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BedroomBedroom Rugs: The Best Types & How To Choose

Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries – the places we rest and recover. That’s why they deserve to be dressed with ravishing bedroom rugs to create a cosy, comfortable and inviting room.

A bedroom rug is an important soft furnishing that brings the room together and creates an extra layer of comfort (because nobody wants to get out of bed and put their feet on cold floorboards!). And even if you have a carpeted bedroom and floor cushions, the texture of a bedroom rug adds interest, colour and a sense of completion.

Whether you’re after some much-needed inspiration or ready to make a purchase, you’re in the right spot. We’ve scoured the country and shortlisted our favourite rugs that transform bedrooms into heavenly retreats.

Pillow Talk Daisy Rug

What type of bedroom rug is best?

The type of rug you choose for your bedroom depends on where you’ll place it and how you’ll use it. You see, rugs are available in all sorts of shapes, sizes, materials and textures – and choosing the right one takes a little consideration.

Take a look at the main types of bedroom rugs to see what fits your interior style and purpose and then dive into our list below to find your perfect product!

  • Jute – These hardwearing, natural-fibre rugs are great for areas of the bedroom that have heavy foot traffic, like the entrance to the room or walk-in robe. Most good brands use natural, sustainable fibres, making them a great eco-friendly option too.
  • Shaggy – Fluffy and inviting, these beauties have a high pile and feel amazing underfoot. Position it under the bottom end of the bed for a luxe look.
  • Wool – Usually among the most expensive varieties, wool bedroom rugs are fabulous insulators and help to make a room feel cosy. They do shed, though, so keep this in mind if you’re placing one in a busy area.
  • Persian or Oriental – These elegant rugs bring character and luxury to bedrooms. Many use wool in their composition, although some use cotton or even silk – which gets expensive! The beauty of these styles of rugs is that they often come in large sizes – perfect for grand bedrooms!
  • Low-Pile Synthetic – For affordability and a huge range of patterns, a low-pile synthetic bedroom rug is the answer. They’re especially great for kids’ bedrooms because they’re hardwearing and easy to clean.
  • Cowhide – A mainstay of designer homes, cowhide rugs are a unique, low-pile feature floor covering. They’re usually positioned at the end of the bed, but look great under small accent tables too.

7 Beautiful Rugs For All Kinds Of Bedrooms

From modern showstoppers to subtle beauties, our list has something for every room and every style. The hardest part is choosing!

Zurah Bedroom Floor Rug, $419

Freedom Zurah Bedroom Floor Rug

Oozing Persian flair, this exquisite Freedom rug brings grandeur and decadence to bedrooms. It features bronze tassels at each end and it’s made using a polyester-viscose blend for easy care and simple cleaning. If it’s old-world glamour you’re after, this rug is just the ticket.

Why we love it:

  • Polyester/viscose blend is easy to care for
  • A low pile height of 4mm is soft without being high-maintenance
  • At 230cm x 160cm, it’s perfectly sized to position under the bottom half of Queen or King beds

Haiti Handmade Bedroom Rug, $379

Natural rug on a hardwood floor next to a white kids' bed.

Beautifully handwoven by expert artisans, this natural rug is tough enough to handle everything the kids through at it – even constant use of the trundle bed! It’s fantastic for high-traffic areas like play zones and it features a gorgeous hi-lo pattern for loads of visual texture.

Why we love it:

  • Ultra-tough and suitable for kids’ bedrooms
  • Unique patterns for a textured look and feel
  • An elevated boho vibe works brilliantly with modern, coastal and Scandi themes

Nyla Tribal Shag Rug, from $250

Miss Amara Nyla Tribal Bedroom Rug

Plush and utterly, drop-dead gorgeous, the Nyla shag rug features a beautiful, gold, abstract tribal pattern. It’s the ultimate rug for classic, modern bedrooms, but also goes just as perfectly in a bohemian or vintage-feel space. The 20mm high-low pile is hard-wearing and stain-resistant so there’s no need to fear the sublime cream colour, and it will stand up to the traffic of kids and pets!

Why we love it:

  • It’s stain-resistant and easy to care for
  • The plush 20mm pile is ultra-luxe underfoot (great for cold mornings!)
  • It’s available in five different sizes to suit any area of the bedroom

Amigos De Hoy Zeppelin Bedroom Rug, $569

Amigos De Hoy Zeppelin Rug next to a bed.

Peppered with blues and blush pink, this intricate floor rug channels all the boho vibes your bedroom need. It’s available in two different sizes and comes with irresistible tassels on each end. The rug is block-printed using rich cotton with a gold lurex weave for the pizzazz you need in your favourite room. With a low pile and flat weave, this gem will stand up to lots of traffic and still look amazing for years to come.

Why we love it:

  • Low pile perfect for high-traffic areas
  • Adorable pink tassels add brilliant pops of colour
  • A large size of 300cm x 200cm is ideal for under Queen and King beds

Loft Grey XL Wool Bedroom Rug, $499

A sublime felted wool rug with a tactile, textured weave this beauty comes in six different tones (it’s pictured above in grey in the home of the gorgeous Liz Amaya). Made from 100% wool with a soft, flat weave pile it’s low maintenance, with a clean, contemporary edge.

Why we love it:

  • Loomed by hand in India
  • Highly versatile neutral shade
  • Available in multiple sizes to suit any space

Helena Turkish-Style Bedroom Rug, from $195

Miss Amara Helena Turkish-Style Bedroom Rug

With a boho vibe and a slightly distressed look, this beautiful statement bedroom rug has a distinctly vintage feel. Because it’s woven using the intricate jacquard technique, this stunner is beautiful underfoot as well as low maintenance. With white and peach throughout, it’s the perfect modern rug with a traditional edge.

Why we love it:

  • Uses a gorgeous jacquard-weave technique
  • Flatweave for a cool feeling underfoot
  • Comes in five different sizes to suit any sized room

Farrah Natural Large Floor Rug, $299.95

Pillow Talk Farrah Rug

Earthy, textural and relaxed, this tassel-edge rug for the bedroom lends itself to so many looks. Go for contrasting bedding, or keep with the muted tones for a clean look you’ll never tire of. It uses pure cotton for a natural underfoot feel and brings instant cohesion to coastal, boho and contemporary homes.

Why we love it

  • Made with natural materials
  • Playful tasselled edges and raised patterns add loads of texture
  • Comes in a versatile 300cm x 200cm size to suit most regular bedrooms

How To Choose The Perfect Bedroom Rug

Miss Amaya Clementine Rug

Sure, you can go with your heart when buying a bedroom rug (and you should!) but there are also a few things to think about when investing in a rug to complete your retreat.


The bed will always remain the focal point of the bedroom, and bedroom rugs should help draw the eye and enhance the look, rather than overpower. A rule of thumb when it comes to rug placement under a bed is that it should be about 45cm – 60cm beyond the edges of the bed. This means you’ll have something warm to step onto when you get out of bed.

This is just a suggestion, and of course, if you decide to go with the placement suggested below, you’ll have a lot more rug overhang. Just keep in mind, you want a generous size, rather than too close to the edge of the bed.

For a double-sized bed, go for a rug that’s 330 x 240 or 400 x 300. A queen-size bed looks great with a 330 x 240 rug, and a king-size bed needs a 330 x 240 or 400 x 300 rug.


A rug is like an anchor for a room, and as the bed is the focal point of any bedroom, it makes sense that your rug should be placed under your bed. But, rather than place it completely under the bed, try placing it two-thirds of the way under the bed. It makes the room seem much larger.

It’s also a great way to get away with a rug that’s smaller!


This is really up to your own personal choice. If you want something plush and completely indulgent under your feet, a shag or high-pile rug is the way to go.

The luxe feel, warmth and softness of wool is always a winner in a bedroom. There’s also the option of jute for something durable and classic. Just remember, if you have timber or hybrid floorboards, invest in an anti-slip rug underlay to stop it from moving around.


Again, this is completely up to you! There are so many rug options, from highly patterned to muted and textured. Keep in mind the overall look you’re going for, and the type of bedding you have.

Ease of care

Some rugs are easier to look after than others! While some just need a regular vacuum and shake, others need regular grooming and care. When you’re researching your rug, just check out the care instructions.

If you’re all about low maintenance, washable rugs are the way to go. They can be popped into a washing machine and they’ll come up as good as new. But unless you have an industrial-sized washing machine, you’ll need to take the rug up to the local laundromat.

Top image: Rug Culture via Liz Amaya

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