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Outdoor9 Best Mosquito Zappers In Australia For 2024

Nothing ruins a good time outdoors like the irritating hum and itchy bite from a mozzie. So to help you kick them to the kerb this summer, we’ve put some of the best mosquito zappers in Australia in one handy spot.

Unlike smelly coils, candles, sprays and lotions, zappers have no scent and require little effort to effectively banish bugs. Some are rechargeable via USB cords and others plug straight into a power socket, so they are not only functional but super economical to run.

It’s no secret that mosquitos carry harmful diseases and preventing bites and reducing mosquito breeding around the home is actively encouraged by health authorities. Along with taking precautions like covering up your skin, keeping gutters clean and ensuring pools of water don’t accumulate around the house, a zapper is a reliable and effective device many homeowners add to their mozzie arsenal.

What is a mosquito zapper?

A mosquito zapper is a portable device that uses UV light to attract mozzies, moths and other critters and then “zaps” them on an electric grid. Homeowners love them because they’re odourless, a cinch to use and they don’t require any irritating pesticides – just turn it on and let it get to work on the bugs. All that’s left for you to do is get on with having a great time outdoors!

Skeeter Hawk Area Mosquito Zapper

9 Best Mosquito Zappers in Australia For 2024

Ready to stop swatting and start smiling? Join us as we step you through a shortlist of the most popular bug zappers in Australia right now. How did we choose? We took into consideration the most functional designs and ease of use and scoured through reviews to determine which products Aussie families are buying and loving. So put the mozzie spray away and let’s dive in!

Gecko 20W Zapper Lantern, $51.95

Two Gecko 20W mosquito zappers.

Doubling as a lantern, the Gecko Zapper Lantern looks as smart as it performs. With a high-impact plastic body and UV inhibitor, it comes with a catcher tray and self-cleaning vertical grid. Weather-resistant to stand up for all kinds of days summer throws our way, it also comes with an automatic on/off feature, so you don’t have to think of anything besides enjoying the day.


  • Built-in hook for hanging
  • Weatherproof and great for camping
  • Self-cleaning vertical grid and catcher tray

Spector Mosquito Zapper, $39.99

Two sets of Spector mosquito zappers.

With over 900 units sold from one store alone, this is one of the most popular mosquito zappers in Australia. Unlike other lantern-style devices, this one has a space-saving flat design and it’s convenient to use freestanding, against walls or wall-mounted. Chemical-free, it has a protective outer mesh to keep little hands (and paws) off the grid and it consumes a low amount of energy. The removable tray makes cleaning a cinch and the hanging chain means it’s ready to hang as soon as you get it.


  • Low energy consumption
  • Flat and convenient design
  • Comes in a choice of three models: 16W, 30W, 40W

Bubbacare Electric Mosquito Zapper, $50.99

Three electric mozzie zappers not in use.

A bestseller on Amazon Australia with over 50 fabulous reviews, this USB-chargeable zapper is top of our list for a good reason. For starters, it has two useful modes: night light mode for lighting up dark areas and mosquito zapper mode for erasing pesky bugs. It zaps bugs across 360 degrees and it’s completely rain and waterproof. Customers love the included brush for easy cleaning and the fact that it’s light enough to hang up.


  • USB-rechargeable
  • 16 hours of zapping charge
  • Rainproof (great for camping)

Bubbacare Mosquito Lamp, $24.99

Two white mozzie zappers.

USB-chargeable and virtually silent except when it’s zapping a mozzie, this unit uses ultra-violet light to attract bugs and a turbofan to suck them in. Chemical-free and completely non-toxic, it boasts 10 metres and 360 degrees of effective distance. It comes with a USD charging cord so you can charge it up with a computer, car charger or adapter. The removable tray makes it easy to clean out and the 16 hours of zapping charge means a good night’s sleep free from mozzies.


  • USB rechargeable
  • 16 hours of zapping charge
  • Effective turbofan funnels bugs to the bottom

Skeeter Hawk Torch Mosquito Zapper, $79.90

Three mozzie zapper torches.

If you love the look of a tiki torch but hate the smoke, fumes and mess they bring, these are for you. From Skeeter Hawk, these smart solar-powered torch zappers use patented UV technology to lure bugs in before destroying them. They feature a faux ‘flame’ that gives all the tropical vibes and even adapts to tabletop format when needed.


  • Solar-powered
  • Realistic-looking flame feature
  • Adapts from torch to tabletop format

Ozzi Mozzie UV Zapper, $44.95

Two Ozzi Mozzie zappers in white.

According to the manufacturers, these nifty zappers attract “5 times more mosquitos” than other devices in Australia. Ultra-portable and perfect for camping, picnics and BBQs, it gives you up to 10 hours out of every charge. It even comes with a 180-day guarantee for total peace of mind. Love that.


  • USB-rechargeable
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Up to 10 hours use out of a full charge

OZtrail Lumos Mozzie Zapper Lantern, $50.99

Oztrail lantern mosquito zapper for outdoors.

Hang it, stand it, travel with it – use it as a night light! The Oztrail Lumos zapper is a practical mozzie buster with three handy modes: UV for zapping bags and three light modes. Perfect for camping, it’s resistant to rain and even comes with a built-in hook for hanging around the patio (or tent!). It has a rechargeable lithium battery and runs for up to 40 hours on a charge.


  • Resistant to rain
  • Comes with a built-in hook
  • Up to 40 hours of use out of a charge

Pestrol Executioner Bug Zapper, $149.90

Three Pestrol bug zappers in a row.

At 55cm in height, this super tough zapper is one of the largest around. It’s completely weatherproof and offers heavy-duty protection across 300 sqm. In a point of difference to other types on the market, this uses vertical grids rather than horizontal ones. Dead bugs fall straight down into the base, minimising cleaning. It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can be hung or used freestanding.


  • Completely weatherproof
  • One of the biggest zappers around
  • Vertical grid means easier cleaning

Quash Indoor Mosquito Bug Trap, $69.99

Two Quash indoor insect zappers.

If mozzies are an issue inside your house, do yourself a favour and check out the Quash. Designed specifically for indoor use, it doesn’t make the zapping sounds that other products make, so it’s perfect for sensitive pets and light sleepers. Pests are lured in by the UV light, then sucked into the body of the unit by a fan where they become stuck on a sticky pad. This means all eradicated bugs are collected in one tidy spot. The unit comes with 10 glue pads, a USB power cord and an AC adapter. (This unit must be plugged in to work)


  • No noisy zapping sounds
  • Comes with 10 sticky glue pads
  • Collects mozzies on a sticky pad for easy clean-up


Do mosquito zappers actually work?

Yes! Mosquito zappers are efficient devices for luring and destroying pesky mozzies and other flying bugs.

How is a mosquito zapper different to a repeller?

Mosquito repellers usually use a chemical to discourage bugs from coming near, whereas a zapper lures them with UV light and electrocutes or “zaps” them. Some chemical repellers can irritate people or have an unpleasant smell, which is why many people opt for a zapper.

What are some alternatives to a mozzie zapper?

If a zapper isn’t right for you, other options include topical repellent like Aeroguard, smart area repellers like Thermacell or the good old mosquito coils and citronella candles.

What are the disadvantages of a mozzie zapper?

The two main disadvantages are that sometimes other harmless bugs are caught by accident, and sometimes the “zap” can startle people or pets.

Top image: Gecko

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