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OutdoorBreeze Blocks: Why Renovators Love Them

Just like crazy paving and the ’70s interior arch, breeze blocks are back and making a name for themselves as stylish architectural features in Australian homes.

What are breeze blocks?

Breeze blocks are concrete masonry units for screening, ventilation and privacy around homes. A staple of mid-century Australian homes, they feature a range of unique cut-outs that provide architectural interest to outdoor zones. And today, as more homeowners embrace the Palm Springs trend and look for a modern twist on retro building trends, breeze bricks are back in the spotlight and better than ever.

Can you paint breeze blocks?

Yes! Adbri Masonry Breeze Blocks can be painted any colour your renovation demands! Existing colours include Steel, Ivory and Ebony – but you can choose any colour under the sun to get the ultimate finish for your project.

Three different coloured concrete breeze bricks by Adbri Masonry.

Breeze Blocks: Why Renovators Love Them

We got the lowdown from Adbri Masonry brand ambassador, Jason Hodges, about the three main reasons renovators are choosing these unique blocks for their homes.

1. They look fabulous

Aside from their neutral colour that works like a blank canvas, breeze blocks come in several sensational patterns. From geometric shapes to artistic designs, they’re a strong, reliable and gorgeous way to create decorative walls, screens, fences and dividers around the house. Some homeowners choose a colour to match their existing home, while others go for a contrasting block that pops against the surroundings.

“Breeze blocks have always had a unique charm, and it’s exciting to see them being embraced once again in contemporary designs. Their versatility in landscaping is unmatched. Whether it’s creating a stylish garden wall, a patio feature, or even to create zones in your backyard, these blocks bring both form and function to any outdoor space.”

Jason Hodges
A garden courtyard with paving and a water feature.

2. They fit the Palm Springs aesthetic

Palm Springs, USA, is home to some of the most preserved mid-century homes in the world. And among the concentration of linear architecture and flat roofing are breeze blocks – lots of them! Embraced for desert living in the 1950s and 1960s, they block block sun and heat while providing ventilation around the house.

Australia’s warm climate and connection to outdoor spaces align closely with the Palm Springs aesthetic, so naturally, Aussie homeowners are also embracing them as a solution to privacy and airflow. It’s a new wave of retro design that perfectly suits the Australian landscape.

Corner of a wall made of breeze blocks.

3. Breeze blocks have many benefits

It’s not all flair and no function when it comes to these blocks. Visually rich and hardworking, they have several practical advantages, like:

  • Improved airflow – Purpose-built for great airflow, these blocks offer better ventilation around homes and reduced pockets of heat. Some renovators opt for breeze block screening around the home to reduce the need for air conditioning. This also helps to create a more natural living environment.
  • They’re tough – Using concrete, these blocks withstand Australia’s harsh elements – we’re talking sun, wind, rain and salt.
  • Improved privacy – Views are obstructed but air passes through them, meaning excellent privacy for your home.
  • Sun diffusion – By breaking up harsh direct sunlight, breeze blocks create gorgeous shadows in courtyards and patios.

Timeless, visually beautiful and highly practical, breeze blocks have a very real and permanent place in the Australian home. Whether you want to add some mid-century flair to your renovation or some smart screening, these beauties are a must-see.

“The versatility of products like Adbri Masonry’s Coloured Breeze Blocks truly enhances the design possibilities. Their iconic form makes them a top choice for those looking to combine tradition with contemporary style.”

Jason Hodges
A wall of breeze blocks.

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