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StylingHow Aussie Celebrities Are Decorating With Rugs

When you’re stuck about what kind of rug to choose for your space, a little inspiration goes a long way. So today we’re taking a peek into the frequently Instagrammed homes of Australian celebrities to find out how they’re using rugs to nail their interiors.

Talla Ansari of Four Corners Rugs has helped many Australian celebrities elevate their favourite rooms with the perfect rugs. The sister-brother business brings decades of know-how and friendly personalised service to the industry and proudly makes premium rugs accessible to everyone – not just celebs!

Rozalia Russian

Rozalia Russian takes a selfie in her living room.
Rozalia Russian

It doesn’t end with fashion when it comes to Rozalia’s skill of combining neutrals with colour. Her home is just as enviable, boasting deliciously dark floorboards and a monochromatic interior theme with contrasting soft furnishings.

“It’s worth noting that when dealing with dark floors, a bright contrast is always a stunning feature. It also acts as a nice canvas for showcasing more ornate or interesting furniture, such as Rozalia’s antique trunk with leather and studded details, which she uses as a coffee table. This stylish and unique piece pops against a simple, delicate, shimmering ivory rug. The result screams ‘expensive’, as does the woman who presides over this space.”

Talla Ansari

Jane Scandizzo

Contemporary living room of Jane Scandizzo.
Jane Scandizzo’s living room

Jane and Joey Scandizzo has just completed their dream build when Talla jumped aboard to help the couple choose the perfect rug. The home featured a lot of natural materials like concrete to achieve a contemporary and multi-textured aesthetic.

Aiming for a subtle backdrop to their colourful lives, Jane and Joey chose a lot of monochrome decor with a touch of pastel colour thrown in for balance and fun.

“The living areas were draped in tones of creams and greys with accents of black for contrast. The overall result is a stylish, creative home with a blast of fun, which represents Team Scandizzo perfectly.”

Talla Ansari

Georgia Love

Georgia Love plays a board game with Lee Elliot.
Georgia Love & Lee Elliot

They may be a modern-day perfect match, but Bachelor stars Georgia and Lee don’t always see eye to eye when it comes to decor choices – which is very relatable! According to Talla, Lee was the fussier one when it came to selecting decor and furnishings for their new home, while Georgia tends to gravitate towards blush tones.

With a compromise needed, Talla stepped in to help select a living room rug that hubby and wife both adored and something that was compatible with the couple’s beloved feline, Pawdrey Hepburn.

“We opted for some classics with personality being injected through smaller decor items. Like many of us, Georgia has a fairly classic grey couch which looks great against a grey and white rug with a bit of design and texture.”

Talla Ansari

Jacqui Felgate

A white dog sits on a natural rug next to a tan leather sofa.
Jacqui Felgate’s living room (and adorable pooch!)

While Jacqui loves to experiement with colours and textures in a fashion sense, every outfit is always meticulously cut to the right size to look and feel amazing. And the same can be said for her home.

With a big living room, Jacqui went for large furniture and a spacious Four Corners rug that complements her lush tan sofa. Talla explains that the key to furnishing large spaces is to go larger. Not only does bigger furniture and decor create a more inviting room, but it keeps the proportions balanced.

“If you have the space for it, you should play big. Why? It will create more flow in that area and not make your furniture look small compared to its vast surroundings.”

Talla Ansari

Jules Robinson

Jules Robinson sits on a blue armchair sipping a martini.
Jules Robinson

Lockdown didn’t stop this MAFS star and successful entrepreneur from renovating her Sydney abode. She and her hubby actually worked closely with The Block gurus, Mitch & Mark, to achieve a sophisticated finish that matched her professional and personal life.

“Instead of matching everything in a room and creating somewhat of a “staged” home, together they combined antique classics with modern accent features to create a truly striking effect. Playing with textures that are alike and then introducing another texture together is a total vibe and something that, done well, can really elevate a room visually.”

Talla Ansari

Jess Dempsey

A home office with thick, dark wood desk, beige armchairs and a sage green rug.
Jess Dempsey’s home office

As one of Australia’s longest-standing fashion bloggers and a busy mum to three boys, Jess needed her own room to let the creativity flow and be able to power through her workload. Naturally, the space had to feel right, be calming and conducive to work and it had to suit Jess’s personal tastes.

“We picked our 100 Lines Collection in a sage green to brighten the room and add a natural lustre. Going for a larger rug, especially in a study where the desk can sit on the rug, can elongate a room and give a feeling of grandeur. If your room can accommodate a longer rug, then go for it! Then add some visitors’ chairs and a bar cart in the corner for that adult vibe. Treat yourself to your little sophisticated sanctuary at home.”

Talla Ansari

Rebecca Maddern

Rebecca Maddern lying on a white rug in her living room.
Rebecca Maddern

When it came to Rebecca Maddern’s architecturally designed home, Talla explains that her team stuck with an elegant and textured aesthetic and eventually settled on the Four Corners Linear Collection for Rebecca’s living room and playroom.

“The living room rug had to complement the soft, airy colour scheme so we struck with a beautiful beige tone that was understated yet elegant. This allows the furniture and the finer details of the building to shine and work harmoniously together.”

Talla Ansari

Whether you’re after bedroom rugs or the perfect finishing touch to your living room, head over to Four Corners Rugs today.

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