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StylingHow To Give Your Home A Hamptons-Style Exterior

If you thought Australia’s obsession with Hamptons styling was exclusive to indoor zones, think again. Hamptons-style exteriors have never been more popular in Australia and according to the experts, it’s actually one of the most coveted styles for outdoor living Down Under.

A Hamptons exterior is fresh, coastal and inviting. Inspired by the homes of the rich and famous perched on the east of Long Island in the USA, the style celebrates nautical elements and neutral palettes. And from your driveway to the backyard, this contemporary design theme can do no wrong.

But replicating a style is easier said than done. So we’ve consulted landscaping expert and Adbri Masonry brand ambassador, Jason Hodges, to bring you four ways to nail the Hamptons look for your home’s exterior.

The incredibly popular Hamptons styling trend, which takes its name from affluent American coastal towns of the same name, is not limited to indoor decorating. The Hamptons style with its combined sense of serenity and tranquillity is perfect for backyard, garden and entertaining areas,” explains Jason.

4 Ways To Create A Hamptons Exterior For Your Home

Ready to take your home’s kerb appeal up a notch (or ten!)? These landscaping ideas are not only beautiful, but they’re also DIY-friendly.

A manicured entrance is a must

Adbri Masonry Lawn Edge

The front yard is where first impressions are made – so you want it to look spectacular. Overall, a Hamptons front garden is neat, symmetrical and lush. Forget crazy paving and cluttered foliage, this aesthetic is about refined garden beds, perfectly maintained paving, manicured lawns and neat edges.

For the perfect Hamptons garden, keep your lawn mowed and consider using Lawn Edge from Adbri Masonry to prevent grass from creeping into garden beds.

blue and purple hydrangeas

And when it comes to flowers, opt for hydrangeas in white, purple and blue; as well as fragrant beauties like gardenias. Hedging is a popular choice for privacy and makes an incredible feature for the front entrance- if you can wait for it to grow!

Go for a light driveway paver

Adbri Masonry Havenbrick 50 pavers

The key to achieving a luxe Hamptons driveway is to choose light-coloured pavers and lay them in a neat, timeless pattern. Herringbone will give you fabulous texture, while stretcher bond (diagonal or straight) delivers the timeless look of brickwork.

With its bevilled edges and contemporary colour palette, Adbri Masonry’s Havenbrick 50 is a fantastic paver for your DIY (or professionally built) Hamptons driveway. It’s lightweight, easy to lay and has a very low slip risk, making it great for families with young kids.

Lay a side path that sings

Adbri Euro Classic Pavers

The side path is an essential feature for family homes. And while it needs to be functional, it should also be in keeping with the rest of your Hamptons-style exterior.

Rather than the pebble or concrete path seen in urban homes, the coastal Hamptons style calls for large-format ‘stepping stone’ pavers in either a square or rectangular shape.

Adbri Euro Classic pavers

To replicate this look, check out the Adbri Euro Pavers in Classic and Stone. In a choice of 400 x 400mm or 600 x 600mm, they make for a hardwearing path that is a cinch to install and looks every bit the Hamptons dream.

Use pine bark and pops of greenery to fill in the gaps and add more texture and colour to the zone.

And create a Hamptons backyard to enjoy!

Adbri Masonry Euro Classic

Australians love the great outdoors, which is why we all want a perfect backyard. The good news is that a Hamptons-style backyard is quite achievable with the right products.

Traditionally, many real-life Hamptons homes feature expanses of lawn, landscaped pools and hedges that wow. Of course, achieving all that isn’t possible for all of us, so it’s about taking elements of the style and making them work in small areas and with a more modest budget.

A Hamptons backyard featuring Adbri Masonry paving

So what are the key Hamptons elements we can all achieve? Jason Hodges suggests taking the time to create both a destination garden and a dedicated paved area for outdoor dining, playing and unwinding.

Adbri Masonry’s Euro® Classic large concrete paver in a light colour in the 400 x 400mm profile, is the perfect choice for an entertaining area. Include a dining table or a cosy sofa with lots of throw pillows and cushions in a colour palette of greys, whites and blues, or stripes, for a relaxed yet stylish Hampton’s look.”

It sure sounds good to us!

Visit Adbri Masonry for more tips on achieving a Hamptons style for your home’s exterior.

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