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OutdoorHow To Maintain Pavers According To An Expert

It’s not just the garden and gutters that need maintenance as the seasons change, pavers are particularly prone to shifting weather patterns and adequate care is a must. But knowing how to maintain pavers is easier said than done, so we asked expert landscaper Jason Hodges to lay down his top tips for paver maintenance.

But first …

Why choose concrete paving?

Concrete pavers are the unsung heroes of many outdoor spaces and they are a match made in heaven for areas like patios and driveways. Hardwearing, low-maintenance and ultra-practical, they’re not only a smart choice, but they’re the secret to a functional outdoor space that looks and feels fab all year round.

Why should you maintain pavers?

Many homeowners put the little home maintenance time they have into mowing lawns and pruning overgrown shrubs. But pavers cop everything from heavy rain and hail to scorching sun throughout the year, so wear and tear is inevitable. Mildew, moss and mould are all common problems, but the good news is that once you know how to maintain your concrete pavers, you can not only keep them looking great but help to prevent weather damage in the future.

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Image: Adbri Masonry

How To Maintain Pavers

With winter comes rain and often frost, and this moisture inevitably builds up on the surface of pavers causing mould and moss to develop. If this has happened to your beloved pavers during the cooler months, don’t despair. Adbri Masonry brand ambassador Jason Hodges shares his advice for maintaining your pavers – the right way!

1. Ensure pavers have adequate drainage

According to Jason, great paver maintenance starts with good installation, because that’s when drainage is established. With correct installation is correct, it reduces the risk of water stains, discolouration and efflorescence (the mineral salts that appear on concrete surfaces).

Smart, well-planned drainage is the key to mitigating paver problems and extending the life of your surfaces, whether they be driveways, footpaths or pool landscaping.

“One of the most overlooked aspects of concrete paving maintenance is the role of drainage and moisture management.”

Jason Hodges
Pavers arranged in a stepping stone pattern at a modern house.
Image: Adbri Masonry

2. Choose the right materials

Pavers are plentiful in Australia, with options out there to suit any type of home for every kind of environment. But as Jason points out, while aesthetics are an important consideration when choosing your pavers, the right materials make all the difference in how they’ll go in the long run.

In my years of experience in landscaping, I’ve seen how the right materials can make or break an outdoor project. Adbri Masonry’s pavers are a great example of what you should be looking for: they’re durable and come in a range of styles and colours to suit different environments. But even the best materials won’t last if you don’t take care of them. That’s why regular maintenance, tailored to the specific needs of your space and its seasonal challenges, is key to keeping your paved areas looking their best year-round.”

Jason Hodges

3. Apply a sealer to your pavers

While sealing pavers isn’t essential, it is a good idea for preventing stains caused by plants and grease (common around BBQ areas). Sealers come in two different types: wet-look and penetrating options. As the name suggests, wet-look sealers give your pavers a high-shine effect which adds a lot of wow to outdoor spaces. But, it is important to consider whether it has any implications for slip ratings. Penetrating sealers, on the other hand, are invisible; your paver texture and colour remain unchanged.

Beige concrete pavers used for the surface of a double driveway.
Image: Adbri Masonry

Why paving sealers are a good idea:

  • Makes cleaning your pavers easier and faster
  • Helps pavers resist staining from plants and grease
  • Protects pavers from heat and sun damage
  • Discourages weeds from growing between pavers
  • Depending on your sealer, it enhances the paver colour

4. Make it a habit to remove leaves and dirt

We know, there are probably far more pressing outdoor projects to take on than sweeping the pavers, but it’s essential for reducing stains and a build-up of moss and mildew. So regardless of the season, make it a weekly habit to get out to your pavers, sweep away any debris and remove any weeds growing between them. This is a small amount of maintenance that really goes a long way. (You could always enlist the help of older kids – just saying!)

A concrete-paved driveway and lush green lawn.
Image: Adbri Masonry

5. Pressure wash after winter

With winter behind you, it’s time to get outside and take action on any staining or growth issues with your pavers. Jason recommends using a stiff broom or pressure hose to give the surface of your pavers a good scrub. Hopefully given all that dedicated sweeping throughout the cooler months, stains won’t be too much of an issue. But if you’re faced with stubborn ones, visit a hardware store and ask for a stain remover suitable for pavers.

Residential pool area with white stone pavers and a glass fence.
Image: Adbri Masonry

“The versatility of concrete paving means you can tailor your outdoor space to your exact taste and needs. With Adbri Masonry’s array of concrete products, the design possibilities are virtually endless. From driveways and paths to patios and pool areas, selecting the right type of pavers and maintaining it properly can make all the difference in both longevity and visual appeal.”

Jason Hodges

For more helpful tips on the perfect pavers and how to care for them, head over to Adbri Masonry.

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