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Outdoor7 Fanciest Paddling Pools In Australia Right Now

Looking for a backyard paddling pool that won’t cramp your style? We’ve got you. At long last (and after decades of fluoro eyesores), luxurious paddling pools have arrived, and if you consider yourself a rather discerning paddler, trust us when we say that they are the answer to beating the heat in style this summer.

A paddling pool is shallow, portable and a LOT more affordable than an in-ground magnesium pool! Holding just enough water to paddle or sit in, it’s easy to see why it’s such a convenient option for Australian backyards, especially those low on space. It inflates in just minutes and doesn’t require a lot of water to fill. It’s also a cinch to pack away safely at the end of a day’s play, unless of course, the pool party goes all night!

To help you get set for a stylish summer without breaking the bank, we’ve shortlisted Australia’s best paddling pools for bougie backyards. Whether you’re looking for something luxe for the ladies to lounge in or something for your little ones to enjoy, we’ve got it right here in our shortlist of faves.

Inflatable Paddling Pool Safety

Remember, water safety is critical when enjoying inflatable paddling pools at home and it’s something to revise before setting up. Let’s take a look at some of the most important things to remember:

  • Never leave babies or kids unsupervised around a paddling pool, regardless of how much water is in it. Always ‘actively’ supervise children around water and keep them within arm’s reach.
  • If you are a parent or carer, ensure you have undertaken CPR training in case of emergencies.
  • In most Australian states and territories, portable pools that are 30cm deep or more must be fenced. Check your local council website for requirements.
  • Always empty inflatable pools completely and put them away after use to ensure they don’t fill back up again with rain or sprinkler water.

7 Luxe Paddling Pools To Buy In Australia

From bright and beautiful to low-key chic, we’ve rounded up the pools that are as big on personality as they are on style. How did we choose? We’ve considered reviews, shape, style, colours and price in putting this shortlist together. So fingers crossed you find your perfect pool right here. Let’s dive in!

&Sunday Arch Pools, $179.99

&Sunday arched paddling pools shown side by side.

Designed in New Zealand with boundless flair, these stunners are a real standout when it comes to inflatable pools- and not just because of it’s on-trend arch shape. The beauty of this design is that it can be positioned against a wall, so it’s a fabulous option for small decks and patios. Styles include the pictured Pewter Transparent Pool, the classic Bubble Arch Pool and the stunning sage green Lines Arch Pool. How to choose?!

Sunnylife ‘The Pool’ With Glitter, $89.99

Woman lying in a clear glitter paddling pool.

After a little sparkle in your blow-up pool? Created by summertime experts, Sunnylife, The Pool is the only one around for adults that’s filled with glitter. Made from tough, non-toxic Phthalate-free PVC, it measures 150cm and fits up to three adults or splash-happy kids. A puncture repair patch is included and it comes packaged in a box ready to gift (yourself!).

Pool Buoy Hourglass Amber Paddling Pool, $149

Women lying in am amber-coloured inflatable pool on a lawn.

Designed in Melbourne and free from nasty chemicals, Pool Buoy blow-up pools are making a big name for themselves among stylish outdoorsy adults. The Amber Hourglass Pool is an instant stand-out for its rich tone and total absence of prints – just translucent jewel-like goodness that welcomes with open arms. Extra durable and built to last through many summers, Pool Buoy inflatable pools come with an easy inflate/deflate two-way valve and fit two to three adults.

&Sunday Scallop Clay Round Paddling Pool, $179.95

Woman standing in a large inflatable pool as a young child climbs in.

Few brands nail designer paddling pools quite like &Sunday, but if you weren’t sold on the famous arch shape mentioned above, the good news is that round options have arrived. Scallop Clay is our hands-down favourite for its muted tones and luxe silk-printed bloom. Adaptable to any coloured home, deck or paving, this pool plays nicely with virtually any kind of landscaping. It uses ultra-thick phthalate-free PVC and measures 170cm in diameter. A handy double-action valve makes inflating and deflating a breeze.

FUNBOY Designer Paddle Pools, $101

Two large designer paddling pools shown on a blank background.

Want to kick back in the sun and dream of Ibiza? Perhaps Portofino? This destination-inspired pool by FUNBOY will take you there. At 168cm in diameter, there’s room for two adults or a bunch of kids and they come with rapid inflate and deflate valves for more fun and less fuss. They’re phthalate-free and even boast an integrated drain plug. If you love these prints, don’t miss the matching beach towels! (Note, these pools ship to Australia from overseas.)

Minnidip Blushing Palms Designer Pool, $180.59

Glamorous women sit around a luxurious inflatable pool.

Designed in Chicago by Minnidip — the creators of the coolest designer ‘kiddie pools for adults’ EVER — comes an absolute beauty. Big enough to fit three adults, it’s made with completely non-toxic and BPA-free materials and it comes with a drain plug and repair patch. But our favourite parts? The scalloped tufts and palm-printed base for all the vacay feels. Minnidip is hard to find in Australia, but we did find this one on Amazon with international shipping.

Good Vibes Inflatable Family Pool, $78

Pink rectangular paddling pool shown from two angles.

Measuring a huge 2.6m x 1.75m, this comfy and supportive rectangular pool is ready for the whole family – or at least a few of you! It’s made of pale pink and requires little more than inflating and filling to be ready to entertain or enjoy the afternoon outdoors. What do we love best about it? The shape means you can stretch right out (if the kids let you!).

How To Care For Paddling Pools

Woman sitting on a green outdoor chair next to a paddling pool.
Pool Buoy Peacy Pat Inflatable Pool. Image: Pool Buoy

Inflatable paddling pools have come a long way in the past few years. There are still plenty of cheap and cheerful options out there, as well as some uber-luxe Insta-worthy options for the ultimate in backyard style.

What are paddling pools made of?

Most inflatable pools use PVC, but the thickness and quality will differ between brands and price points. We suggest going for the thickest, most durable PVC if you have the option.

How to look after your paddling pool

The best thing you can do is to empty your pool after each use, give it a quick rinse to remove any dirt or grass and then store it on its side somewhere out of the wind and weather.  The next day all you need to do is lift it out and fill it up!

How to clean paddling pools

If you do forget to empty it and the water goes a little murky or algae starts to grow, it will need a good clean.  Don’t reach for the mould remover though – this could damage the plastic.  Use a gentle dishwashing liquid (or shampoo) and wipe over with a soft cloth.  Rinse and rinse again and then allow to dry in the sun.

How to store an inflatable pool

If storing an inflatable pool for more than a day or two, empty it out and dry it THOROUGHLY before deflating. Wipe it over with a beach towel, being careful to get into any grooves and creases. make sure it is completely dry before you deflate and fold it up.

If you don’t have the original packaging, old pillowcases are suitable for storing a deflated pool. Take care to store it somewhere out of direct sun and protected from heavy or sharp objects.

Most paddling pools will come with a small repair kit.  Pop this somewhere safe the minute you open the packaging – you’ll thank yourself when you need to perform a quick repair!  If you do misplace the repair kit, most department stores will sell a repair kit, including Big W. If your pool is more heavy-duty, head to a pool supply store for something that will get you and the kids back in the water in no time.

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