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RenovatingLinea Weatherboard: Why It's Right For Your Home

There are no two ways about it, cladding is a big decision. Not only does it affect the look and feel of your new home, but it also has to protect it! This is especially important in coastal areas, but the good news is that Linea Weatherboard takes care of everything.

White Linea Weatherboard shown up close on a modern house.
Source: James Hardie

What is Linea Weatherboard?

From the Hardie™ Architectural Collection, Linea Weatherboard is specially engineered to withstand cracking, shrinking and swelling. This means it’s ideal for harsh Australian conditions and it provides a stunning facade for modern architectural designs.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes this board a fabulous cladding option for Australian homes:

  • Thicker format – At 16mm, Linea Weatherboard uses Hardie’s Scyon fibre cement formulation for a thicker panel and lovelier look. Despite this, it’s just as easy to nail.
  • Good looks and low maintenance – Get the gorgeous finish of a deep-shadow weatherboard without the high maintenance of natural wood.
  • High durability – This weatherboard is built tough to handle shrinking, swelling, warping and cracking. Compared to timber, it looks better for longer.
  • Clean lines – impeccable horizontal lines offer the ultimate finish to Australian homes – from contemporary cottages to luxe Hamptons houses.
  • Works with trims – Matched with Axent Trims, Linea Weatherboard creates an elevated look.
  • Fire resistance – Linea Weatherboard meets bushfire attack requirements to BAL40.
  • Fast installation – Boards are stuck to timber frames with nail guns, or to steel beams with screws. It’s fast, easy and ready to paint in no time! Speaking of paint …
  • Pick your colour! – Linea Weatherboard arrived pre-primed and ready to paint any colour you want.

Ready to see just how great Linea Weatherboard comes up? Take a look at how FutureFlip created the ultimate modern cottage using James Hardie cladding products.

Richmount By FutureFlip

Front of a white weatherboard house in Sydney.
Source: James Hardie

With high ceilings and exposed rafters, Richmount nails the modern coastal cottage look. But it’s the use of Linea Weatherboard cladding on the facade that makes it such a stand-out.

Expertly built by Neil Hipwell and his award-winning team at FutureFlip, Richmount is located in the beachside suburb of Cronulla, NSW. So naturally, the impact of ocean winds and salt was a major consideration when choosing the right cladding.

Top storey exterior of a white beach cottage in Sydney.
Source: James Hardie

Enter Linea Weatherboards. Highly durable, they help resist warping, swelling and shrinking caused by the rough coastal weather. When it came to planning Richmount, the decision to use Linea Weatherboards was a no-brainer. It helped achieve the coastal ‘Queenslander’ look the team wanted while protecting the house from weather damage.

Porch of a white beach cottage with a swing seat and pot plants.
Source: James Hardie

“The paint durability of these weatherboards helps resist warping, swelling, shrinking, and damage from moisture, reducing the risk of paint cracking and deterioration, which will keep the exterior walls looking good for years to come. The panels are also engineered to stand up to harsh Australian conditions, including coastal conditions, which was vital due to the coastal location of the site with the ocean only a few hundred metres away.”

Neil Hipwell, FutureFlip
Looking inside from the deck of a white, modern beach house.
Source: James Hardie

The build didn’t come without its challenges though. Neil explains that reactive clay soil with high moisture retention requires a lot of thought and planning. But the challenges didn’t end there, builders also faced the tricky task of getting the slab just right on an uneven site. Nevertheless, the team combined their expertise and forged ahead to complete Richmount in just 90 days – in the rain!

Back view of a modern white beach house finished in Linea Weatherboard by James Hardie.
Source: James Hardie

Signature cottage features like VJ panelling and an oversized garage with custom doors all added to the perfect finish. Neil also threw in a modern spin on the classic ’round’ cottage window by installing a square set window at the entrance.

View of the front of a white two-storey weatherboard house from the driveway.
Source: James Hardie

“We installed high-tech windows and skylights that provide plenty of natural light, even on a south-facing property. To create a space for the extended family to stay, we built a granny flat out the back. This not only provided the kids with a place to stay close to their family, but it also increased the overall value of the property.”

Neil Hipwell, FutureFlip
Neil Hipwell stands outside white Richmount house in Sydney.
Source: James Hardie

Built to last, Linea Weatherboards stand strong through the years. But best of all, they continue to look as good as the day they’re installed.

For more information on this amazing build, head over to FutureFlip today.

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