upper body relax in the tub. It has a tough waterproof PVC exterior that withstands daily use and it comes with seven ultra-tough suction pads on the reverse side for a slip-free soak.

Full Body Bath Pillow, $48.99

Full body bath pillow shown from the left side and right side.

For whole-body relaxation and pampering, it’s hard to top this luxurious number. Measuring 127cm in length, it offers total comfort by significantly reducing pressure on muscles and joints. Suction caps prevent it from slipping around in the tub and the genius mesh material resists mould and stains. It’s even machine washable – love that!

4D Air Net Anti-Slip Mesh Bath Support, $19.99

A 4D mesh pillow in a tub with bubbles and floating candles.

Lightweight and practical, this bestselling mesh pillow ticks all the boxes. It comes with six PVC suction caps that keep it in place and uses upgraded 4D air mesh technology for fast drying and ventilation. We love the ergonomic design that supports not just the head and shoulders, but the upper back as well.

Inflatable Bath Pillow, $16

Budget-friendly and convenient enough to travel with, this bath pillow is a must-have in your pamper kit. It has an inflatable inner and a fully washable terry cloth outer. Simply blow it up to your desired fullness, pop the cover in, attach the included suction caps and relax … wherever you may be.

Spa-like Bathtub Pillow, $19.49

White and dark blue bath supports shown in tubs.

Equipped with a hook for convenient drying, this deluxe pillow supports the head and neck with ultra-thick padding. It comes with seven suction caps for a completely non-slip soak and fits virtually any smooth-surfaced tub. Choose from white or dark blue.

Suction Back and Neck Bath Pillow, $15.87

Mesh suction bath cushion shown in a bath.

Made using hygienic, breathable and tough waterproof fabric, this reliable pillow is low on fuss and huge on comfort. It comes with eight strong suction pads and fits almost any type of bathtub: straight-backed, spas baths, corner baths – even round baths.

Gorilla Grip Spa Bath Support, $64.55

Gorilla grip bathtub support in use.

Filled with 5cm of thick supportive foam, the Original Bath Pillow from Gorilla Grip gives tired necks and shoulders the support they need. It’s completely waterproof, quick to dry and it comes with seven suction caps that keep it firmly where you want it. Suitable for curved and flat tubs.

Nelio 3D Mesh Bath Cushion, $21.95

Front and back image of a 3D mesh bath pillow.

The beauty of 3D mesh lies in its ability to let water and air pass right through it. Not only does this make the Nelio bath cushion super comfortable, but breathable and hygienic too. This one comes with a handy hook for easy drying and six robust suction pads for sticking it in exactly the right position.

Bath Box Bath Pillow, $99

Padded bath support in a tub surrounded with candles.

With reinforced double stitching and industrial-strength suction caps, this is a bath pad that stands up to years of delicious soaks. It offers 10cm of thick padding and comes with a handy hook for speedy drying between use.

Shopping Tips

A full length bath pillow submerged in a bathtub.
The XL Bath Pillow by Bath Box
  • How easy is it to clean? – If hand-washing isn’t something you have time for, opt for a machine-washable option.
  • How much support do you need? Before you buy, consider how much support you need and where you need it. Bath pillows range from small headrests to full-body supports, so there really is something for everybody.
  • Ease of drying – Particularly if you live in a cooler climate, take into account how easy your pillow is to dry. Leaving a wet soggy pillow lying in an empty tub is a fast track to mould, so look for lightweight mesh or water-resistant options. Some clever styles even come with hooks for hanging them on clothes airers or the washing line between soaks.
  • Ensure adequate suction – The larger the pillow, the more suction caps you’ll need to ensure that it stays put.


How do you wash a bath pillow?

Some bath pillows, especially full-body styles, are machine washable. Other styles are usually designed to be washed by hand and the best way to do this is to soak it in your laundry tub or bath with some gentle detergent. Rinse it well and try to get enough water out of it before airdrying in the shade.

Can bath pillows get wet?

Yes, most bath pillows are designed to get wet – some are even waterproof. That said, some styles become quite waterlogged and heavy when wet and become harder to manoeuvre in the tub. If your pillow gets completely soaked, try to get as much excess water out of it before airdrying thoroughly.

What can I use instead of a bath pillow?

A rolled-up towel or hand towel is a good alternative to a bath pillow. Some people even use shortened pool noodles with suction caps attached to them!

What does a bath pillow do?

A bath pillow is specifically designed to support the head and neck while you rest in the tub. It makes bathtime more comfortable and helps protect tender areas of the body from the hard surface of the tub.

Top image source: Canva

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