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StylingTile Trends 2024: Experts Reveal The Favourites

With the power to define the look and feel of a room, tiles are a critical decision for any renovation or build. But as tile trends continue to evolve, choosing the right product is tricky business, so in this article we’re stepping you through the tile trends you need to know about for 2024.

Whether you’re a trendsetter or a traditionalist, 2024 tile trends cater to a range of aesthetics, tastes and budgets. Bold designs are making themselves known, luxury finishes are becoming more accessible and character is key. In a nutshell, the experts say that after years of uncertainty, 2024 is the year that interior design gets its mojo back.

Stone emulation tiles at Cersaie 2024. Image: Beaumont Tiles

Following the annual Cersaie Trade Show in Italy, which exhibits the world’s best bathroom tiles and furnishings, Dean Booker of Beaumont Tiles explains that interior design in 2024 revolves around celebrating late 20th-century designs. And it’s great news for lovers of all things 80s and 90s!

“We’re dipping our toes back into the ‘life before’, and while doing this, curating homes that evoke feelings of joy and safety. As most of the renovation market sees the 1980s and 1990s as ‘the good ol’ days’, naturally motifs from this era will be strongly embraced come the new year.”

Dean Booker, Beaumont Tiles

Stone emulation tiles

Stone emulation tiles featured at Cersaie 2023. Image: Beaumont Tiles

Stone trends of the late 20th century are set to dominate again in 2024, but thanks to huge technological advancements in glaze technology, stone looks like travertine, limestone, ceppo and slate are more affordable than ever.

Beaumont Tiles Style Specialist, Christie Wood, explains that travertine emulation tiles are pegged to be a huge hit in Scandinavian-style bathrooms in 2024. As the ideal backdrop for minimalist interior themes, they work beautifully with timber vanities and indoor plants. Ceppo has also been highlighted as a firm favourite going into 2024.

“Contemporary interiors will feature these beautiful stone emulations with ceppo high on the list of flooring options for laundries and bathrooms, replacing terrazzo as the number one for these spaces. Expect to see more emulation of slate being used for feature walls and in main floor applications in modern homes with style embracing the moodiness and sophistication that this aesthetic brings.”

Christie Wood, Beaumont Tiles

Marble reimagined (and affordable)

Marble emulation tiles featured at Cersaie 2024. Image: Beaumont Tiles

Few surfaces ooze luxury the way marble does, but gone are the days of having to pay an arm and a leg to get the look. Christie tells us that in 2024, the next generation of marble tiles perfectly reflects the opulence of the late 20th century, but thanks to massive advances in production, it’s going to be more affordable and offer more of the colours and patterns of rare marble than ever before.

When it comes to colours, Christie tells us that “white marble is sticking around, but will have greater contrasts than ever” thanks to incredible veining and features. From slab features to slashbacks, marble emulation tiles are the ultimate luxury product for bathrooms in 2024.

Decorative tiles

Living room with decorative tiles and a green feature wall.
Flourish Petal Coral Textured Tiles. Image: Beaumont Tiles

Unmissable patterns and Mediterranean influence are on track to dominate tile trends in 2024 as homeowners step away from the bland and towards more character and vibrance. And if you’re wondering where to use them, the experts explain that top picks include splashbacks, bathroom floors and even entrances for a big first impression.

Warm colours

Decorative star tiles in a terracotta colour at entrance to a house.
Florence Stone Star Tile in Cotto. Image: Beaumont Tiles

According to Dean, the industry anticipates a step towards warm-coloured tiles in 2024. Shades of yellows, mustard and terracotta will lead that way, particularly in the category of decorative tiles as renovators seek an elevated rustic look. Christie adds that botanical-style tiles in warm hues will be especially popular next year.

“Warmer-coloured botanical decorative ranges will be a major part of Farmhouse or Eclectic renovations next year, where we will see these exquisite designs replacing traditional wallpaper materials in all living spaces thanks to its gorgeous design and durability factors.”

Christie Wood, Beaumont Tiles

So there you have it: the word on 2024 tile trends 2024 direct from the industry’s experts. Whether your interior vision involves the sophisticated elegance of stone looks or the character of patterns and warm colours, 2024 is a year that caters to all!

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