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Styling4 Must-Know Wallpaper Trends For 2024

If you thought painting was the only way to spruce up tired walls, think again. Wallpaper is actually one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to add personality, flair and a modern touch to interior spaces. So with that in mind, we’re shining a light on the top four 2024 wallpaper trends in Australia as predicted by an industry expert.

When some people think of wallpaper, they still think of the big, bold (and ugly) prints of the ’60s and ’70s – and consequently go back to looking at paint swatches. But, the good news is that today’s wallpaper designs are nothing short of breathtaking. In fact, designers and DIYers love wallpaper for being a fuss-free styling solution for creating the perfect mood and texture in rooms.

Superfresco Easy Louis Wallpaper

Perhaps best of all, unlike painting, wallpaper is easy to change when you need to. Many leading wallpaper suppliers, like Superfresco Easy, use an application system that makes installing and removing the paper a piece of cake. And it won’t destroy the wall underneath, either.

“Pattern can express the personality of the homeowner or it can be used to create a calming neutral environment for all to feel comfortable in. Wallpaper’s combination of pattern and colour can have intense mood-enhancing properties and bring tactility and comfort to Australian homes in 2024.”

Paula Taylor, Superfresco Easy

Wallpaper is a fantastic way to breathe new life into a tired room. And by knowing the trending styles ahead of time, you’re guaranteed a result you’ll love for years to come. Now, let’s take a closer look at the key designs set to define Australian homes in 2024.

Trend #1: Opulent Tones

Superfresco Easy wallpaper in Eternal Bronze.
Superfresco Easy Chocolate Bronze Eternal Wallpaper

According to Paula, 2024 is a year for welcoming rich tones into the home. We’re talking deep reds, chocolate-browns and dark caramels. Each of these tones has the power to create a sophistated backdrop to any kind of room. A great example of this is the Superfresco Easy Chocolate Bronze Eternal Wallpaper shown above. Rich and warm with the perfect touch of metallic elements, it’s the answer to opulent living.

Trend #2: A Return To Classics

Superfresco Easy Louis Wallpaper

It’s true, white never really goes out of fashion. That said, the past few years have seen a LOT of colour enter homes (looking at you, sage green!). In 2024, Paula predicts whites will make a mighty big comeback. It’s expected to reclaim its position as a neutral powerhouse and ultimate blank canvas for any room. One of the many benefits of white wallpaper is the texture it brings to rooms, as shown in the above image of Superfresco Easy Louis Wallpaper. With a linen-look finish, you’ll be itching to touch it!

Trend #3: Botanical Inspiration

Floral wallpaper behind a large bed.
Superfresco Easy Urban Floral Wallpaper

In 2024, experts predict botanic themes to dominate wallpaper trends. Why? Well, it comes back to ‘biophilia’ and the desire to connect with nature. As environmental awareness continues to grow, homeowners seek prints that evoke freshness and bring the colours of nature inside. A beautiful example of this is in the Superfresco Easy Urban Floral wallpaper pictured above. Colourful and fresh, it’s just as perfect for kids’ rooms as it is for the master bedroom.

Trend #4: Wood and Greenery

Natural wood-look wallpaper behind a console table.
Superfresco Easy Natural Wood Clad Wallpaper

Paula explains that 2024 wallpaper trends involve a lot of realistic designs that replicate brick and wood. Genuine cladding quickly becomes quite an expensive feature in the home, but by using wallpaper, the costs and effort are significantly reduced. It’s essentially the quickest and easiest way to get the look of wood or brick without the fuss of the real thing. Superfresco Easy’s Natural Wood Clad wallpaper above looks just like real wood cladding, doesn’t it?

Green tropical wallpaper behind a bed.
Superfresco Easy Green Palm Leaves Wallpaper

With botanicals and wood already mentioned, it’s only natural that green foliage should emerge as a 2024 wallpaper trend too. Huge on colour and offering the connection with nature so many of us seek, these depictions of lush green plants bring the outside in and create a zen-like living environment. Superfresco Easy’s Elegant Green Palm Leaves Wallpaper is one of our favourites with its oversized leaves and multiple shades of green. Pour yourself a green tea and enjoy.

Superfresco Easy Shiplap Wood Wallpaper
Superfresco Easy Shiplap Wood Wallpaper

With sustainability at its core, Superfresco Easy delivers timeless designs that balance comfort and style.

“Circular design principles emphasize the importance of reusability, repairability, and recyclability. We’re minimising waste, championing longevity, and reducing our environmental footprint.

Paula Taylor, Superfresco Easy

Superfresco Easy wallpaper starts at $60 per roll. Find it at your local Bunnings store today.

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