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OutdoorSurvey Reveals Most Popular Pool Styles & Features

Australian marketplace, Poolz, has revealed the most popular styles of pools in 2024 and the top features homeowners want.

The Poolz State Of The Market Report includes input from over 9000 Australians in this year alone. Interestingly, the report reveals a huge increased demand for one type of pool: the plunge pool.

Mr Pools plunge pool in Sydney.
Mr Pools plunge pool in Sydney. Image: Poolz

The plunge pool phenomenon

According to the Poolz data, 42% of prospective pool owners want a plunge pool, in either fibreglass or concrete. Sales data supports this, with 39% of recent sales for plunge pools over standard and large-format options. Experts say the shift comes as homeowners look to spend less on their pools and maximise compact spaces.

“There are a number of reasons why we’re seeing plunge pools rise in popularity and affordability is no doubt a major factor. Where a traditional backyard pool generally costs upwards of $50,000-$60,000, a plunge pool is more likely to cost around $45,000-$55,000. Ease and accessibility is another reason.”

Tony Loxton, Poolz CEO

But while plunge pools are popular for their smaller size, data shows they are usually purchased in their maximum size of 6m. This supports the idea that homeowners are replacing family-sized pools with larger plunge pools to save on costs and maximise their backyard space.

  • 63% of fibreglass plunge pools were 6m in length
  • 61% of concrete plunge pools were 6m in length
Designer plunge pool in sydney.
Space Landscape Design plunge pool in Sydney. Image: Poolz

Most Wanted Pool Add-Ons In 2024

While bespoke pools are trending, the Poolz report reveals five distinct extras that most homeowners want for their pools:

1. Year-round pool heating

Pool owners no longer want to settle for an expensive backyard feature they can only use for a few months of the year. In 2024, prospective pool owners want reliable and robust pool heating that extends the swimming season well beyond summer and adds value to the property.

“Anyone who is investing their valuable dollars into a pool right now wants more bang for their buck and that means getting as much pool time as possible. We are lucky to live in a country which already has a long summer but savvy homeowners are realising they can swim year-round with some in-built heating and enjoy all the fun and health benefits of non-stop swimming.”

Tony Loxton, Poolz CEO

2. Automated pool systems

Automated pool management technology has grown in leaps and bounds and tech-savvy homeowners are embracing it. Feature-packed, these systems look after everything from lighting and filtration to heating and cleaning all from one digital portal.

Take a look at Episode One of our renovation series to see how the team automated a bespoke Sydney pool.

3. Pool covers

More than a way to keep pools clean, pool covers help to lock in heat and reduce overall heating costs. For families looking at heating their pool all year round, a cover is a non-negotiable.

Heated plungie pool nexc to putting green.
Heated Plungie pool. Image: Poolz

4. A spa

According to Poolz, more than 4% of Aussies want a spa included with their backyard swimming pool. The reason for this is steeped in the nation’s shift towards wellness. Spas offer therapeutic benefits and give homeowners a tranquil place to relax in the privacy of their own homes.

Take a peek at Australia’s best pools to see how spas are being integrated into custom designs.

5. Water features

The final most-wanted add-on to backyard pools is a water feature, with 3% of Australians including one on their wishlists. A water feature not only adds huge style points to pools but also creates a calm and inviting environment. Popular options include waterfalls and fountains.

For more information on 2024 pool trends, visit Poolz.

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