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Kids14 Best Kids' Bookcases & Bookshelves Australia 2024

Whether you’re preparing a nursery or a bedroom, a kids’ bookcase belongs right at the top of your furniture wishlist – and it offers a lot more than just good looks.

A kids’ bookcase is one of the most useful pieces of furniture from the toddler years and beyond. Not only does it give all those treasured books of the early years a place to live (off the floor!), but it helps encourage a love of reading, which is so important to establish early on.

We know it’s hard to know where to start when it comes to kids’ furniture, so to help you find that perfect bookshelf faster, we’ve shortlisted what we think are the very best in Australia right now. You’re welcome.

Why is a bookcase important for kids?

  • It helps encourage a love of reading
  • Helps keep books organised and tidy
  • Allows kids to enjoy books at their own pace
  • It makes books accessible to kids all the time
  • Keeps books top of mind when boredom strikes!
  • Versatility! A kids’ bookshelf is also useful for toys and shoes

What’s the difference between a bookcase and a bookshelf?

Bookcases are usually freestanding pieces with closed ends, whereas bookshelves often have open ends. If you’re still confused, don’t worry because we tend to use the terms interchangeably here in Australia.

Important bookcase safety advice

Many bookcases and shelves, even those made for kids, pose a significant toppling risk. In fact, according to Product Safety Australia, children under the age of five are most at risk of being injured by falling furniture. And bookcases are included as one of the most common pieces of furniture involved in accidents.

Take these precautions to ensure your bookcase is safe to use around kids:

  • Choose furniture that comes with equipment for anchoring to walls
  • Store the heaviest items at the bottom of the unit, NOT the top!
  • Drawers can easily be used as steps by young kids, so either choose a design without drawers or apply a lock to prevent little hands from opening them
  • Never place items on top of a bookshelf (like iPads or TVs) that could entice a child to climb the bookshelf in order to reach them.
Children reading books next to a rotating wooden bookshelf.
OLI Library Rotating Bookshelf

14 Of The Best Kids’ Bookcases And Bookshelves

We take our product selections seriously and genuinely want you to find something that works for your child and your space. So as well as giving you a summary of each bookshelf in our shortlist, we’ve listed what we love about each of them plus any additional points you need to know about before you buy.

And if you’re wondering which books deserve a place on every kid’s shelf, head over to our sister site and take a peek at the top 100 kids’ books of all time!

Ready to find the perfect bookcase for your kids? In no particular order, here are our favourites!

Kirribilli Short & Wide Bookshelf, $895

Short and wide Kirribilli bookshelf for kids.

Cleverly designed with a curved lip to prevent items from rolling off, the Kirribilly Short & Wide is perfectly sized for kids. It uses FSC-certified materials and boasts thick, tough panels and an irresistible earthy aesthetic.

Not only is this timeless piece versatile and a great height for younger kids, but it’s also easily accessible from any side. Oh and if assembling furniture isn’t your strong point, don’t worry – this one includes tool-less ‘intuitive’ assembly.

What you need to know:

At 160cm in width, this is quite a large unit for kids’ bedrooms. If you don’t have the space for it, consider putting it in a hallway or living zone. Alternatively, check out the other Kirribilli formats for a size that might fit better without cluttering the room.

Kids’ Archie Bookshelf, $499.99

Kids' wooden bookshelf stocked with books and toys.

Beautifully crafted from solid ash timber, this is a piece of furniture made to last a lifetime. The open sides make it accessible from multiple angles and the height between shelves means even the biggest books will fit.

We’re huge fans of solid-wood furniture like this because of the longevity it offers families. Pass it down to a younger sibling or move it to the living room later on for a new lease on life. We’re also head over heels for the arches on both sides of the Archie, it makes a stunning pairing with arched mirrors and other curved furniture.

What you need to know:

The Archie stands 140cm tall, so smaller kids won’t be able to reach the top shelf for some time. And, with that in mind, you’ll want to make sure this is secured to a wall to ensure it doesn’t topple.

Brady Boucle Bookshelves, $169.99

Adairs white and pink boucle bookshelves for kids.

Whether you’re crazy about bouclé fabric or just want to add a little softness to your child’s room, these stunning bookshelves are a must-see. In a choice of white or pink, each is completely freestanding and comes with four book pockets. Pair one up with a boucle chair for a reading nook they’ll never want to leave.

Aside from these beauties being completely freestanding, they’re also pretty as a picture, and most importantly, soft on little hands. We also love that they add texture and softness to rooms.

What you need to know:

Fabric is always going to be harder to keep clean than hard surfaces. So, particularly with the white bookshelf, you may want to keep snacks and books separate – if you can!

Kids’ Penny Bookcase, $999

White bookcase with petal trim next to a nursing chair in a child's room.

Packing Parisian vibes and plenty of space, the Penny is one of the pretty bookcases we’ve laid eyes on. Expert workmanship ensures its structural integrity and the use of kiln-dried wood means less warping and cracking over time. The unit is finished with water-based, child-safe French White paint for a vintage-luxe look.

Unlike many other bookcases, the Penny comes with removable first and second shelves. This makes it super handy for those extra-large books they always bring home from the library! Another great touch is the inclusion of bottom-shelf cut-outs for threading cords through to the back.

What you need to know:

While this bookcase is a great solution for larger-sized books, it only holds a maximum of 32kg per shelf. Also, it must be tethered to the wall with the included anti-tip set.

Nissa Kids’ Rotating Bookshelf, $219

Kids' bookshelves in blue, white and pink.

In three shades to suit almost any type of bedroom, the Nissa rotates smoothly on a sturdy 50cm base. The open profile means favourites are quick and easy to find and the flat top is perfect for showing off special toys and treasures.

The Nissa is a fabulous space saver when it comes to book storage and gives little bookworms the freedom to stack, stand or tilt their favourite reads (and squeeze a few toys in there too!). We’re also big fans of the clever two-tone timber design, which is perfect for minimalist or Scandi interiors.

What you need to know:

This unit isn’t made to withstand excessive weight, so it’s better suited to paperback picture books and junior novels than large volumes and heavy hardbacks.

Personalised Wall Shelf, from $68.88

Wood and acrylic bookshelf for kids.

From Wood You Buy, known and loved for its handcrafted wooden products, comes a highly versatile bookshelf with a twist. Aside from its fabulous acrylic front, which gives a full view of books, it’s also customisable with your choice of words, names or messages!

With a lovely deep shelf of 9cm, this handy unit fits multiple books into quite a small space, so it’s perfect for book lovers low on space but big on book love! It’s also available in a choice of 30cm, 40cm, 50cm or 60cm widths, so you have the option of creating tiers of shelves.

What you need to know:

The acrylic on this bookshelf is removable, so it’s best to mount it out of reach of curious little hands. Also, given the personalised nature of these shelves, you won’t be able to return them unless faulty, so choose carefully and double-check your spelling!

Maya Rattan Bookcase, $699

Rattan kids' bookshelf shown from two angles.

With just the right amount of retro vibes and all the coastal feels, the Maya bookcase is expertly woven by hand with all-natural, organic rattan. It measures 167cm in height and offers families four roomy shelves for showcasing favourite titles

There’s a lot to love about the Maya, starting with the fact that it uses natural materials. But perhaps our favourite feature is that it’s specially treated to be weather resistant, so if you’d love to set up the reading nook on the patio or deck, this bookshelf is fit for the task.

What you need to know:

Because this item is made entirely by hand by artisans of their trade, there could be some minor imperfections in the piece. Our team thinks this only adds to its character and beauty, but it’s certainly something to be aware of before you commit to purchasing.

Round-Front Wooden Bookshelves, $49.95

Kids' wooden bookshelf on a wall filled with picture books.

Locally made using sustainably sourced Australian pine, this super handy wall-mountable shelf keeps book covers clearly visible at all times. It comes in a choice of 40cm, 60cm and 90cm sizes and features a round front rail to keep books secure. There are even keyhole slots on the reverse side for easy mounting.

We love that this natural bookshelf allows books to double as wall art! Kids can mix up their displays as often as they wish, changing the entire look and feel of their rooms.

What you need to know:

The 7cm depth of these shelves won’t store more than two or three books stacked one in front of the other. So, if your child’s book collection is large, go with a longer 90cm size, or think about investing in multiple shelves and arranging them down a wall (check out the customer’s images to see how awesome this looks).

White Morris Bookcase, $199.95

Kids' white bookshelf stocked with toys and books.

Finished in crisp white that works in almost any setting, the Morris bookcase is so much more than a kids’ bookshelf. Handy nooks make it perfect for storing notebooks and stationary – and the top provides a very handy flat surface for toys and games.

The Morris stands out in the crowd for its different-sized nooks, which lets kids get creative with their displays. Also, can we talk about how convenient the side storage panel is?!

What you need to know:

This piece comes delivered in two cartons and requires complete assembly by the customer.

Lea Kids’ Bookshelves, $550

Blue, white and pink bookshelves in natural wood.

From Boori, the Lea unit gives wee ones four sturdy shelves for their beloved books and two kid-friendly drawers. But it gets better – there is also a clothes rail included! It can be positioned at two different heights depending on your child’s garments! Now that’s smart.

The Lea ticks every box when it comes to smart kids’ furniture. It looks beautiful in any setting and it comes with a versatile combination of drawers and shelves with an adjustable rail for hanging clothes.

What you need to know:

Children’s colour preferences change a lot between preschool and the early school years! While pink or blue is exquisite for a toddler or preschooler bedroom, it may not be a hit once they reach the early years of school. White is a safe choice for any age and stage.

Wesley Kids’ House Bookcase, $199.95

Kids' wooden bookshelf shaped like a house.

Packed with fun shapes, angles and compartments, the Wesley bookcase is one of the most unique bookshelves for kids. It’s made using a high-gloss laminate board and includes cupboards, drawers and multiple shelving options for storing unlimited treasures.

The sheer amount of storage space this unit offers has completely won us over. There are five open shelves, two lockers and two drawers – both without handles for a sleek look. And what’s not to love about a bookshelf in the shape of a home?

What you need to know:

With no backing on the shelves, books and belongings could fall out or rub against walls and leave marks. To avoid this, position items closer to the front edge of each shelf rather than pushing them back.

Kids’ OLI Rotating Bookcase, $799

Girl reading on a sofa next to a bookcase.

Every now and then a piece of furniture comes along that speaks to your heart – and this is one of them! From Little Ducking, the eco-friendly OLI Revolving Bookcase is inspired by the iconic red phone booth of London. It uses thick (18mm) beech wood and stores a whopping 350 books! An heirloom piece if there was one.

But aside from its serious strength and durability, it’s the little additions to this unit that really make it sing. There is a scroll on the top, magnetic name plates for kids to write on and handles for hanging clothing. And it’s even compatible with IKEA storage boxes. As if that’s not enough, the shelves are also adjustable to suit different-sized books.

What you need to know:

Given its solid wood construction and size, this bookcase may be difficult to move – especially once filled. Also, to avoid damaging the wood, it needs to be located in a cool, dry place and cleaned with either water or specialised wood cleaners.

Ubabub Booksee Bookshelf, $199

Clear acrylic wall-mounted bookshelves in a child's bedroom.

Loved by parents for its minimalist look, the Ubabub Booksee Bookshelf is the answer to seriously chic wall storage. It measures 90cm in width and 7cm in depth, offering plenty of room for all their favourite reads. But it’s the transparent panels that really set this one apart – kids can clearly see their books and it allows wall paint or coloured wallpaper to remain visible too!

It’s no secret that we love modern decor here at Making HOME, and the Ububub Booksee is one of the most stylish bookshelves around. Streamlined and elegant, it’s the perfect solution for retaining floor space and keeping books within sight.

What you need to know:

This bookshelf comes with pre-drilled holes in the back panel, but not fixings – you’ll need to buy these yourself. Also, you must drill into a stud wall (not a plaster wall) to ensure it’s strong enough to hold books.

IKEA Bergig Kids’ Bookcase, $199

Little girl in denim overalls plays with toys on a white bookcase.

Affordable and loads of fun, the IKEA Bergig is a favourite In Australia for its ease of assembly and clean, pared-back aesthetic. It features a pull-out bottom drawer with an integrated handle and three shelves of different dimensions, ideal for displaying all kinds of knick-knacks.

We chose the IKEA Bergig for its fantastic price point and compatibility with almost any interior style. It’s a fabulous unisex hand-me-down that all kinds will get loads of use out of and it’s strong enough to go the distance.

Speaking of IKEA, don’t miss this Billy Bookcase hack for a budget-friendly designer look.

What you need to know:

This unit uses particle board and fibre board with plastic edging, so it’s not as robust as other solid wood designs. That said, our team are long-time IKEA customers and the trick to keeping furniture looking great for longer is to keep it out of high-traffic areas and to teach kids to be gentle with furniture.

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