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StylingMother's Day Gifts for Mums Who Love Homewares.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, most of us are in a bit of a panic about what sort of Mother’s Day gift we should arrange for our Mum. Or if you’re like everyone at MakingHOME HQ, what sort of hints you should drop to your partner and children to ensure they don’t ‘surprise’ you with yet another pair of pyjamas? Or a voucher for some stand-up paddleboard yoga class you know you will never, ever use.

What do most Mothers want for Mother’s Day?

The funny thing about Mother’s Day is that it’s become all about the Mother’s Day gift.
Strangely though, take a survey of all the Mothers in the World and the results would be unanimous. Mothers don’t want random gifts. Mums don’t want useless gifts. And they definitely don’t want last-minute, no-thought Mother’s Day gifts.
Most Mums would say they just want a day of lovely family time; no kids fighting, no need to think about feeding everyone all day and no chores. Many Mums might even swap all of that for a day at home. Alone. There. We said it. Lots of Mums would love their partner to take the kids out for the day so they could enjoy the peace and quiet of their home. Now we agree that does seem strange. But when you think about the fact that Mums are pretty much ‘ON’ 24/7, 7 days a week, a break in the weather would be very novel.

What is a special gift for Mother’s Day?

The short answer to this question is … it depends. It depends on who you are buying for and what sort of Mother’s Day gifts they like. But overwhelmingly a special gift is a gift that has had some thought involved.

Consider what your Mum enjoys most. Is there a passion she has that she doesn’t get time for? Or is there that special something she has always said she wanted but has put everyone else before her?

The long answer is there a million (or a trillion) options for Mother’s Day Gifts. The choice comes down to what sort of Mum you are buying for. Our advice is to start thinking about what you would like to give at least a few weeks before Mother’s Day. That way, you’re not rushing or reducing your options because of what can be delivered in time.

What do you give for Mother’s Day instead of Flowers?

Basically anything. Flowers are lovely but they are fleeting. They are nice on the day but then they are gone. And to be honest, for the money you will spend on a lovely bunch of flowers, you could really be giving Mum something she’s always dreamed of owning.

Mother’s Day Gifts for a Mum who loves home.

For those Mums like all the Mums at MakingHOME HQ, they will be over the moon with the gift of homewares. And whether it’s a stylish hamper for the laundry or a bedside carafe, there’s a mountain of choice out there and we’ve rounded up the most on-trend homewares for inspo.

For Mum S Bedroom

Home Republic Vintage Washed Sheets

Sophisticated and timeless, Vintage Washed Linen is pre-washed to create luxurious softness with a relaxed, lived-in look. The light-weight texture gives a lovely sense of freshness and comfort.

The colours available in this range from Adairs will give you the opportunity to really show Mum you know her. And with 100% Linen and flax thread from France, these are beautiful quality.

Home Republic bedding.

Lena Pink and Mustard Throw

Unique and stylish, this throw has stunning woven details and stitched fringing motifs in a contrasting colour to the pastel base. Complete with tassels along the short edges of the throw.

Perfect for the bedroom but just as beautiful on the lounge for snuggling in the cooler months.

Adairs Lena Throw rug on a bed.

Silk Pillowcase

Especially good for Mums with curly hair or those who don’t like to wash their hair everyday. Silk pillowcases help tame your mane as you slip into sleep in style. As an added bonus, these lovelies don’t soak up skin products or sap skin of moisture — meaning Mum will wake up more refreshed and feeling beautiful.

Canningvale silk bedding.

Jewellery Boxes

If your Mum is anything like most of us here at the Making HOME team, your jewellery is scattered about your drawers. Or at best you’ve got it all together in a box that came with something else that’s serving as a jewellery box. Give Mum the gift of organisation inside something beautiful with one of these beautiful jewellery boxes from The Iconic.

The Iconic has a huge range in loads of colours and their delivery speed is second to none. So you’ve still got plenty of time for Mum’s gift to arrive.

Jewellery boxes.

The Kitchen

We took a poll at MakingHOME HQ and most of us agreed that as much as we all know that giving the gift of an appliance is a big ‘No No’, we would all make an exception. For example none of us would be too impressed if the gift was a vacuum or a new iron because both of us just mean work.

However we all agreed we’d make an exception if the appliance was something we’d always wanted. An appliance that would enable us to pursue a little personal passion. So we’ve indulged our inner chef with the next couple of gifts for the kitchen that we’ve included.

Kenwood Titanium Chef Baker XL

With exciting features and benefits including direct to bowl weighing, an extra mixing bowl and delicate fold function for featherlight meringues and mousses, this is a machine with both style and substance.

The Titanium Chef Baker XL features integrated EasyWeigh Scales enabling you to weigh ingredients directly into the mixing bowl, saving you time during the baking process, washing up and reducing mess, allowing you to focus on what bakers love — baking.

The Nesting DuoBowl features both 7L and 5L stainless steel bowls which conveniently sit inside each other for easy storage and gives users flexibility, making the process of baking even more enjoyable.

This premium model also comes with Heavy Duty Stainless Steel mixing tools and a creaming beater; ensuring bakers have the best tools to get the best results when baking.

If you’re wondering whether your Mum (or you) would love this machine, check out REVIEWS from other Mums.

Kenwood stand mixer.

Braun Multiquick9 Hand Blender

Mums looking for as many shortcuts as possible in the kitchen will absolutely love this hand blender. All the accessories and functions of a much bigger machine without the hassle.

  • Seamless variable speed from low to high.
  • Includes Purée / masher accessory, 2L food processor, Stainless steel whisk, 600ml beaker and a chopper.
  • Food processor inserts: chopping tool, julienne, kneading hook, slicing (thin + thick) and french fry.

Buy this little beauty before 31 May 2022 from Appliances Online and there’s a bonus Coffee & Spice Grinder attachment included too.

Braun handmixer.

Anywhere And Everywhere

Amber Water Carafe & Tumbler Set

  • Mouth-blown glass
  • Carafe holds 800 ml
  • Tumbler holds 300ml
  • Colour: Amber

Add style to their home or office with this unique space-saving, stacking water carafe and tumbler set. The glass tumbler fits over the neck of the jug to combine clever design and functionality. The unique style adds pleasure to the simple act of pouring and drinking a glass of water. Made of beautiful mouth-blown glass, the range includes on-trend colours that will suit any home décor colour scheme.

Amber glass carafe and tumbler set.

Pink Double Walled Glasses

Whether it’s for a coffee that stays hotter for longer or a Gin & Tonic that doesn’t drip all over the coffee table, double-walled glasses are the bomb!

We love that these little beauties have a touch of pink. So pretty. Available in sets of 2. Also available in a smoky grey.

Pink double-walled glasses.

So there you have it … a wonderful selection of Mother’s Day Gifts. Get shopping! More importantly, get planning how you’re going to let Mum know how much she means to you. And how thankful you are to her for everything she’s always done (and continues to do) for you.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there too … mwah!

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