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Kitchen7 Best French Door Fridges In Australia For 2024

If you’re on the hunt for a refrigerator that combines functionality and efficiency with the good looks a modern Australian kitchen demands, a French door fridge is the answer.

French door fridges are beautifully designed with a double-door top refrigerator and a freezer at the bottom. Depending on the brand, the freezer could open as a single door (or drawer), or with double doors matching the top-mount fridge. They’re the undisputed beauties of modern fridges, but the appeal doesn’t end with those good looks. They also maximise space in kitchens, provide a large storage capacity and offer households easy access to food for convenient cooking. And snacking – plenty of snacking.

Why buy a French door fridge?

There are two major incentives to buying a French door fridge over other designs: aesthetics and functionality. As far as aesthetics go, the sleek and balanced combination of top-mount double doors with a single freezer drawer always looks elegant and impressive. In terms of functionality, a French door design offers some of the biggest fridge capacity around and keeps the most-visited part of the refrigerator at eye level. Better yet, the design lends itself to wide internal shelves, making it heaven for entertainers and busy families.

Samsung French Door Fridge in a modern grey kitchen.
Samsung 495L French Door Refrigerator SRF5300SD

How to choose the right French door fridge

If you love the idea of a French door fridge, there are a few things to think about before rushing out and buying. Because as the workhorse of the kitchen, a fridge shouldn’t be a rushed purchase, but a considered one.


Depending on the size of your family, and how often you like to do a big supermarket shop, will depend on what capacity fridge your family will need. If you’re purchasing a fridge to go into an existing space, you’ll want to measure the space in your kitchen before shopping online or in person. And if you are planning a new kitchen, you might want to choose your fridge first so that you can plan the perfect sized cavity.

Storage capacity

French door fridges are great for having loads of compartments of storage spaces, so be sure to consider which has the ideal space for fresh foods and vegetables, as well as inner door space for drinks, milk and eggs. You can compare storage capacity by taking a look at the measurement on the listing (measured in litres), the bigger the number, the larger the space. You’ll also want to make sure the freezer space is adequate for your family, so considering the fresh food space, as well as the freezer space is important in the decision-making process.

Features and accessories

Like chilled water and ice on a hot day? Many French door fridges offer ice and water dispensers as a bonus. Some will need to be plumbed in by a professional while others are non-plumbed and simply require filling. Opting for a more slim-line water dispenser will mean that you’re not compromising on valuable storage space.

7 Of The Best French Door Fridges In Australia

From sleek black fridges to smart models with built-in touch screens, Australia boasts an impressive lineup of French door models, and we know that choosing isn’t always easy. So to help you with your buying decision, we’ve narrowed down the favourites and put them in one handy spot for you.

How did we choose? We looked closely at reviews and bestsellers at Australia’s major retailers to narrow down this shortlist to the top French door fridges in Australia right now.

Samsung 649L French Door Refrigerator SRF7100S, $3149

It’s the bestselling French door fridge at Samsung Australia – and it’s pretty clear to see why! This incredible feature-packed refrigerator comes with a stunning flat front that works in perfect harmony with your kitchen cabinetry. It’s resistant to fingerprints (a huge plus if you have a sticky toddler in your midst!) and features huge crispers and jumbo bottle holders that finally fit 4L juices. Oh, and it also makes ice for you, discreetly and out of sight so as not to disturb that sleek, elegant look.


  • Comes with an internal ice maker
  • Completely flat front for a sleek look
  • Big bottle holders that finally fit large items
  • Power Cool feature instantly blows cold air through the fridge for fast chilling

Samsung 495L French Door Refrigerator SRF5300SD, $1749

Samsung SRF5300SD French door refrigerator shown closed and open.

If you’ve ever wanted a bottle of wine to cool faster, then you’re going to love the Power Cool functionality on this Samsung refrigerator. With the touch of a button, Power Cool blows intense cold air into the fridge so foods, and more importantly drinks, are chilled faster.

The Power Freeze also blasts cold air into the freezer compartment to firm up frozen foods and make more ice. With the internal cabins cooling separately, it eliminates odours from mixing through the fridge and freezer, while also maintaining an optimal temperature and humidity to keep food fresh for longer.


  • Anti-fingerprint finish
  • Power Cool & Freeze functionality
  • Non-plumbed water dispenser built-in
  • Twin Cooling technology keeps the fridge and freezer at the perfect temperatures

Fisher and Paykel 569L French Door Refrigerator, $1999

Fisher & Paykel RF610ADX5 French Door Fridge

Imagine a refrigerator that does all of the thinking for you. The ActiveSmart Foodcare functionality on this Fisher & Paykel French Door learns how you live. It automatically, without you having to say a word or press a button, adjusts the temperature, airflow and humidity to keep your food fresher for longer.

With its spill-safe glass shelves, accidental spills and leaks are prevented from leaking onto shelves below. Best of all, your fresh fruit and vegetables are kept at their freshest in their own humidity-controlled crisper drawers, creating a microclimate to keep them crisp and fresh for longer.

Fisher & Paykel also makes a warming drawer that pairs with its fridges beautifully. For a streamlined look in a new kitchen, be sure to check out matching appliances!


  • Dual door hinge
  • ActiveSmart foodcare capability
  • Spill-safe adjustable glass shelves
  • Humidity-controlled crisper drawers

Hisense 454L Black French Door Fridge HRCD454BW, $1585

Hisense 454L black French door fridge shown closed and open.

With its minimalistic design, the Hisense French Door Refrigerator makes for a stylish addition to any kitchen. Looks aside, it’s filled with cutting-edge features like Multi-Air Flow, which provides consistent cooling through each compartment to maintain the perfect temperatures for storing food, especially fruits and vegetables.

Ice build-up is a thing of the past with this fridge in your life, and as one of the most energy-efficient French door fridges, Hisense’s 4-star rating sets it apart from other refrigerators.


  • 4-star energy rating
  • Twin cooling technology
  • Non-plumbed water dispenser
  • Absolutely no ice build-up in the freezer

Haier 492L French Door Fridge HRF520FHS, $1299

Haier 492L French Door Fridge shown open and closed.

A favourite in Australia for its low price point and sleek design, the Haier 492L French Door Fridge is fit for family life. It measures just 865 cm in width, making it one of the most compact designs around and it’s packed with all the features you love in a luxury fridge. There’s a handy water dispenser on the front door, temperature-adjustable internal drawers and there are even spill-proof glass shelves. Love that.

Super Freeze mode makes tidy work of half-melted ice cream and external controls mean no more digging around the interior to set your temperatures.


  • Anti-spill shelving
  • Temperature-adjustable drawers
  • Super Freeze feature for quick action
  • Non-plumbed water dispenser at the front

LG 530L Stainless Steel French Door Fridge GF-B590PL, $1880

LG 530L French Door Fridge shown closed and open.

With over 300 reviews, the LG 530L French Door Fridge is one popular household companion indeed – for a few strong reasons. Firstly, it has a slim design and fits in many alcoves made for single-door fridges. It’s also low on noise and high on cooling, handling busy family life or constant entertaining like a true pro.

Probably our favourite feature of this one is the Pure N Fresh odour neutraliser, which literally pushes the small of last night’s curry through a deodoriser. That’s smart.


  • Pure N Fresh deodoriser
  • Surround cooling, front and back
  • Bright LED lights for easy visibility
  • Slim design great for small alcoves

Mitsubishi 564L White French Door Fridge MR-LX564ER-GWH-A, $3346

Mitsubishi White French Door Fridge MR-LX564ER-GWH-A

With its glacier-white glass finish, the Mitsubishi French Door Fridge is a stylish, and also a functional choice. With a 4-star energy rating and whisper-quiet Inverter Technology, this refrigerator is one of the quietest on the market, making it an ideal choice for open-living homes.

It also has easy-to-clean glass shelves, and generous storage compartments inside the doors for drinks, milk, eggs and other items.


  • Glacier White Glass finish
  • Non-plumbed auto ice maker
  • Multi-airflow cooling system
  • Supercool chilling case for quick chilling


Are French door fridges better?

Three of the most obvious advantages of a French door fridge are practicality, accessibility and a premium design. With two doors on top, you can easily organise your food and beverages effectively for easy access. Also, because most items are accessible while standing, you spend less time bending – which is great news for your back! Finally, the elegance of a French door fridge elevates modern kitchens while providing features that make life easier

What are the disadvantages of a French door refrigerator?

The main disadvantages of a French door fridge are less freezer space, having to bend down to reach the freezer and a higher price point. Also, given that they are bigger than most single-door fridges, they may come with a lower energy rating.

What’s the slimmest French door fridge in Australia?

LG has some of the slimmest French door fridges in Australia, with the 530L measuring just 835 cm in width. This slim design is fabulous for alcoves designed for a single-door fridge.

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