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Bedroom10 Best King Single Trundle Beds In Australia

Whether they’re for the kids’ rooms or guest bedrooms, king single trundle beds are roomy and functional pieces of furniture that solve the problem of limited space.

A trundle bed is essentially two beds in one. The bottom bed sits very low to the ground and tucks in nice and snug under the main top bed, freeing up space when the spare bed isn’t needed and providing a speedy solution for sleepovers. Called ‘trundles’ because of their handy castor wheels, these genius space savers are guaranteed to get years of use in busy families, and in a king single size, they’ll see the kids right through from toddlerhood to the teenage years.

Ready to find the perfect bed for the kids’ rooms? We’ve scoured the country and shortlisted the king single trundles that the whole family will love.

What is the point of a king single trundle bed?

Dog lies on a trundle bed in a kids room.
Bunkers Trundle Bed
  • They are perfect for growing kids. Singles quickly become a bit too snug for fast-growing kids, but king singles can easily see them right through to the teen years.
  • The spare bed is out of sight. With a trundle that slides right under the main bed, you’re able to keep the floor clear space and the room looking tidy even while houseguests are still around.
  • The trundle doubles as storage space. And no family can ever have too much storage! Instead of storing a mattress, use the space for bedding, toys and linen.
  • You’re all set for sleepovers! Whether it’s cousins or best mates, sooner or later you’ll have little houseguests under your roof. A trundle keeps kids together in the same room but in the comfort of their own beds.
  • They look great! More luxe than a single, but not as imposing as a double, a king single looks just right. Paired with a beautiful quilt cover, bedside tables and a bedroom rug, it’s a room you’ll be happy to invite guests into.

10 Best King Single Trundle Beds In Australia In 2024

From storage-savvy trundle beds with drawers to budget-friendly frames, these contemporary beds will have you ready for houseguests at the drop of a hat.

Freedom Storabed Trundle Bed, $1499

Freedom Storabed Trundle

With a tough wooden frame, this beautiful gender-neutral trundle bed is ready to fit into any home – contemporary or classic. The trundle is cleverly designed to be used nice and low at ground level or raised on legs for elevated snoozing. Choose from natural or white (if you can!).

iStyle Selina King Single Bed With Trundle, $439

iStyle Selina King Single Trundle Bed.

Luxe and lovely, this upholstered king single bed comes in a neutral palette that goes with everything. Generous padding means there are no sharp corners in sight and the wooden slats will see you through years of slumber. This one arrived flat-packed with easy assembly instructions included.

B2C Furniture Coco King Single Bed, $679

B2C Furniture Coco King Single Trundle Bed

Thoughtfully crafted from solid hardwood with a superior top coat sealer, the Coco King Single Bed from B2C Furniture is both safe and strong. It comes with a purpose-built trundle on wheels, which means sliding it out when unexpected guests drop in takes just seconds. We love the combination of natural timber and matte white.

B2C Furniture Myer King Single Bed With Trundle, $848

B2C Furniture Myer King Single Bed With Trundle

With a built-in bookshelf to thrill little bookworms, the Myer bed is a true stand-out for fast-growing kids. It has a sustainably sourced hardwood frame and features a wheeled trundle that can be fitted to either side of the bed to suit your layout. Love it!

Sealy Bounty King Single Trundle Base, $1299

Sealy Bounty King Single Trundle Base

It’s known and loved as a premium mattress brand, but did you know that Sealy also offers Aussie families an ensemble trundle? Available in king single and single sizes, this genius duo incorporates a slide-out mattress base with all the comfort of a regular bed. Note that the top mattress must be purchased separately.

Quentin Storage Bed With Trundle, $1379

VIC Furniture Quentin Storage Bed With Trundle

With compartments for all the kids’ essentials (and then some), this is a brilliant bed for rooms with minimal storage. It has a steel and MDF frame and fits a king single mattress on the main bed and trundle. You’ll have to assemble this one yourself.

King Single Nebula Captain Bed With Trundle, $1799

Harvey Norman Nebula Trundle Bed

Ay ay, Captain! From Harvey Norman, The Nebula is a feature-packed gem that the kids (and their mates) will love. It has a slide-out trundle bed for guests, plus hidden drawers and a light-up shelf. There’s even a secret cupboard in the headboard for stashing treasures and a USB port for charging devices.

Paddington Bed With Trundle, $1399

Snooze Paddington King Single Bed With Trundle

With sleek, contemporary lines and neutral colour options, the Paddington is the perfect fit for the modern home. It uses responsibly sourced timber and quality fabric for a crisp finish that will stand the test of time. Choose from Charcoal, Slate or Cement.

Bunkers Standard King Single Bed And Trundle, $705

Bunkers King Single Trundle Bed

Fuss-free and completely timeless, this king single from Bunkers is built tough and highly adaptable to the needs of any household. It comes in a wide choice of colour combinations and configures seamlessly with the brand’s sensational (and seriously fun) bunks.

Arc Captain Bookend Trundle Bed, $1899

Forty Winks Arc Captain Bed With Trundle

In a charcoal timber finish perfect for older kids, the Arc Captain boasts ample shelving, drawers and solid construction to see them right through to the teenage years – and beyond. And for a complete room, you can pair it up with matching side tables, a dresser and a tallboy.


What size is a king single mattress?

In Australia, a king single mattress measures 107cm x 203cm, which is wider and longer than a single which typically measures 92cm x 88cm.

Is a king single the same as a double mattress?

No, a king single is not the same as a double mattress. It is bigger in width but shorter in length at 138cm x 190cm.

Can adults sleep on trundle beds?

Yes, in most cases, adults can sleep on trundle beds, especially when paired with a quality mattress. King single trundle beds are especially brilliant for adults because of the extra length they offer, which is more than a double bed.

Do trundle beds use regular mattresses?

Yes, trundles usually work with any regular mattresses of your choice. Just be sure to check the size is correct for the bed you’ve chosen.

Can a trundle be added to any bed?

You can only add a trundle to your existing bed if you have enough space underneath for it to fit. Get out your tape measure and check the distance from the base of the bed to the floor, then compare this with the trundles you’re looking at. And if you plan to keep the trundle bed made up for a guest staying a few nights allow some extra space for the bedding.

Top image: B2C Furniture Myer Bed

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