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OutdoorRipper Repellents Giving Mosquitos The Flick

With summer upon us and El Nina bearing down on Australia’s east coast, mozzies are out in force. But thanks to clever natural and high-tech mosquito repellents designed especially for modern living, you can kick nasties to the curb and get on with good times.

There are over 3000 mosquito species roaming about, and particularly in humid environments, they are nearly impossible to avoid without a little extra help.

So in the name of more fun and fewer pests, we’ve put our favourite mosquito repellents in one handy spot for you. Prefer something else? Check out our shortlist of the best mosquito zappers in Australia!

The Zone Defender

Thermocell zoned insect repeller

Portable and practical, the Thermacell E55 Rechargeable Mosquito Repeller ($84.99) offers families a 28m2 mosquito-free zone.

Pop it in the backyard while you shoot hoops with the kids, or take on a picnic with family friends; this genius device offers 12 hours of unscented, smoke-free liquid repellent to keep nasties at bay.

Natural Mosquito Repellent

Waxworks Citronella Candle

Citronella oil is a natural, non-toxic mozzie repellent sourced from citronella grass with a lovely citrus-like aroma. It’s been used to effectively keep mozzies out of good times for decades. But never has it looked or smelled quite so good.

Expertly crafted in Australia using premium essential citronella oil, Waxworks candles are 100% free from harsh chemicals and safe for the whole family. With long burn times of up to 42 hours and a stylish design, these are outdoor decor solutions with a difference.

Waxworks Citronella Table Burners for mosquitos

Waxworks is also the place to find premium citronella incense sticks and coils, tabletop burners and garden torches. Each product uses superior essential citronella oil to keep your guests safe and pesky bugs on the sidelines.

Waxworks products are available at Bunnings stores nationally, starting at $3.75.

Why do mozzies bite us?

Well for starters, it’s not all mozzies that bite – it’s the female. And the reason she’s eyeing off bare limbs is that she’s after the nutrients in your blood to make eggs.

What are they attracted to?

When they’re out for blood, mozzies are attracted to our body heat, body odour and carbon dioxide. Given that it’s hard to control any of those things, trusted mosquito repellents are the best way to avoid a hungry pest.

Why are mozzie bites dangerous?

It’s not just their annoying buzz that has people swatting mosquitos away constantly. Mozzies are also responsible for spreading many dangerous viruses among people, including Malaria, Dengue Fever and Yellow Fever.

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