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Styling10 Best Australian Christmas Wreaths For 2023

Fancy sprinkling a little Aussie flair on your Christmas decor this year? An Australian Christmas wreath is the answer and we’ve put this year’s most beautiful designs in one place just for you.

An Australian Christmas wreath is a circular assortment of faux native plants that brings Aussie flavour and natural hues to the festive season. Available in a range of sizes and designs, it’s a beautiful way to celebrate our country’s unique flora at the most jolly and exciting time of year.

Some are packed with all the colours and textures of the Aussie bush, while others are pared back and let a single plant replica do all the talking. Whatever you go for, you’re guaranteed a very merry Aussie Christmas indeed.

Christmas wreath with Kookaburras and eucalyptus leaves.
Adairs Eucalyptus Wreath With Birds

How are Australian wreaths different?

While European-inspired wreaths typically use pine, tinsel, baubles and more pine, Australian styles celebrate true-blue flora and leave the tinsel and ornaments out of the picture. Expect to see the goodness of banksia, eucalyptus and gum nuts in Aussie wreaths – and sometimes even a few of Australia’s most cherished native birds and furry friends.

Whether you’re after something fun and playful for the house, or something uber-sophisticated for your front door, there’s a perfect wreath out there for every kind of Australian home.

10 Best Australian Christmas Wreaths For 2023

We toured the lands and shortlisted the Australian wreaths that stole our hearts this year. We looked for irresistible colour, style, shape – and of course, something the kids would love as much as the grown-ups. Oh and a word of advice from a team of Christmas-obsessed shopaholics: grab your favourite wreath fast – popular styles are known to sell out fast!

When you’re finished here, head over to our favourite Christmas table decoration ideas that will wow your guests!

Gum Nut Silver and Naturals Wreath, $129.99

Adairs Eucalyptus Christmas Wreath with gum nuts.

One word: SOLD! This is a hands-down favourite among our team for its stunning muted green tones. Perfectly suited to modern homes in need of something elegant, it leaves the gaudy wreaths of Christmas-past in the dust. This one measures 58cm in diameter, so it’s just as great for large walls as it is for big contemporary front doors.

Eucalyptus Faux Wattle and Gumnut Wreath, $79.99

Australian House and Garden Wattle Wreath.

At a huge 60cm in diameter, this is a fantastic Christmas faux floral wreath for large doors. It includes a thick and bushy mix of fluffy wattle, eucalyptus and wattle – green and gold! Pop it on a red door or hang it by a red ribbon and voila! All the colours of Christmas with a sprinkle of native Australian flair.

Heaton Australian Christmas Wreath, $89.95

Freedom Heaton Australian Christmas-themed wreath with gum leaves.

Don’t you just want to run your hand over this wreath? Packed with texture, it celebrates many of the things we love about Australian flora, especially colours and shapes. In all green, it’s a sophisticated option that would look just as fab on a Modern Country home as an urban townhouse.

Eucalyptus Green Christmas Fun Bird Wreath, $149.99

Adairs Christmas wreath with native birds and flora.

What’s Christmas without a few laughing Kookaburras and cheeky Cockatoos? A favourite among bird lovers, this Christmas wreath combines the beauty of eucalyptus with some of the nation’s most iconic birds. With a wooden base and plenty of gum nuts, this one stands out in the crowd.

Australian Bush Wreath, $130

Australian bush wreath with assorted native flora.

Handcrafted with love by a local Australian Etsy seller, this wreath delivers colour, style and stunning form. It measures 55cm in diameter and includes assorted faux gum leaves, kangaroo paw, daisies, native olives and more. It’s like a native Christmas bouquet for your front door!

Native Eucalyptus Leaf Christmas Wreath, $79.95

The Christmas Cart Native Eucalyptus Wreath.

If you happen to have an oversized front door and need a statement Christmas wreath, look no further! This beauty measures 65cm in diameter and it’s positively packed with Australian flora. Formed with a twig base, it has rounded gum leaves and an assortment of other greens for texture and vibrance. If there’s one word for this one, it’s ‘unmissable’!

Classic Refresh Christmas Wreath Australiana, $25

Big W Classic Australiana wreath for Christmas.

Few plants are distinctly Australian than wattle and gum, and this budget-friendly favourite has both! It measures 45 cm and features bright banksia, adorable orange berries and loads of texture you’ll just want to touch. One thing is for sure, the kids will LOVE this!

Eucalyptus 60cm Fraser Pine and Pampas Wreath, $89.99

Australian House and Garden PIne and Pampas Christmas Wreath.

From Australian House and Garden, this gem is equal parts Australian bush and European forest – so you get the best of both hemispheres! Foliage includes round gum leaves, pine sprigs and gorgeous textural tufts of pampas for that windswept coastal vibe. And can we talk about the combination of natural colours? Just beautiful.

Eucalytpus Wreath, $59.99

Bed Bath N Table Christmas Gum Wreath with gumnuts.

You can almost smell the eucalyptus wafting off this one! Celebrating the goodness of green, this all-Aussie wreath features clusters of eucalyptus leaves with a handful of gum nuts thrown in for good measure. We adore this one for its pared-back beauty and true blue Australian flavour.

Protea Wreath With Wattle Flower Berries, $89.99

Bed Bath N Table wreath with gum leaves and proteas.

While proteas aren’t actually native to Australia (they originate from South Africa), they are often paired with other Aussie natives because they work so beautifully. In this stunning ensemble, you’ve got rounded gum leaves with wattle flowers, assorted berries and those spectacular proteas. If you’re going for a pink theme this year, this is your wreath!


What should you look for in an Australian wreath?

For an unmistakably Australian Christmas wreath, look for designs that feature native favourites like silvery-green eucalyptus leaves, vibrant red banksias or some festive yellow wattle. You want the plants to do all the talking, so avoid too many baubles and too much pine – especially snow-tipped, because you won’t find much of that in Australia on Christmas Day!

Where is the best place to hang a Christmas wreath?

In Australia, many people choose to hang their Christmas wreaths on the front door for neighbours (and the postie) to enjoy as well. Other great spots to hang them are above mantles and fireplaces, on the wall near your Christmas table or even in windows. The truth is, at Christmas time, a wreath has a place anywhere in the home – even the pool house!

Top image: Adairs

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