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Kitchen11 Best Salad Spinners In Australia For 2024

We all know that healthy eating involves lots of fresh vegetables. But the effort that goes into whipping up a beautiful salad isn’t always appealing, especially at the end of a huge day. This is where a salad spinner changes everything. Lettuce fill you in.

A salad spinner is a type of colander that uses centrifugal force to spin wet lettuce leaves around the bowl and remove excess water. They take the hard work out of drying lettuce and herbs, banish soggy salads for good and they’re also super handy for washing other fruits and vegetables too.

Best of all, spinning colanders are a step towards better eating and more efficient food prep. It’s as simple as rinse, spin and serve.

Tips For Buying A Salad Spinner

Joseph Joseph Spindola InSink

Here are some handy tips to consider when you’re on the hunt for a fab spinner:

  • What type do you want? Are you after an ‘in-sink’ spinner or a benchtop design that comes with a basket and outer bowl? In-sink styles work best with deep styles (like farmhouse sinks), while benchtop spinners are fabulous if you want to serve your salad in the very same bowl – just ensure it has non-slip feet to keep it in place.
  • Choose the right capacity – Prepping a salad for the whole family, or just yourself? Domestic spinners generally range from six cups up to five litres – enough for a family. But if you need to feed an army, there are 10 or 20-litre units available as well!
  • Ease of cleaning – Gadgets aren’t useful if they’re tough to clean, so look for a spinner that is either safe to pop in your dishwasher or easy to disassemble for a thorough rinse.
  • Consider how you’ll store it – Spinners are quite bulky, so ensure you’ve got a spot for it to live. If you’re tight on space, look for features like a flat lid for easy stacking, or a folding/removable handle.
  • Weight – If you want something lightweight and compact, go for a food-safe plastic style. If you prefer a bit of weight to your spinner, a stainless steel style might suit you better.

11 Sensational Salad Spinners To Buy In Australia

We’ve shortlisted Australia’s most popular spinners and put them in one handy spot for you. So, prep your market list and get ready to whip up some delicious, guilt-free meals for the whole family.

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Dreamfarm Spina, $49.95

Dreamfarm Spina

The Spina is a bestseller for the fact that it’s cute, compact and just so handy. What starts as a compact colander quickly transforms into an in-sink spinner, cleverly shaped to keep food in. It has a non-slip foot that stays put in your sink and it disassembles in seconds for storage. We love this for washing berries too.

Joseph Joseph Spindola InSink Spinning Colander, $49.95

Joseph Joseph Spindola InSink Salad Spinning Colander

Equipped with a detachable spindle and suction base, the BPA-free Spindola InSink is both a colander and spinner in one neat, tidy gadget. Attach the base and spindle, stick it to the base of your sink and spin those leaves dry. Greek salad in a jiffy.

Zyliss Easy Spin 2 Large, $109.95

Zyliss Salad Spinner - Easy Spin 2

A favourite among healthy eaters for its simple efficiency, the BPA-free Zyliss Easy Spin 2 boasts a contoured basket for even more water removal. It has a retractable cord for effortless operation and a stackable flat lid and it also works as a colander, salad bowl and salad storage container.

Eva Solo Green Tool Spinning Colander, $150

Evo Solo Green Tool Colander

From Danish brand, Eva Solo, this spinner is proof that even kitchen gadgets can be luxurious. Beautifully made from a combination of stainless steel and plastic, it comes with a central axle that when pushed, spins the leaves and expels water through the base. And when the salad is prepped, use it as a colander to strain your pasta.

OXO Good Grips Salad & Herb Spinner, $39.99

Oxo Good Grips Salad and Herb Spinner

Built for one-handed salad prep, this favourite from OXO is a must for any busy kitchen. It comes with a non-slip knob for speedy spinning, a removable basket (which doubles as a colander) and a very useful fast-stop brake button. The lid separates in seconds for easy cleaning.

Cuisinart Salad Spinner, $35.09

Cuisinart Spinning Colander

Budget-friendly and just the right size for couples, the Cuisinart spinner doubles as a fruit and veggie washer as well. Thanks to an opening in the top, this one allows you to add water to the bowl without even removing the lid. That’s handy.

Davis & Waddell Salad Spinners, $44.95

Davis and Waddell Salad Spinners

Compact and fuss-free, the easy-use 25cm Davis & Waddell spinner makes light work of drying lettuce leaves. Rotate the knob in a circular motion and watch that water fly right off! Choose from red or white.

Gefu Speedwing 5L Spinner, $124.50

Gefu Speedwing 5L colander

German-engineered for serious performance, the Gefu Speedwing uses a cable-pull system to dry all kinds of leaves fast. Unlike many others in Australia, this one is made using stainless steel rather than plastic, and it features an integrated pouring spout in the lid to remove excess water. Best of all, it comes apart in seconds and it’s safe to pop in the dishwasher.

Scullery Fresh Prep Spinning Colander, $59.99

Scullery Fresh Prep

This hardwearing kitchen helper uses a retractable handle and cord to propel the leaves around the bowl. Non-slip feet keep it from spinning off the bench and it’s even safe to pop in the dishwasher for a quick clean-up.

OXO Good Grips Steel Salad Spinner, $89.90

OXO Good Grips Colander

Specifically designed for one-handed operation, this smart spinner from OXO comes with a unique pump technique and a very handy break button. It has a non-slip base, a transparent lid for an easy view of your kale, and the handle locks down for compact storage. We love how useful the stainless steel outer bowl is for all kinds of cooking.

Baccarat Prepare Large Salad Colander, $74.99

Baccarat Prepare Salad Tool

Quick and easy to use, this spinner from Baccarat is large enough to serve up to six people. It features a smooth, fast-action pump lever, which spins your leaves dry and helps remove pesky impurities. The removable colander is fantastic for rinsing fruit and vegetables.

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