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Living and Dining13 Most Beautiful Boucle Chairs In Australia

The boucle chair is suddenly everywhere and creating a sensation at both ends of the armchair price spectrum. High-end design teams are fashioning occasional chairs with looks to kill while budget department stores are offering cheap options that look anything but!

So grab a cup of tea or shake up a drink and get ready to get cosy with the hottest new home decor trend to hit the armchair scene, the boucle.

Miki Occasional Boucle Chair. Source: Freedom

What is a boucle chair? (And how do you say it?)

A boucle chair is a luxurious piece of accent furniture upholstered with a soft, textured fabric.

The French word ‘bouclé’ actually means ‘loop’ or ‘curl’ and the fabric looks bumpy and fleece-like. It’s incredibly tactile and looks especially inviting on curved pieces.

And if you’re not sure how to pronounce ‘boucle’, it’s BOO KLAY. You’re welcome.

13 Of The Best Boucle Chairs In Australia

To help you shop with ease and find that perfect armchair for your space, we’ve done a deep dive into Australia’s most coveted chairs and put our favourites in one handy spot for you.

How did we choose? We looked at design, colour

Jerrod White Boucle Occasional Chair $890

Jerrod Boucle Occasional Chair shown with a black coffee table.

Relax in modern style with this ivory white beauty, with three legs to add visual interest but built for strength and stability. The wide seat on this armchair allows plenty of room for a scatter cushion to remain in place whilst sitting. And, the rounded arms are wide enough to provide a comfortable resting place for your elbows and arms.

Why we love it:

  • The unique design uses three legs
  • Rounded arms for extra comfort while lounging
  • A polyester and acrylic blend makes cleaning up spills easy

Chloe Swivel Boucle Chair, $599

Side and front view of the Lounge Lovers Chloe Boucle Swivel Chair.

Equipped with a gorgeous solid wood swivel base, the petite Chloe is so much more than a comfy perch, it’s a work of art. The wooden frame is built to stand up to years of use and the textured fabric brings a luxe feel to any space.

Why we love it:

  • It uses 100% ivory boucle fabric
  • It features a stunning base that draws the eye
  • The unique petite size is great for tight spaces

Castlery Amber Boucle Chair, $649

Two Castlery Amber Boucle Swivel Chairs pictured with a brown side table.

With a 360-degree swivel, this armchair takes relaxing to the next level. The Amber Boucle Chair from Castlery promises to cocoon you in a comfy cloud! A versatile style that works hard in the style stakes in almost any aesthetic. Team two with some luxury blankets for a cosy night in.

Why we love it:

  • The compact size fits many types of rooms
  • It’s an elegant choice for sophisticated homes
  • They pair up beautifully for the ultimate sitting nook

Miki Boucle Occasional Chair, $1599

Ivory occasional chair shown from the side and front.

Prepare to be enveloped in sheer boucle glamour. With a curved backrest and classic button features, this statement chair packs loads of mid-century style and pairs perfectly with vintage bar carts and furniture. Use it as an accent chair all on its own, or team it up in pairs for a serene sitting nook.

Why we love it:

  • It boasts solid birchwood timber legs
  • Utterly timeless, this is a piece to last generations
  • The curved backrest brings a touch of old-world flair

Janelle Bouclé Accent Chair, $499

White cushioned boucle armchair in front of a window.

As tough as it is curvy, this beauty looks just as great in nurseries as it does in living rooms. The wood frame is built to last and the curved back invites with open arms. But our favourite feature has to be those subtle seams through the backrest for extra drama and interest.

Why we love it:

  • It is built tough with a wooden frame
  • It’s billowing shape is like resting in a cloud!
  • Subtle seams on the backrest are a visual feature

Donovan Boucle Armchair, $800

White boucle armchair with unique curved back shown from the front and side.

Looking for a boucle armchair that stands out in the crowd? This is it! With a unique sculptural back, it brings interesting lines and curves rooms, immediately drawing the eye. It’s finished in luscious ivory boucle fabric and boasts iron legs and ultra-tough suspension.

Why we love it:

  • It looks great from any angle
  • It features super-strong iron legs made to last
  • The sculptural form makes a great talking point for rooms

Lucy Armchair, $799

A woman and her dog sit on a natural-coloured sofa next to an indoor plant.

Drawing inspiration from Pierre Paulin’s unforgettable Pacha chair of the 1970s, the Lucy Armchair elevates any space. It has a fabulous low profile conducive to lounging and features a subtle boucle texture for comfort and loads of visual interest. Choose from ivory or charcoal.

Why we love it:

  • Features a strong metal base
  • Absolutely no assembly is required
  • It’s low to the ground for a streamlined look

Sacha Performance Boucle Armchair, $999

Two boucle armchairs places opposite a curved couch.

Fully upholstered in spill-resistant boucle fabric, the Sacha couldn’t be more perfect for taking a breather with your cuppa. It has a removable seat cushion cover and foam and fibre-filled body for all the comfort you expect in a favourite chair. We love the unique shape – brilliant for adding warmth to an urban setting.

Why we love it:

  • It comes in one piece fully assembled
  • The unique shape sets it apart from many others
  • Upholstery is 100% spill-resistant polyester boucle fabric

Oggetti Home Pink Boucle Armchair, $429

Pink boucle armchair shown front front and back.

Equipped with strong metal legs, this pretty armchair boasts a high supportive back and padded armrests for comfy lounging in pure style. There is some assembly involved in putting it together, but given the beautiful finished product, we doubt you’ll mind!

Why we love it:

  • Strong iron legs offer plenty of stability
  • It makes a beautiful desk chair for any home office
  • The feature back pleat adds texture and visual interest

Ivory Boucle Occasional Chair, $369.95

Cream boucle occasional chair next to a timber side table.

For designer vibes without a hefty price tag, it’s hard to go past this plush occasional chair. Upholstered in creamy-white and comforting fabric, it boasts tough rubber wood legs and a curved back for maximum support. But what’s even better about this beauty is that it coordinates with other boucle items in the range!

Why we love it:

  • It easily works as a luxe desk chair
  • It has a padded foam seat for extra comfort
  • Massively versatile, this has a place in almost any room

Odin Boucle Pumpkin Armchair, $1199

White curved boucle chair shown from two angles.

Inspired by the cosy, familiar shape of a pumpkin and boasting roll upon roll of luxe padding, this armchair truly is fit for royalty. Team it up with a cosy throw and a beautifully styled side table and your reading book will become your favourite room of the house. We can’t think of anywhere we’d rather be.

Why we love it:

  • That stunning shape!
  • It’s huge on comfort – this is one to sink into
  • It has a gold-rimmed swivel base for ease of movement

Satara Gigi Lounge Chair $1236

Grey boucle armchair in a lounge room next to a marble-top side table.

Available in Storm, Charcoal or Natural boucle shades, this versatile chair combines comfort and functionality like a pro. It arrives completely assembled and features nylon glides underneath for protecting the chair’s frame and your flooring.

Why we love it:

  • It arrives fully assembled (hooray!)
  • Nylon slides underneath the chair protect the floors
  • The grey boucle is a fresh alternative to white and ivory

Round Boucle Ottoman, $99.95

Mocka White Boucle Ottoman pictured with a book on top of it.

After some boucle furniture to serve other purposes? The simple and stylish Mocka Boucle Ottoman is the answer. Use it as a footstool (sans dirty boots, of course), as a stunning side table or as a sweet little perch to place next to kids’ bookshelves. We’re also loving this piece as a finishing touch for bedrooms.

Why we love it:

  • No assembly required
  • It’s built tough with a pine and plywood inner body
  • At 39cm x 39cm x 45cm, it’s a great size for stacking books on top of

Things to consider when buying boucle armchairs

Modern living room with a green buffet, white sofa and tan leather ottoman.
White Boucle Occasional Chair. Source: Mocka

There are a number of factors to consider before investing in one of these chairs.  Particularly if you go for a high-end, more expensive option.

What style is best?

The good news about an armchair of this style is that it works very well in many different styles of homes.  Soft, cosy and usually a single colour, it’s a piece of furniture that is going to play nicely with existing furniture and furnishings, from luxurious floor pillows to statement curved sofas.

A boucle seat will work perfectly as a statement piece on its own, or you could nest a pair of them around a white concrete coffee table for a designer look or a glass coffee table for a bright and spacious effect.

They’re also a fantastic way to increase your seating capacity in a room that only has a small couch or sofa bed.

Can you keep it clean?

Any white chair will show every spot of dirt, dog hair or choc-chip.  Even if you are an absolute clean freak, dust in the air and the oil on clean skin will eventually take their toll on light-coloured fabrics. Thankfully a lot of boucle fabric has a high percentage of synthetic fibres which makes cleaning a lot easier.

How much do you want to spend?

Like most furniture, we are now very lucky that the global marketplace offers us options for almost all furniture.  The boucle trend has certainly taken off so manufacturers have created armchairs to suit every budget.

They need some looking after!

The downside of loopy boucle fabric is that it can catch a little more easily than a flat, tightly woven material. Just be careful of zips on clothing, buckles on shoes and little grabby pieces of jewellery.  And definitely keep any sharp little furbaby claws well away (looking at you, kittens!) Once you pull a thread it may be hard to weave it back into the upholstery and you’ll lose the luxe aesthetic you were after.


How to clean a boucle chair

From our experience, the best way to clean a boucle chair is to gently vacuum it. This will help remove a lot of dust and grit that settles in the fabric. If you’re tackling a wet spill, make sure you soak up any moisture with a towel or face washer, then gently spot-clean with water and a soft cloth. Just remember to avoid rubbing as it can damage the loops of the fabric, just stick to blotting.

Treat more stubborn spots and stains with a dedicated upholstery cleaner and follow the manufacturer’s directions carefully.  Be very careful that any products you use do not contain any bleach. We find a good rule of thumb is that if you wouldn’t use it on your skin, keep it away from your boucle!

Is boucle furniture a trend?

Yes, boucle furniture has been a clear interior trend in recent years, and the general consensus is that it’s so fabulous that it’s here to stay! Although boucle fabric has actually been around since the 1940s, it found its footing more recently in modern Australian homes and consumers love it for its versatility and accessibility.

Is a boucle chair comfortable?

Yes, with good padding and upholstery and a design that hugs the body, a boucle chair is super comfortable, which is why they’re so popular. The distinctive looped fabric is very soft against the skin and easy to relax on. In fact, you might have a hard time getting up!

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