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RenovatingHow Concrete Brick Is Changing The Landscape

Concrete brick is no longer the domain of the multi-level carpark or structural walls. Now they are bold, beautiful and being incorporated into some of the most exciting building projects in Australia.

With a sleek modern look and nod to the memories of Australia’s brick heritage, concrete bricks are is increasing in popularity. They feature prominently in professional architectural visions – and best of all, they’re a super accessible building material.

Reasons To Love Concrete Brick

  • Huge colour choice. From stunning white bricks to moody dark greys, blacks and made-to-order options, there’s a colour for every palette
  • They are versatile. From the clean lines of contemporary minimalism to the relaxed style of modern coastal, concrete bricks work overtime
  • They are low maintenance. Concrete bricks are energy-efficient, durable and require little upkeep
  • Locally made. Because Adbri Masonry concrete bricks are Australian-made, availability is no issue.

Concrete Brick Is Back

Concrete brick from Adbri Masonry

Where once brick was associated with older homes (think all those ’70s exposed brick walls), Adbri has updated the humble brick with a facelift that sees a new designer range of concrete bricks emerging as a top choice for homes offering striking looks, functionality and versatility. Nathan Martyn from Adbri Masonry explains that concrete bricks make a statement and have stunning design elements.

They provide unrivalled design flexibility with an on-trend range of colours, as well as elegant finishing and textural options that can be used both internally and externally. Our newest series of coloured concrete brick products are 100% colour-through, which is a game-changer in maintenance as it will reduce the appearance of chipping and provide longevity to a home’s exterior.

Bricks Have Many Applications – Inside And Out

External courtyard with concrete brick

As an exterior building product for homeowners, concrete bricks are a perfect choice to create a number of looks from mid-century to contemporary. From a design perspective, bricks bring many a design style to life.

“Curved architectural detailing shows no sign of slowing down, rather, there are increasingly innovative ways to adopt the trend into our homes … From shapely furnishings to softly curved walls, round windows, arched doorways and stairways, fluid design not only brings a point of difference to exterior and interior architecture, but it promotes a sense of calm, beauty and grace, in fitting with the way we are choosing to live in our homes.” says Nathan

Concrete brick house

Used internally, exposed face bricks can embed a sense of permeance, security and style. With multi-design options, homeowners can showcase their style by introducing speciality laying patterns. This includes creating a feature wall, a fireplace or highlighting an entry point. Plus, using concrete brick within the exterior and interior design of the home creates a cohesive, modern look throughout.

Concrete Brings Texture To The Home

Texture and colour are important elements within design trends for building materials. Adbri’s premium concrete bricks allow users to blend brick colours and textures for symmetry and a quality finish.

There’s such a wide range of profiles, textures and colours available in concrete bricks that the aesthetic outcome is only limited by the users’ imagination,” says Martyn.

Texture plays an important part when designing a home and can help showcase a unique personalised style. A smooth ‘rendered look’ suits a modern contemporary home. A lightly textured shot-blast finish is perfect for a raw and natural finish. An exposed aggregate finish offers a luxurious stone appearance that completely changes the look and feel of a wall. And then there are breeze blocks, which not only provide texture and visual interest, but great ventilation and privacy.

Concrete brick used for internal walls

Ask your architect, building specifier, project manager or builder to consider switching out other building materials for Adbri Masonry’s concrete bricks. On so many levels, you’ll be glad you did.

Adbri Masonry is a proud partner of the Making HOME renovation series.

If you’d like to find out more, visit Adbri Masonry. Once you discover the versatility of the range and the design presence concrete bricks bring to your build, you won’t look back.

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