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Outdoor15 Best Gardening Gifts In Australia For 2024

Can a green-thumbed nature enthusiast ever have too much gardening gear? We think not – in fact, some gardeners don’t know what they’re missing until they have it! With that in mind, we popped on our boots and set off in search of Australia’s most unique and thoughtful gardening gifts. And you won’t believe what we dug up!

Whether your loved ones are seasoned gardeners who can name multiple species of Wattle (sorry, we mean ‘Acacia’) or someone about to build a veggie patch for the first time, we’ve got the perfect gift for them. We’re talking watering cans they’ll actually want to show off, secateurs for seriously precise pruning – even a gardening journal. There’s something for everyone in this lineup.

But before we dish up our favourite products, we’ve brainstormed some quick ideas to help you fine-tune your gift search. After a gardening present for a newbie? Perhaps something for a mum or a housewarming gift? We’ve got you – take a peek below.

Haws The Worley Watering Can 9L

What to gift a gardening lover

  • Gardening tools
  • Gardening gloves
  • A garden caddy or bag for carrying tools
  • Gardening books
  • A wide-brimmed gardening hat
  • Labels for pot plants
  • Low-maintenance indoor or outdoor plants
  • A gardening journal
  • Gardening pads for protecting knees while potting and pruning
  • Gardening aprons for protecting clothes
  • Weather station to keep track of a garden’s environment
  • Solar lights for illuminating areas of the garden
  • A comfy hammock – possibly even for two!
  • Backyard carts or wagons
  • Propagation station
  • Plant stakes or growing guides
  • Packets of seeds
  • A wooden flower press
  • Herb growing kit
  • Pots and planters
  • A mosquito zapper
  • Gardening clothes, such as overalls
  • Propagation thermometer

14 Best Gardening Gifts In Australia For 2024

Grab a cuppa, a pen and your wishlist. It’s time to unearth the very best gardening gifts in Australia as voted by the Making HOME team, all of us proud garden-lovers.

Seed Packet Storage Tin, $78

White seed packet storage tin on a wooden bench.

Every gardener needs somewhere to keep all those little packets of seeds – and this is the tin for the job. Available in blue, white or green, it uses powder-coated steel and comes with a real leather strap. Heavy-duty clasps keep it shut tight (great when it’s choc-full!) and there are three different compartments for sorting your seeds. For the organised gardener, this is a stunning gift.

Sophie Conran Indoor Watering Cans, $98.50

A black and white indoor watering can by Sophie Conran.

Unlike outdoor watering cans, which often get packed away at the end of a gardening day, an indoor one is often left out. This means one thing: it needs to be gorgeous! So we searched high and low to find a stunning range of indoor options and couldn’t go past the Sophie Conran collection. Crafted beautifully from galvanised powder-coated steel, they come in a choice of white, black and blue styles and hold 1.7L. Each has an elegant slender spot, ideal for getting under those little leaves, and features a brass badge on the top. We want all three!

Haws Metallic Mist Sprayers, $119.50

Row of metallic garden misters on a white bench.

Some plants absorb moisture through their leaves, and that’s what makes a mister so handy. Basically, by gently spraying the leaves of certain types, you increase the humidity and create the perfect environment for happy plants. And when it comes to stand-out designs, these beauties from Haws win by a garden mile! They come in three metallic colours and hold 300ml. How to choose?

Large Flower Press, $64.95

Wooden flower press shown closed in one image and open in another, with pressed flowers inside.

This beautiful wooden flower press takes us straight back to our childhoods when every day was spent outdoors. If you know a nature-lover who enjoys a little arts and crafts on the side, this gift is a surefire winner. Handmade here in Australia, it features five layers of cardboard and measures 21cm x 14cm – plenty big enough for a great assortment.

Papaya Villa Solar LED Garden Lamp, $185

Outdoor solar LED sphere lamps nestled among grass and bushes.

For a little wow factor in the garden, these showstopping LED spheres by Papaya are just the ticket. The large size measures 30cm and offers six full hours of bright light if fully charged! Each water-resistant sphere comes with ground spikes for secure placement and has absolutely no ugly charging panels cramping its style. Just imagine a handful of these scattered throughout a garden – it’s like something out of a fairy tale.

Sophie Conran Precision Secateurs, $84

Sophie Conran secateurs shown in and out of packaging.

Every gardening kit needs a reliable set of secateurs and these gems from Sophie Conran (yes, again!) tick every box. In a classic design, they’re slightly smaller than regular secateurs, which is fabulous if (like us), you don’t love the chunky mainstream varieties. Forged using premium stainless steel, they’re rust-proof and perfectly sharp. A beautiful gardening gift for special mums.

Plantopedia: Definitive Guide To House Plants, $59.99

Plantopedia hardback book on a green background.

There are books – and then there is this! Thick, heavy and utterly gorgeous, we’d go so far as to say that Plantopedia is one of Australia’s most stunning coffee table books. Put together by Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan of Leaf Supply in Sydney, it includes over 400 thick pages of encyclopaedic data about popular houseplants. From good old Peace Lilies to more exotic species, they’re all here. Any gardener would adore this – go get it!

Nylex Flextreme Hoses, $49.98

Know a certain green thumb who’d appreciate a ‘bougie’ garden hose? We’ve found it! New from Nylex, these beauties don’t just look the part for modern Australian homes, but they’re ultra-tough, highly durable and made using non-kinking rubber. With all-weather flexibility and matching metal hangers (available separately), they come in a choice of Charcoal, White Haven or Green Wattle.

The Plant Lovers Essential Care Kit, $45

Plant support kit shown boxed and in use.

Comprised of beautifully made products that protect, support and help plants grow, this is a fantastic gardening gift for gardeners of any age and stage. Each product is actually made right here in Australia using 100% organic ingredients. Grow concentrate helps balance the nutritional requirements of plants, Support pellets build stronger roots and the Protect spray uses Neem oil to fight environmental baddies. But the best bit? It comes bundled up in a beautiful box, ready to gift!

Proppi 3 Propagation Station, $46.99

Two images of a plant propagation station, one empty and one with plants in glass tubes.

Whether your gardening friends want to teach kids how to grow plants or love experimenting with propagation, this kit is brilliant. It includes a timber frame and three glass amphoras, which is a Grego-Roman word for a shapely vessel. How does it work? Well, it’s as simple as placing a cutting in the amphora and adding water. Then, it’s just a matter of watching and waiting. Mint, spider plants and hoyas are great options for starting out.

Brass Plant Stake Bundle, $69

Three decorative pots with indoor plants and brass stakes in them.

If you’re hunting for a gift for an indoor gardening enthusiast, these stakes are super useful and mighty pretty! Designed in Melbourne and made entirely of brass, they include a loop, arch and circle stake, which are ideal for training indoor plants to grow in specific ways. They’re the perfect way to add a little bling to those natural beauties.

Barebones Classic Work Gloves, $35

Person in yellow work gloves handles potting mix, and a person in green gloves lifts logs.

Gardening is tough work and hands need to be protected – good thing we’ve found you the ultimate gloves for gifting that green thumb in your life! From Barebones, they come in a choice of green, red and yellow varieties and use premium cowhide leather. The shirred elastic keeps them on (at last, a pair of gloves that stay on!) and the hem helps keep potting mix off wrists and arms. They come in S/M and L/XL sizes.

UrbanGreens Microgreens Window Sill Grow Kit, $51.95

Urbangreens Microgreens growing kit on a wooden bench next to small plants.

Trust us, microgreens are a game-changer when it comes to garnishes, salads and that extra something a dinner plate needs. So if you’re after a gift for a gardener who doubles as a foodie, the Urbangreens Microgreens Window Sill Kit is worth a look-see. Aside from the included seeds, it includes a propagation mix, a porcelain window box and a bamboo drip tray. Seeds include radish, rocket and broccoli. Don’t want it in the kitchen? Pop it on the window sill of the garden shed instead.

Haws The Warley Fall Metal Original Can 4.5L, $269

Original Haws Warley watering can in green being used in an outdoor garden.

As one of the most-loved watering cans on the planet, the Haws Warley Fall Metal Watering Can in green is an heirloom gift if there ever was one. While it’s also available in a 9L option, we like the 4.5L for everyday use, particularly for smaller plants. Built tough from galvanised steel, it’s sealed, treated and powder-coated to withstand corrosion year after year. In fact, it’s guaranteed to be defect-free for 10 years, so it’s safe to say that it’s a reliable gift.

Diggers 3-Year Garden Journal, $37.50

Gardening journal shown open and closed on a wooden benchtop.

If the gardener in your life loves to keep track of what’s going on in the backyard, the Diggers 3-Year Journal is a thoughtful gift What we love most about it is that it’s not prefilled with dates, so garden lovers can start their records at any time. Among lots of useful sections, it includes areas for documenting rainfall, temperatures and details of harvests. And being three years long, gardeners can compare their progress year after year.

Top image: Cup O Flora

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