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StylingHow To Choose Printed Curtains

From dreamy sheers to shutters to clever blinds for sliding doors, window furnishings are the finishing touch that every room needs. They can frame a view beautifully, create the illusion of more space and even make a captivating feature in a neutral room. But getting it all just right isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to printed curtains.

If you’re completely overwhelmed about choosing the right printed curtains, you’re certainly not alone. Thankfully, Neale Whitaker, interior guru and National Brand Partner for Luxaflex, has some timely pointers on how to choose the right styles to make your special room sing.

Ask yourself the right questions

Luxaflex Printed Curtains Blue Story

Before you begin poring over Pinterest and wading through stores, stop, step back and ask yourself a few important things. Is there a statement you want to make with your printed curtains? Are you looking for window furnishings that contrast with your colour scheme or blend in perfectly? And lastly, do you want your drapes to be the star of the room or a complementary backdrop?

If you want your curtains to form a subtle backdrop that blends in with your space, Neale suggests choosing a soft, more abstract design.

“Full-length print curtains will always make more impact than short curtains, and a contemporary twist is to use prints in conjunction with blinds or sheers. Not only will they look beautiful, but the additional layer will protect your print from the strong Australian light.”

Welcome florals in all their finery

Luxaflex Floral Print Curtains
Luxaflex Curtains – Floral Range

It’s no secret that nature is having a huge moment in Australian interior design, from trending tiles to floral bedding and soft furnishings – including curtains.

If you want to celebrate the glory of gardens, the Luxaflex ‘Vintage Garden’ and ‘Fuji Canopy’ connects you with nature, bringing the outside in. But if you thought floral prints meant green – and more green, think again. This stunning range goes beyond the expected by offering monochromatic greys and black as well as different textures such as velvet, linen and faux silk.

Luxaflex Sakura Blossom Printed Curtains
Luxaflex Curtains – Sakura Blossom

And if it’s subtle elegance you’re after, the ‘Sakura Blossom’ on silk, linen or voile positively excels, with blossoms for days!

…or botanicals as an alternative

Luxaflex Yansuni Tropics Printed Curtains
Luxaflex Curtains – Yansu Tropics

Botanicals are a fantastic alternative to floral prints, and Luxaflex has several to choose from. ‘Yansu Tropics” takes you straight to an island oasis, while the ‘Peijing’ collection combines East and West with statement shades of green, black and blue.

Tie your room together well (but don’t overdo it!)

Luxaflex Botanical Print Curtains
Luxaflex Curtains – Botanicals Canopy Green

Neale suggests tying a room together by draping the same print as your curtains over a statement armchair. It finishes off a space perfectly and immediately grabs the eye. But go easy on your use of prints in one space or you’ll lose the effect you were aiming for.

“Whether you’re installing print curtains or using prints on furniture, consideration must be applied – too many prints will cancel each other out, so it’s about finding the right balance.”

When doubling up, avoid clashing prints

Luxaflex Print Curtains
Luxaflex Curtains – Ombre and Peijing in Indigo

If you want to bring two printed curtains into one room, tread carefully. As Neale explains, it can be done, but it really takes a keen eye to do it well. As a general rule, to avoid an unfortunate clash of designs, aim for contrast – such as one floral print paired with an ombre design.

In the Luxaflex range, a fabulous example of this would be combining the ‘Hansha’ in tonal ombre with the ‘Peijing’ in Indigo (above). Or the subtle stripes of the ‘Hansha’ with the floral ‘Vintage Garden’.

Link up common colours for a complementary pairing rather than a deliberate clash.

And go playful in the kids’ rooms

Luxaflex Tweets and Berries Printed Curtains
Luxaflex Curtains – Tweets and Berries

Light, playful vibes are always welcome in the kids’ rooms, and if you’re not sure how to achieve it – printed curtains could very well be your answer.

In the Luxaflex range, ‘Tweets and Berries’ is a standout for children, delivering everything from gorgeous pastels to darker tones that contrast perfectly with light spaces.

About the Luxaflex Curtain Print Collection

Luxaflex Curtains Yasuni Print
Luxaflex Curtains – Yasuni Print

Innovative and fresh, the Luxaflex Print Collection pays homage to nature, taking its inspiration from right around the world.

There are nine gorgeous bespoke prints on offer, ranging from pretty botanicals to coastal-inspired designs and the sweetest children’s options. Three of the designs are exclusive designer items ready to bring rooms to life. So let the restyle begin!

“I predict we will be seeing more traditional prints used in conjunction with contemporary furnishings. The contrast will be interesting and exciting.” Neale Whitaker

For more information visit Luxaflex.

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