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Outdoor5 Best Composite Decking Colours In Australia

Outdoor decks are inviting and useful additions to Australian homes. So it stands to reason that choosing the perfect colour is a critical part of the process. To help you out, we’ve partnered with market-leader, Trex to showcase five universally loved compositive decking colours that hit the mark for Australian outdoor living.

But first …

What Is Composite Decking?

Composite decking is an eco-friendly, timber alternative that’s changing the way Australians build and care for their decks. Smooth and hardwearing, it’s the ultimate flooring for alfresco dining, playing and unwinding.

Here are some of the reasons more and more families love composite decks for outdoor living:

  • It’s much easier to cut and install than traditional timber
  • Trex composite decking uses 95% recycled materials (timber and plastic bags!)
  • The decking needs absolutely no sanding, staining or painting (and that’s a huge win!)
  • It is built tough to withstand the harsh and temperamental Aussie weather
  • The surface is smooth, luxurious and splinter-free underfoot
  • Decking comes in a seriously stylish lineup of colours, perfect for any kind of patio deck design.

5 Of The Best Composite Decking Colours In Australia

From rich tropical tones to light, beachy shades, these decking options will help you nail your perfect outdoor living aesthetic.

Havana Gold

Trex Havana Gold outdoor deck

Drenched in caramel and honey tones, Havana Gold looks as warm and exotic as it sounds. It has a realistic grain pattern and mimics the appearance of traditional teak – the kind of wood found all over tropical South East Asia in places like Bali. Paired with bright floor cushions, this deck ticks every box.

Island Mist

Trex composite decking in Island Mist

What’s not to love about tropical living? Island Mist combines the weathered look of driftwood with contemporary greys. Cooler than many other composite decking colours, it’s a fantastic choice for modern white and grey palettes and looks fantastic paired with black or white accents, such as outdoor wall lights and furniture.

Spiced Rum

Trex deck in Spiced Rum

Vibrant, rich and oh-so-inviting, Spiced Rum makes a seriously smooth addition to the home. We’re particularly loving the onyx lowlights in the grain for a warm aesthetic. Contrast it with a white barn light for stylish outdoor living.

Transcend Rope Swing

Trex Decking in Rope Swing

Sandy and carefree, we can’t think of a better deck colour for coastal living than Transcend Rope Swing. A favourite Trex neutral, it’s massively versatile and works well with contrasting dark furniture or even bright colours, which means even the paddling pool is welcome! If you’re something of a green thumb, consider this a spectacular partner for all your potted plants.

Transcend Lava Rock

Trex Lava Rock Composite Deck

With red and brown flowing through it, Trex Transcend Lava Rock brings richness and vibrance to your outdoor space. While it’s a fab pairing for period homes, it’s also a luxe choice for modern builds with a feature deck. With red-tinged boards sitting beautifully next to yellow cladding, this image shows how well analogous colours work together.

How To Pick A Composite Deck Colour

Trex decking

Knowing what colours are available is one thing, but choosing one is a whole other story! To help you make the decision, we’ve put together a few points you should consider before finalising your choice of composite deck colour.

Where is the deck positioned?

Will the deck be positioned in full sun, making it glow brighter, or in a shady patch where it may appear darker? Take this into account as natural light plays a huge part in how your deck will look day to day. We highly recommend getting a few sample boards and positioning them in different spots over the course of a week to get a good idea of the colour at various times of the day.

How dirty will the deck get?

Just like carpet, floorboards or tiles, your deck is going to get a lot of foot (and paw) traffic. Obviously, light colours are going to be less forgiving of muddy boots than dark colours, so consider your climate and the position of the deck relative to muddy areas when choosing your colour. Planning a deck around your pool? Remember splashes make it appear darker.

Do you have large windows? If so, consider matching your interior flooring

If your brand-new deck is going to sit alongside large windows, it should pair well with your internal flooring. This creates a beautifully seamless look inside and out.

Play nice with your natural surroundings

Is your home surrounded by trees, rocks and grass? If so, it’s best to select a more natural-coloured decking with brown tones that complements your gorgeous surroundings.

If you want your deck to be a feature, consider an opposite shade to your home

Picture a white home with a very dark deck – it’s bold and unmissable. So if you really want your deck to pop, take a look at colours that contrast with your home and the surroundings.

For more information about composite decking, visit Trex.

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