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Outdoor11 Best Outdoor Wall Lights In Australia For 2024

Outdoor wall lights are a super-important addition to any home. In fact, some would argue that they’re even more important than your indoor lighting.

Not only does outdoor lighting create a warm and welcoming street presence for your home, but it also makes your outdoor areas safer for moving around at night and helps keep would-be intruders well away from your front door.

Great exterior lighting doesn’t need to be purely functional either. From designer fixtures to match your coloured front door to rustic lamps, Australia has thousands of beautiful options to suit every type of home.

11 Outdoor Wall Lights We’re Loving Right Now

Exterior lighting has never looked better – and it’s a great way to add security and safety to your outdoor areas. They are also an opportunity for you to add a whole lot of style to your outdoor living space.

From sleek and slim designs for a contemporary vibe to stunningly ornate pieces for a classic look, there’s something for everyone on this shortlist. Enjoy!

Arzano Antique Brass Wall Light, $140

Arzano Antique Brass Outdoor Wall Light

In beautiful brass, this wall light is a glamorous take on traditional black lanterns. Expertly crafted from metal and clear glass, it measures 25cm in height and can be ordered with or without an LED globe.

(from Mica Lighting)

Redditch Wall Bracket Light in Black, $99

Early Settler Redditch Wall Fixture

A thoroughly fresh take on the traditional coach light, the Redditch uses a striking combination of black aluminium and tempered glass. Robust yet dainty, we’re loving this look for modern farmhouses and traditional homes.

(from Early Settler)

Low-Glare Copper Up & Down Light, $193.80

Low-Glare Copper Outdoor Up/Down Light

We absolutely love copper accents and this wall-mountable light is no exception. Made from premium copper, it provides ambient and directional light upwards and downwards. It’s suitable for use outdoors or indoors (love it for the laundry!) and pairs perfectly with the Outdoor Pillar Light in Copper.

(from Renovator Store)

Cantena Antique Brass Outdoor Wall Light, $188

Cartena Antique Brass Outdoor Wall Light

Constructed from solid brass, the sturdy Cantena outdoor light is built to last. Perfect for farmhouses, period homes or Hamptons builds, it’s equal parts simple and bold. If brushed brass is not your style, this light is also available in black.

(from Mica Lighting)

The Original Gooseneck Barn Light, $343

The Original Gooseneck Barn Light

A favourite for its homely charm and classic looks, The Original Gooseneck wall light is just as popular in Australia for period homes as it is for contemporary builds. It comes in a range of sizes from 30cm to 60cm and features a signature goodness arm for wide and effective illumination. If you love the look of barn lights, take a peek complete guide to choosing them.

(from Barn Light Australia)

Havit Tivah Outdoor Up & Down Light Fixtures, from $80.95

Havit Tival Stainless Steel Light Fixtures

If stainless steel fits your style, the Havit Tivah up-and-down light is a must-see. Manufactured from 316 stainless steel, it’s crafted to work hard, withstand the elements and look great year after year. Also available in white, black, silver and titanium.

(from JD Lighting)

Southampton Wall Light, $229

Southampton Wall Light - Antique Black & Bronze

With a nod to the Americas, the Southampton external wall light combines a black frame, bronze accents and clear glass for an elegant finish we can’t get enough of. Keep in mind that this one features hand-painted elements and must be positioned away from direct weather.

(from Beacon)

Pebble Single Wall Light, $149

Pebble Light - Beacon Lighting

Available in a choice of black, brushed gold or white, the Pebble wall light is suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas provided it’s shielded from direct weather. We love the simplicity of this fixture and the fact that it works in almost any style of home.

(from Beacon)

Scorpius Outdoor Light Fitting, $117.69

Scorpius Outdoor Wall Lights

In a classic half-moon shape, the Scorpius is a safe choice that always looks smart. Ideal for the front door or to light up outside steps and paths, it comes in four finishes, including tough galvanised steel – great for coastal areas.

(from The Lighting Outlet)

Atomic Flared Gooseneck Light, $343

Outdoor Atomic Flared Gooseneck Wall Light

Perfect for front porches and entrances, the Atomic Flared Gooseneck directs light from the wall to the ground. It beautifully balances industrial style with classic Hamptons charm and it comes in a huge range of finishes, including Colorbond and metallics.

(from Barn Light Australia)

Anton Double-Ended Light Fitting, $59

Early Settler Anton Outside Wall Fitting

A winner in the versatility and style stakes, the robust Anton works beautifully in almost every style of home. Finished in jet-black powder-coated metal, this gem not only provides great directional light but makes a mighty big impact too!

(from Early Settler)

What To Look For When Buying Outdoor Lights

Beacon Lighting Pebble Wall Lights
Pebble Wall Lights in Antique Brass. Source: Beacon Lighting

Consider the style of your home

Lighting helps to pull all elements of a home together beautifully. So whether you are going ultra-modern, Hamptons style, farmhouse chic or you are creating a traditional home, take your time finding the right outdoor lights.

Set your budget – and stick to it!

Lighting can drastically range in price so our advice is to have a budget in mind before you start looking. If you are buying multiple outdoor lights, you don’t want to use up your entire budget on the first light and have to scrimp on the rest.

Know the dimensions of your space

Get your proportions right. Consider the dimensions of the light fitting to make sure it fits the size and scale of the area you’re installing it in. If you’re not able to visualise in your head, use a free program like Canva to create a rough compilation. This will give you a good idea of how the light will look in place.

Consider the materials of the light fitting

It’s important to make sure the material of the light is suitable for outdoor use and will stand up to the elements. Consider water resistance, particularly if your light will be fully exposed to the rain. Look for robust seals that will keep out the rain and the dust and won’t perish too quickly in direct sunlight.

Also If you live near the ocean or you get a breeze coming off the sea (even if you are kilometres away) think about the impact of salt (which carries on the wind) on your outdoor lights. You should be installing a brass or marine-grade stainless steel light wherever possible. Aluminium light fittings will corrode and ‘pit’, and any fitting with standard steel will certainly rust over time.

The outdoor rating of your outdoor lights is super important so we recommend considering all the finer details before you buy.

Southampton wall light - Beacon Lighting
Southampton Wall Light. Source: Beacon Lighting

What wattage for outdoor lights?

Wattage, in the context of outdoor lights, refers to the strength of the bulbs that you will be installing into your fitting. The actual light you purchase will have limits on the maximum wattage allowed for that particular fixture so it is important to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

If you use a light bulb that is too high in terms of wattage, it could create too much heat and damage the light or the connection points. It will also void the manufacturer’s warranty.

What voltage for outdoor lighting?

In Australia, you will hear about 12 volts and 240 volts. Both 12V and 24V lighting can be used outdoors but you’ll need to carefully consult the manufacturer’s instructions and consult an electrician if you have any doubts.

12V Outdoor Lighting

Low-voltage lighting has become increasingly popular in Australia for a simple reason: it allows people to DIY their own projects! Requiring no hardwiring and usually as simple to install as plugging them in, these lights are usually safe to set up without an electrician.

Low-voltage exterior lighting can be used inside garden beds, along pathways, on steps and in any dark areas where lighting is needed. Some of the most popular types of low-voltage outdoor lights are fairy lights!

240V Outdoor Lighting

In Australia, most outdoor wall lights are 240 volts. They are hardwired and usually operated by a wall switch or sensor and must be installed by a qualified electrician. Almost all outdoor wall lights will require 240V power.

Can outdoor wall lights be used indoors?

Yes, outdoor wall lights can be used indoors. In fact, in areas like an enclosed patio or sunroom, harmonising the lights between indoors and out can create a lovely flow between spaces.

We love the way Studio McGee uses outdoor lights indoors. The light mounted on the laundry wall in the image below is a beautiful example of using outdoor lights indoors.

Studio McGee Laundry Room
An outdoor light in an indoor space. Source: Studio McGee

Prior to installation, ensure the lights are rated for indoor use. Additionally, make sure that your wall lights are not producing too much heat for the indoor space.

A certified electrician will always be able to help you with any questions you have about using outdoor wall lights indoors.

How to choose an exterior light

The key to choosing the right light for your space is to have a clear idea of what the light needs to achieve. If the light is purely decorative, it can be a soft light with low wattage. However, if it’s for safety or security, you’ll need something much brighter.

Also remember to check whether the lights are compatible with sensors if you are looking for lights that come on as you drive in or visitors approach your home.

How to install wall lights outside

Installing outdoor wall lights that do not require hardwiring (and therefore an electrician) is a simple home improvement project. Best of all, it adds a great deal of ambience and style to your home’s exterior.

If the light has a power cord, simply plug it in, secure the cord and switch it on. Easy!

If your lights require hardwiring, an electrician must install them. You never want to risk your family, your home or your own safety by installing anything electrical yourself. It’s also important to remember that a manufacturer’s warranty will be void if anyone but a qualified electrician has attempted installation.

Do it right and call an electrician.

Top image: Atomic Flared Gooseneck Light

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