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Bathroom15 Amazing Round Bathtub Ideas For Your Reno

With modern bathrooms embracing the beauty of curves, it comes as no surprise that the round bathtub has renovators gushing. But what exactly are these high-end fixtures and how practical are they?

A round bathtub is a luxury fixture with loads of wow factor. Ranging from stone to acrylic, they take inspiration from ancient Japanese soaking tubs, and not only do they soften modern bathrooms and create a relaxing mood, but they make a BIG and lasting impression on just about anyone who sees them!

But before you choose a bathtub that’s circular, there are some things important things to consider. To help you out, we’ve put everything in one place, including some juicy inspiration from around Australia and the world to help you plan and style your perfect bathroom.

Benefits of a round bathtub

Contemporary bathroom with round tub and curved mirror.
Bayley Ward Architects
  • A round bath makes a statement – Any kind of bathtub is a major fixture that gets noticed, but a round tub elevates rooms to new heights of luxury. Sinking the tub into the floor or raising it on a platform can add even more impact to the space.
  • Fantastic depth – Round baths tend to be deeper than many standard tubs and allow you to fully immerse yourself in the water. Cue the bath salts and candles.
  • There’s room for two (or more!) – With extra width and depth, a circle-shaped bath offers more room for comfortably relaxing with others.

What you need to know before you buy

Pietra Bianca Romeo Bath
  • They’re (really) big – A round tub is almost always going to have a larger footprint than a rectangular tub. And, like any tub, you need to allow plenty of room around it for stepping in and out of it as well. Take your measurements carefully to avoid a cramped room.
  • You’ll use more water – Large bathtubs like these require a lot of water to fill. Factor in the time this will take and the cost, especially if you plan on using it daily.
  • Consider your tapware – As shown in many of the images below, round baths look and work best with a freestanding tap. Not only do you need to allow room for that, but it’s likely to cost more than a wall-mounted tap. Speaking of cost…
  • They’re higher in price – There’s no sugar-coating it, round bathtubs are expensive, generally more so than most rectangular tubs. Of course, the price varies depending on the materials used and the size of the tub, but you may need to reduce costs elsewhere to make room in your budget.

15 Times Round Bathtubs Were Executed Perfectly

Need some more inspiration to help with your decision-making? Feast your eyes on these stunning bathrooms and start bringing your dream bathroom to life.

Stunning Stone

Round stone bathtub next to a large window.
Image via: Instagram/CC & Company Design

Created by Stone Jungle in the US, this breathtaking circle bath is carved from a single piece of stone and weighs over 900kgs. Paired with brown wooden trims and stone tile flooring, this room welcomes you with open arms.

Image: CC & Company Design

Natural Elements

White bathtub positioned under a window in a narrow bathroom.
Image: Chèr House

Part of the Juliette Circle project by Chèr House, this room is a stunning combination of clean lines and natural materials – and the circle bath is the pièce de résistance! This room is proof that a round bath can still work in a narrow space.

Image: Chèr House

Monochrome Magic

Circular bathtub with gold tapware in a modern bathroom.
Image: Beaumont Tiles

Made for soaking, the Omnia Freestanding Bath Stone is available individually or as part of a bathroom package from Beaumont Tiles. Paired with premium black motif tiles, this is how you nail ‘Vintage Lux’ like a professional.

Image: Beaumont Tiles

Black Beauty

A circular black stone bath tub in a contemporary bathroom.
Image: Pietra Bianca

Who said rounded bathtubs had to be white? The Romeo from Pietra Bianca is big, bold and beautiful pictured here with dark finger tiles and a black vanity. Black not your cup of tea? Don’t fret, it comes in seven other shades.

Image: Pietra Bianca

Easy Living

A bath tub positioned behind a glass shower screen.
Image: Sarah Sherman Samuel

The clever position of this elegant tub means you shower in it when time is low and soak in it when days are free. Positioned behind a high shower screen, splashes are completely controlled – great for kids!

Image: Sarah Sherman Samuel

A Mediterranean Dream

Mediterranean-style bathroom with round bathtub and blue Spanish tiles.
Image: Instagram/Davine Bathrooms

Paired with porcelain Spanish floor tiles and a magnificent blue vanity, this bath tops off the Mediterranean vibe perfectly. Sangria and a soak, what could be better?

Image: Davine Bathrooms

Modern Barn

Renovated bathroom with white bath, gold taps and wooden vanity.
Image: Instagram/ZEB House

Proof that rounded tubs can be the perfect solution for corners, this image from ZEB House is modern barn living at its best. The addition of a wooden vanity and gold tapware inject loads of warmth without detracting from the star of the room. Major swoon.

Image: ZEB House

Green With Envy

White circular bath tub against a green tiled wall.
Image: Instagram/SRF Building Services

A narrow room is no problem for this perfectly sized tub. A feature wall of spectacular, glossy green tiles brings vibrance and personality to the modern space.

Image: SRF Building Services

Subtle Glamour

Split-level bathroom with gold taps and round tub.
Image: Veejay’s Renovations

We don’t know what we love more, the tub or the fact that it is elevated! From Veejay Renovations, this glamorous bathroom ticks every box.

Image: Veejay’s Renovations

Private Haven

Bathroom of the Willow apartment.
Image: Bayley Ward Architects

Bathed in filtered light, this glorious tub is the perfect place to relax and recharge. We adore how the curve theme is carried through to the vanity handles and mirrors.

Image: Bayley Ward Architects

Scandi Vibes

White bathroom with gold taps and marble walls.
Image: Vizzini

Using Danish limestone for a sleek and pared-back look, the Circo tub will be right at home in modern and minimalist themes. The clever use of brushed brass tapware here adds a gorgeous finishing touch.

Image: Vizzini

Clever Curves

Modern bathroom with curved wall and round tub.
Image: Kodiak Projects

If the brief is curves (and more curves), you’ll want to take a leaf out of this book. Featuring a fully-tiled freestanding wall that separates the round bath from the showers, this is resort living right at home.

Image: Kodiak Projects

A Bath With A View

Round bath with an ocean view.
Image: Bunker House

With a view like this, you’d be excused for spending all day in the tub. The pared-back styling of this space lets the beautiful bathtub speak for itself.

Image: Bunker House

Floating World

Ukiyo bath under a ceiling-mounted shower head.
Image: ABI Interiors

The deep, rounded Ukiyo bathtub boasts a stylish matte-acrylic finish. This image is a fabulous example of how well a round bath works underneath a ceiling-mounted shower head. Brilliant!

Image: ABI Interiors

Tropical Oasis

Outdoor bath surrounded by palms.
Image: Victoria and Albert Baths

Fancy the idea of an outdoor bathing area? Us too! From Hong Kong designer, Steve Leung, the Taizu circle bath takes inspiration from the use of fine porcelain during the Song Dynasty. A showstopper if there ever was one.

Image: Victoria and Albert Baths


Are round bathtubs comfortable?

As a high-end fixture, round baths are designed not only for looks but comfort. Unlike standard bathtubs designed for stretching out, these modern beauties take their inspiration from ancient Japanese tubs, which encourage a healthier poster and all-around wellness. Planning on a long soak? Treat yourself to a padded bath pillow for extra comfort while you bliss out!

How do you style a round bathtub?

A circle bath is a showstopper, and as such, the room needs to be designed around it in a way that makes it shine. In keeping with the softness a round tub brings to spaces, arched mirrors, sheer curtains and beautiful towels all work well.

Also, consider your choice of tiles. Subtle textured options like Terrazzo tiles look fabulous with a statement tub, and a splash of colour in a feature wall can be just the ticket for elevating a neutral zone.

Finally, don’t skimp on your taps! As you’ve seen above, a stunning freestanding tap completes a round bath exquisitely – think of it like the cherry on the cake for a luxurious room. And if you’re looking for something a little different to chrome, take a peek at the warmth and texture brushed nickel tapware brings to rooms.

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