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Living and DiningThe Best Curtains And Blinds For Sliding Doors

When it comes to the best curtains and blinds for sliding doors, there are a few styles that stand out in the crowd. Not only do they bring easy-breezy sophistication to modern living, but they also provide privacy and plenty of filtered light.

So, which are the best furnishings for sliding doors? We’ve teamed up with TUISS to pinpoint three stunning options, each suited to family rooms, bedrooms and even bathrooms:

  • S-Fold Curtains
  • Privacy Sheers
  • Panel Glide Blinds

But what about verticals?

Vertical blinds are certainly suited to sliding doors, but they’re very dated and definitely not the first choice for contemporary homes. Plus, they don’t provide much in terms of energy efficiency, so they’re not the best choice if you want to keep your heating and cooling bills down – and don’t we all!

TUISS S-Fold Verbier Voile Curtain
S-Fold Verbier Voile Curtain

Best Curtains & Blinds For Sliding Doors

Let’s take a close look at our favourite window furnishings for doors of all kinds. Whether you need to dress an expansive door out to the new deck, or you’re after a solution for the kids’ rooms, you’ll find the perfect product here.

Panel Glide Blinds For Sliding Doors

TUISS Eclipse Mid-Grey Panel Glide Blind
Eclipse Mid-Grey Panel Glide Blind

One of our favourite window furnishing for sliding doors is the innovative and infinitely stylish Panel Glide Blind, which is highly versatile and available in a host of textures and colours.

Panel Glide Blinds work exactly the way their name suggests. They are made up of a collection of large panels that glide effortlessly over each other to cover the span of large windows or doors. Panel Glide Blinds are available as reliable blackouts (great for bedroom blinds) or in soft, light-filtering fabrics, so you have complete control of the finish you want for the room.

TUISS Splash Sonny Linen Panel Glide Blind over a sliding door
Splash Sonny Linen Panel Glide Blind

The beautiful large panels overlap elegantly, leaving no gaps and ensuring complete control over your light and privacy. And because the panels run along a track, they’re simple to slide across when you need to access your door.

If you wish to keep the blinds open, ensure you have room on either side of your windows for the panels to stack neatly out of the way. If you don’t plan for that, they’ll always cover a small section of your window even when they’re open, so keep it in mind when considering your window furnishings.

TUISS Splash Sonny Ebony Panel Glide Blind
Splash Sonny Ebony Panel Glide Blind

When it comes to ordering Panel Glide Blinds online at TUISS, you’ll choose whether the panels stack on the left, right or evenly on both sides thanks to a central split. Depending on the width you enter, you’ll see exactly how many panels are required for your space, the width of the panels and how they will be configured.

The maximum width for the Panel Glide Blinds at TUISS is 4.5m, a generous width for large family sliding doors that need a little shade and privacy.

S-Fold Curtains For Sliding Doors

TUISS Double S-Fold Curtains in Villa White and Neutral
Double S-Fold Curtains in Villa White and Neutral

If you prefer the look and feel of curtains over blinds for your sliding door, S-Fold styles should be at the top of your options.

TUISS S-Fold Curtains come complete with their own track that guarantees the perfect ‘wave’ in the fabric each and every time. Better still, the smooth track allows curtains to glide effortlessly and give you quick, easy access to the doorway.

The range is available in a choice of sheer, light filtering or blockout styles, and they’re mountable on walls, architraves or even ceilings. These fantastically versatile furnishings make it super easy to achieve a contemporary, stylish look that pairs beautifully with other accents, like curved sofas and feature armchairs.

TUISS S-Fold Tahiti Voile Snow Curtains
S-Fold Tahiti Voile Snow Curtains

Slightly wider than the Panel Glide Blinds, S-Fold Curtains are available with a maximum width of 5m, easily spanning large sliding doors. But, if you need them to span even further, simply order two tracks and mount them side by side. Easy!

You might choose a sheer curtain to give you privacy during the day while allowing natural light in. Or, if you’re after complete privacy at night, a blockout S-Fold is perfect. For the best of both worlds, there are also Double S-Fold Curtains available at TUISS, which give you one sheer and one blockout for the ultimate privacy and light day or night.

TUISS Double S-Fold Curtains in Villa Platinum and Snow
Double S-Fold Curtains in Villa Platinum and Snow

Privacy Sheers For Sliding Doors

TUISS Warm White Privacy Sheer Curtains
Warm White Privacy Sheers

And then there are sheers, loved all over Australia for their perfect balance of ethereal elegance and high-level privacy control for sliding doors and windows.

Privacy Sheers are relatively new to TUISS and come in an elevated ‘hybrid design’. In plain English, this just means that thanks to smart opaque vertical louvres, they mix the traditional softness of sheer voile curtains with the practicality of vertical blinds. Basically, it’s the ultimate curtain combo for a great look and all the privacy you need.

TUISS Graphite Privacy Sheer Curtain
Graphite Privacy Sheer Curtain

The continuous voile curtain gives you privacy across the span of the sliding door. Then, with a simple twist of a control wand, you’re able to adjust the opaque panels to give increased light control and complete privacy at night. So, in the daytime, you can enjoy bright natural daylight and a view of the outdoors while still maintaining privacy. And at night, close the louvres completely!

TUISS Brise Warm White Privacy Sheer Curtain
Brise Warm White Privacy Sheer Curtain

At TUISS, Privacy Sheers are available up to a width of 4.8m and are a great option for sliding doors. Like S-Fold Curtains, they are mountable on the wall or ceiling and slide along their track effortlessly.

Tips For Buying Curtains & Blinds For Sliding Doors

S-Fold Curtains in Villa Alabaster and Neutral
S-Fold Curtains in Villa Alabaster and Neutral

Remember, the single most important element of buying new curtains or blinds for your sliding doors is smart planning. Ordering online can be daunting, so here are some tips to ensure you make the right decision for your home.

  • Think about how you’ll use the blinds or curtains and importantly, which room they’re in. For bedrooms, you need to consider privacy and lockout features, for living spaces you need plenty of filtered light and easy access to sliding doors.
  • Also, think about your colour palette and decor. Are your blinds positioned near your new dining table? Or do they need to match your favourite floor cushions?
  • Take advantage of the FREE FABRIC SAMPLES at TUISS! We love this feature for the simple fact that it lets you bring the true colour and texture of your blinds or curtains into your own home before purchasing. You’d be surprised how different fabrics appear on a screen!
  • Read the instructions carefully about how to measure correctly for curtains and blinds on your sliding doors. Whether you’re going for architrave mounting or ceiling mounting, step-by-step measuring instructions are easy to find at TUISS.
  • Chat with the TUISS customer service team before placing your order to make sure you feel confident about your choice and how it will work in your home. Not only do the team help with installation and technical questions, but they’re also very switched on when it comes to styling and trends.

Energy Saving Tip!

Just about every Australian family is looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption while keeping homes cool in summer and warm in winter. And the good news is your choice of window furnishings can help.

When combined with a blockout, energy-efficient curtains or blinds create an effective barrier against heat and cold. This means you don’t need to run your air conditioners and heaters quite as much – a big win in the peak of summer and winter.

It just goes to show that smart investments in window furnishings save you money in the long run.

Visit TUISS to order the perfect set of curtains or blinds for your sliding doors today.

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