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Laundry14 Best Clothes Airers & Drying Racks In Australia

Whether you’re living alone or juggling more family laundry than the washing line can handle a clothes drying rack is a godsend in the home. So, to help take the guesswork out of buying one, we’ve rounded up the absolute best clothes airers in Australia.

A clothes airer is a sturdy portable rack that gives wet garments a dedicated place to air dry, indoors or out. Sometimes called a ‘clothes horse’, they save you the cost of running the tumble dryer and help reduce shrinkage and stretching in your favourite pieces. Best of all, most quality clothes airers fold up and stow away when not in use, much like a retractable clothesline but without any need for installation. This means they won’t cramp the style of your new laundry!

Ready to bring some order to all that washing and drying? Check out our complete list of popular clothes racks available to buy online right now.

How do I choose a drying rack?

Foppapedretti Octopus Rack
Octopus Clothes Airer by Foppapedretti
  • Sturdiness is a must – Sometimes the rack could have the weight of six beach towels on it, other times it might be positioned in strong wind. So make sure you choose a stable design that doesn’t topple easily.
  • Look for versatility – From adaptable wings to different tiers, look for a style that you can use in multiple ways.
  • Check that it is foldable – The ideal drying rack is one that folds down neatly for simple storage. Even better is a style that stands up on its own once folded, meaning it doesn’t need to lean against a wall.
  • Beware of rust – Check that any metal parts are aluminium, stainless steel or well covered with plastic or rubber.  Any exposed metal could rust over time and this can transfer to your laundry – which nobody wants!
  • Consider your style – From beautiful wooden clothes racks that pair beautifully with stylish laundry baskets, to convenient heated airers, there are some products out there that you might even want to show off!

13 Best Clothes Airers And Drying Racks In Australia

To help you find the best clothes airier in Australia for your family’s needs, we’ve scoured the country and put our favourites in one spot for you. Some are electric, others are wooden and some have a vertical design – there’s something for everyone in this lineup!

Klika Heated Clothes Airer, $125

Klika heated clothes airer.

With the ability to heat to a temperature of 55 degrees Celcius, the Klika Heated Clothes Airer will have your damp winter gear dry in no time. It comes with 20 heated bars and folds up easily when it’s you’re finally on top of the washing.


  • 20 heated bars
  • Heats fast to 55 degrees
  • Folds and stores with ease
  • Comes with protective foot caps

Foppapedretti Gulliver Foldable Airer, $539

Foppapedretti Gulliver foldable rack.

Sturdy and functional, this is a drying rack that really delivers. It features clever side arms that either hand vertically or lock in place horizontally. It comes with convenient casters for moving around the house, and it even stands up by itself when folded. So smart.


  • 27 metres of line space
  • Comes with 6 x coloured pegs
  • Made using solid beech wood, steel
  • 4 x scratch-proof braking casters for easy manoeuvrability

Hills Premium 2-Wing Clothes Airer, $60

Hills Premium Clothes Airer.

With lockable legs and wings, this clever rack handles everything from heavy towels to quilt covers and sheets. It has 24 hanging slots and thanks to raised wings, it’s fantastic for hanging longer garments like cardigans and gowns.


  • Flat-folding frame
  • Lockable legs and wings
  • 24 dedicated hanging slots
  • Comes with protective foot caps

Advwin Heated Clothes Airer, $99.99

Two heated clothes airers side by side with towels on them.

Saving you the huge cost of running the tumble dryer, the Advwin Heated Clothes Rack comes with 18 drying rods and a tough, fold-out design. We love the use of flame retardant ABS + space aluminium material for a sleek finish and the fact that it heats up in just three minutes! Such a great way to dry off the kids’ wet gear at the end of a day.


  • 18 heated bars
  • Power indicator light
  • Heats up to 55 degrees
  • Handy side racks for delicates

Leifheit Pegasus Deluxe 200 Clothes Drying Rack, $198.50

Leifheit Pegasus Deluxe 200 Clothes Airer

Not only does this clever rack come with 20 metres of hanging space, but it’s also equipped with a host of extras that make life easier. There’s a handy peg bag attached to the side rail, five windproof hangers, holders for socks and undies, plus 360-degree caster wheels. Who knew hanging clothes could be so blissful?


  • Peg bag
  • Spinning casters
  • 5 windproof hangers
  • 20 metres of drying space

Butlers Suite Over Door Clothes Airer, $59

Three images of an over-the-door clothes airer drying rack.

It’s one of Australia’s best clothes airers for discreet drying – and it comes at a great price too. Simply hook it over the back of a regular door and you’ve got six metres of drying space when you need it! It’s rust-resistant, ultra-lightweight and folds flat against the door when not in use. Genius.


  • Resistant to rust
  • Suits most internal doors
  • 6 metres of drying room
  • Folds flat against the door for storage

L.T Williams Concertina Wooden Clothes Rack, $169.90

L.T Williams Concertina Wooden Clothes Drying Rack.

Quick to set up and fold away, this concertina-style clothes rack uses natural bamboo and features nine metres of drying space. But our favourite part of this handy helper is that it comes with four caster wheels for fuss-free moving from one room to the next.


  • Lightweight
  • 4 caster wheels
  • Uses natural bamboo
  • Folds down quickly and easily

Foppapedretti Octopus Clothes Airer, $357.30

Foppapedretti Octopus Clothes Airer.

Impeccably designed to make life simpler, the Italian-made Octopus Airer by Foppapedretti is a stand-out – and not just because of its good looks! This gem features legs and arms in solid beech wood with a PVC body, and it has foot grips to prevent cuffs. But what’s really won us over is the ability to remove arms if you don’t need them!


  • Nylon foot grips
  • Beech wood legs and arms
  • Lightweight and adjustable
  • Tapered legs for extra balance

Brabantia Wall-Mounted Clothes Line, $373.50

Brabantia wall-mountable clothes airer for indoor or outdoor use.

With room to hold a full machine load of washing, this wall-mounted clothes airer takes the stress out of drying clothes in tight spaces. It fixes permanently to a wall, eliminating the need to carry portable racks outside, and it folds out effortlessly with just one hand. But the best bit? When not in use, it tucks away into a sleek, tidy stainless steel box. Love that!


  • Space-saving design
  • 24 metres of drying line
  • One-handed operation
  • Wind and weather-resistant (so you can use it outside too!)

Large Rolling Clothes Drying Rack, $119.95

Large rolling clothes drying rack with foldable design.

With not one but three tiers of drying space, this jumbo rack is made using stainless steel and ABS plastic to see you through years of wash cycles. It’s simple to assemble and comes fitted with eight rolling casters for rolling through the house.


  • Huge drying space
  • Eight rolling casters
  • Stainless steel and ABS plastic
  • Three tiers plus extendable wings

L.T Williams Premium Rose Gold Clothes Airer, $129

Rose gold rack for drying clothes.

Equal parts practical and fancy, the Soko & Co A-Frame Clothes Airer uses rust-proof aluminium for a lightweight and durable frame. It folds flat when not in use and opens up to reveal 19 drying rails and over 13 metres of line space. The 2 fold-out wings can be locked at any height, making it a fab choice if you have long garments.


  • 100% rust proof
  • 13m of line space
  • Lightweight construction
  • Folds flat for compact storage

6 Lath Supreme Ceiling Airer, $458.99

6 Lath Supreme Ceiling Clothes Drying Rack.

Made with sustainably sourced laths and organic cotton rope, this top-selling ceiling airer is a fantastic choice for people low on floor space or who want to get clean washing out of reach of pets. The largest size is wide enough to fit queen sheets and the heavy-duty pulleys ensure it glides like butter.


  • 7 cast iron colours
  • Smooth pulley system
  • Holds 30kg of washing
  • Uses eco-friendly materials

Williamsware W-Frame Wooden Clothes Rack, $192

WilliamsWare Bamboo Clothes Airer.

Made using hardwearing bamboo, this w-frame drying rack comes in super handy for apartment living and smaller spaces. It has 14 rails and 12 metres of hanging space and it folds down flat for storing. We adore the natural look of wood for eco-friendly homes.


  • 14 hanging rails
  • Flat-folding frame
  • 12 metres of drying space
  • Made using 100% natural bamboo

Pottery Barn Trenton Laundry Drying Rack, $299

Pottery Barn Trenton Wall Mountable Clothes Drying Rack.

After a wall-mounted drying rack? This contemporary unit from Pottery Barn Australia is crafted from mango wood and powder-coated steel and it comes with seven tough rungs. Not only is this fantastic for freeing up floor space, but you can even install it in a closet for a hidden drying solution!


  • 7 tough rungs
  • Contemporary look
  • Compact and discreet
  • Uses steel and mango wood


Is it better to air-dry clothes?

Air-drying clothes is better than using an electric tumble dryer for a few reasons. While tumble drying may be faster than air drying, it can damage certain fabrics and shrink clothes. Secondly, they use a huge amount of energy – which means they cost more to run. A clothes airer is environmentally sound and provides you with a long-term drying solution at a much lower price.

Do heated clothes airers work?

Heated clothes airers definitely work to dry clothes faster, but they are not as fast as a tumble dryer. They work in a similar way to heated towel rails with heat functions in that they warm up items and help speed up the drying time.

What type of drying rack is best?

The best type of drying rack is one that suits your volume and frequency of washing. If you are using an indoor clothes airer permanently, we suggest integrating it into your laundry or indoor spaces seamlessly.

Install a hanging rail in your laundry or invest in a ceiling-mounted unit that works on a pulley system so that your floor is clear. Another option is a unit that is wall-mountable and extends or drops out. Then when it’s not in use, it sits against the wall out of the way.

If you’re after an occasional rack for managing overflow from the washing line, look for a foldable option that you can easily store in a cupboard when it’s not in use.

Top Image via: Foppapedreti

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