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BedroomThe Best Bedroom Blinds & How To Choose Them

Bedrooms are sanctuaries within the home, a place where we can rest, relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep. So naturally, you want to make sure that you’ve got the perfect bedroom blinds and curtains for privacy, light control and a dreamy finish.

We’ve teamed up with our friends at TUISS to take a closer look at the best types of window furnishings for bedrooms and what you need to consider when choosing from them.

Best Types Of Bedroom Blinds For Privacy & Light Control

From light-filtering options to complete blackout options, TUISS offers blinds to suit any type of bedroom. And the best bit is that they’re delivered straight to your door.

Here are the top choices:

Roller Blinds

TUISS bedroom roller blinds
TUISS Abelia Rose Quartz Roller Blinds with Tahiti Snow Sheers

Available in patterns, block colours or neutrals that go with everything from luxury throw blankets to rugs, roller blinds are great when it comes to functional bedroom blinds. All styles are made to measure for a perfect fit with your particular windows. Plus, many styles have the option to upgrade from manual operation to an Electric Smart Raise system for hands-free use.

Roman Blinds

TUISS Roman blinds for bedrooms
TUISS V&A William Morris Sunflower Silver Grey Roman Blind

Roman blinds come with all the functionality of standard blinds, but rather than rolling up, they actually fold up, creating an elegant pleated effect. Choose from a huge range of shades and patterns in light-filtering fabric or with blackout lining for sunlight control.

Zebra Blinds

TUISS Enjoy Dimout Glacier Zebra Bedroom Blinds

As striking as they are practical, zebra blinds combine panels of light-filtering and opaque fabric. They’re brilliant for the bedroom because they offer complete control over your privacy and how much light enters the room at various times of the day. Like roller blinds, these come in a wide range of neutral shades to suit virtually any colour palette.

Bedroom Shutter Blinds

TUISS Bedroom Shutters. Image via Melinda Hartwright Interiors

Shutter blinds are highly effective at controlling light – they’re effortlessly stylish, too. TUISS shutters use high-quality, sustainable Paulownia wood that creates a wonderful thermal barrier at the window. The shutters close completely too, providing an excellent blockout and privacy solution.

Layered Bedroom Blinds

Curtains paired with roman blinds in the bedroom
TUISS Clarissa Hulse Dill Ochre Curtain with Ombre Oche Roman Blind

Layering a number of different window furnishings is beneficial in any room, but particularly in a bedroom. You want to have flexibility as to how much or how little light you let into the room, both at night time and during the day. You also want to ensure you have complete privacy.

Having a sheer or light filtering layer for daytime privacy, as well as a blockout layer for the night gives you the best of both worlds. It could be a combination of blinds and curtains, or perhaps different types of blinds such as a sunscreen roller blind with a blockout roman.

Honeycomb Blinds

TUISS Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb blinds have pleated pockets that trap the energy within, creating a barrier between the temperature at the window and the rest of the room. So, no matter what time of year, your room is beautifully comfortable, which makes falling asleep much, much easier!

Bedroom Curtains

TUISS shimmering bedroom curtains
TUISS Encanto Shimmering Platinum Curtains

Blockout curtains are fantastic for keeping rooms at a comfortable temperature and they look especially wow when fitted from ceiling to floor and extended across the full width of a wall (beyond the window frame). They effectively act as a great big blanket over your window. And with so many different fabrics to choose from at TUISS, you can go for something subtle and neutral, or brave and bold.

Another type of curtain to consider in bedrooms are sheers. These look wonderful paired with a blockout curtain or a blind and they offer another level of control when it comes to daytime privacy. They allow you to have your blockout layer open to let the sun in, while still providing perfect privacy during the day. They also look dreamy and soft, perfect for evoking a relaxed ‘retreat’ atmosphere in your bedroom.

What You Need To Know About Choosing Bedroom Blinds

TUISS Albany Stipe Ice Roman Blind

Blockout linings are a must!

A blockout lining prevents any light from filtering through the fabric, so when your bedroom blind is down you’re getting the maximum amount of light control possible. At TUISS, you can opt for a blockout lining on most styles of blinds, including roman and honeycomb blinds.

Ensure you measure correctly

TUISS blinds are custom-made, so accurate measuring is essential. The measuring process also helps you narrow down your choice based on where your window is located and its dimensions.

As an example, if you’re fitting your blind into a recess, you’ll want to look at a style that will extend right to the edges of the recess, such as a roman blind or honeycomb blind. This will ensure that you have a minimal amount of light coming in through the sides.

If you’re keen to have roller blinds in your bedroom, they work best when ‘face fitted’ rather than placed within a recess. This helps ensure you get the best possible blockout by minimising the light gap at the edges of the fabric.

TUISS measuring guides step you through exactly how much extra to allow if you wanted your blind to completely cover the window.

Consider The Temperature All Year Round

Window furnishings can play a big part in how warm your home stays in winter, or how it stays cool in summer. While blockout linings help, some window furnishings are designed specifically for thermal protection, like honeycomb blinds. If you live in a particularly hot or cold climate, take this into account when choosing the perfect bedroom blinds.

TUISS Chinoiserie Duck Egg Roller Bedroom Blind

All in all, you can technically use any type of window furnishing in a bedroom, but the styles above are among our favourites. No matter what you choose, just make sure to consider what you want in terms of light control and privacy as well as thermal protection. Then think about where you’re looking to install them and how functional they will be in the space.

From there, you have the incredibly fun part of choosing your fabrics or finishes! TUISS lets you order up to 10 free fabric samples, making the final selection that much easier.

Window furnishings can make a huge impact on your bedroom, both from a functional viewpoint as well as aesthetically in terms of styling and design. You should fall in love with not only how the blinds or curtains look in the room, but how they allow you to live and experience the space too.

TUISS is a proud partner of the upcoming Making HOME renovation series.

Top image: S-Fold Bijou Alabaster with Duolight Nude Roller Blind

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