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OutdoorMagnesium Pool Benefits: 9 Reasons To Dive Right In

Is the idea of large energy bills and the smell of chlorine putting you off swimming pools? We hear you, and that’s why it’s time to take a closer look at magnesium pools and all their magnificent benefits.

What is a magnesium pool?

Magnesium pools (or mineral pools) contain magnesium chloride and much lower quantities of chlorine than saltwater and regular chlorinated pools. Not only are they full of minerals beneficial to your overall health, but they also offer a cleaner swimming experience with a lower environmental impact.

And trust us, we know! We installed a magnesium pool as part of our recent Sydney renovation – check out Episode One of the Making HOME Renovation Series to see it in action!

Making HOME magnesium pool and spa.
Our most recent renovation features a stunning magnesium pool

Can you convert a pool to magnesium?

Yes! The good news is that you don’t need a brand-new pool to enjoy the benefits of magnesium. Thanks to industry leaders, MagnaPool, traditional pools can be converted into mineral-rich swimming havens in as little as a day.

Ready to find out why everyone is talking about the benefits of magnesium pools? Let’s dive right in!

9 Magnesium Pool Benefits You Need To Know About

Whether you’re still on the fence about installing a new magnesium pool or considering converting your existing pool, you’re in the right place. We’ve put together some solid reasons to help you feel confident about taking the plunge.

It’s more eco-friendly

Eco-friendly MagnaPool with view of mountains.
Image via MagnaPool

The biggest reason that magnesium pools are considered eco-friendly lies in the amount of energy and water they use – or don’t use.

Firstly, the glass media filtration used in quality mineral pools can save up to 65% of water in the backwashing process. But another reason quality mineral pools like MagnaPool are so fabulous for the environment is that the magnesium and potassium in them are beneficial to surrounding plants and soil. This means your backwash water is safe to use in the greenery of your pool landscaping.

Finally, Climate Care Certified pools, like MagnaPool, meet the requirements of the Swimming Pool and Spa Association with regard to sustainability, energy efficiency and water use. So they’re not just great for bodies and minds, but they’re a win for the planet too.

It relaxes the muscles

Woman soaks in the shallows of a magnesium pool.
Image via MagnaPool

It’s no secret that as a nutrient, magnesium helps muscles, nerves, blood sugar levels and blood pressure to remain healthy.

Mineral pools work in a similar beneficial way. However, rather than acquiring magnesium through food, the body absorbs it through the skin in a process called ‘transdermal absorption’. And not only does a gentle soak help relax tired muscles, but it can help ease cramps and relieve stiffness.

Consider it hydrotherapy in the privacy of your own home.

It nurtures your skin

Woman floats in a magnesium pool for its health benefits.
Image via MagnaPool

If eczema and dermatitis often keep you on the banana lounge rather than in the water, a magnesium pool will be a welcome change. The combined goodness of potassium and magnesium found in mineral pools results in a soothing experience. It’s a far cry from harsh, manually chlorinated and saltwater pools.

One study even concluded that soaking in a mineral bath (known as balneotherapy) was more effective in treating atopic dermatitis in children than corticosteroids.

Minerals destroy algae and bacteria

Person swimming underwater in a clean magnesium pool.
Image via MagnaPool

Unlike their chlorine cousins, magnesium pools use naturally sourced minerals to rid your pool of nasties. Once added, the minerals pass through the chlorinator where they are converted to small amounts of active chlorine. Combined with the natural minerals, this keeps algae and bacteria out of sight and your swimming pool squeaky clean.

They’re lower maintenance

Backyard magnesium swimming pool with timber deck and fountain.
Image via MagnaPool

Overall, mineral pools require far less maintenance than their saltwater and traditional chlorine counterparts. The magnesium in the water prevents calcification in the chlorinator and the superior filtration systems keep them cleaner for longer. This means less work and more swimming!

Less chlorine-y smell

Magnesium pool in a tropical setting.
Image via MagnaPool

There’s no mistaking the strong chemical odour that accompanies chlorine pools. But it’s not actually chlorine but chemical compounds called ‘chloramines‘ that cause the odour that clings to the skin (all day!). These chloramines are formed when chlorine reacts with ammonia, which usually comes from sweat, mucus and (uh-hem) urine in the water.

But with mineral pools, it’s different. By using less chlorine than a regular pool, they produce up to 40% fewer chloramines, which means significantly reduced odours. And …

No more stingy eyes (and no more goggles!)

Boy in red bathers swimming underwater without goggles.

Ever had a teary child complain of sore eyes at the end of a pool session? Well, say goodbye to the chlorine tears, because mineral pools produce far less of the chloramines responsible for irritated eyes and sad, soggy kiddos.

In fact, one of the most appealing benefits of magnesium pools for young families is that the water is so gentle, the kids won’t even need goggles. (And if they don’t need them, they can’t lose them!)

There’s no need to shower afterwards

Woman standing in a swimming pool.

Mineral pools without sodium mean an end to the sticky after-pool feel that has most of us running for the shower.

MagnaPools, with its 100% salt-free, patented blend of magnesium and potassium chloride leaves your skin feeling fresh, clean and smooth. And that means fewer showers and less water use.

You can use an app to monitor your pool

Women looking at MagnaPool Hydroxinator PRO system on a phone app.
Image via MagnaPool

As part of its premium mineral pool system, MagnaPool offers the Hydroxinator iQ PRO. This includes the AquaLink control to let you monitor your pool’s chlorine levels and more from wherever you are via your smartphone. Handy, right?

It’s clear to see that mineral pools are changing the way people think about backyard swimming pools. What has always been a high-maintenance and chemical-filled feature is now a mineral-rich oasis of health benefits – and we are absolutely here for it.

Head over to MagnaPool to learn more about how a magnesium pool can benefit your health and home.

MagnaPool is a proud partner of the Making HOME renovation series.

Top image: MagnaPool at Crane Lodge, NSW. Via Wild Luxury

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