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Review Adbri Masonry Miniwall Blocks

Building straight, curved and circular walls has never been easier thanks to Adbri Masonry Miniwall blocks – and as our review team demonstrates, they’re the answer to a quick and easy fire pit in your own backyard!

Our review team recently put Adbri Masonry Miniwall blocks to the test and rated them 5 out of 5 stars. Reviewers popped on their DIY hats and built their very own fire pit and custom entertaining zone for years of family fun – and toasted marshmallows!

Scroll down to the quotes below to read what our top reviewers thought of using Miniwall. But first, let’s dive into all the reasons to love these versatile garden blocks.

A family-friendly block that’s easy to use

Children and dogs gather around a fire pit made using Adbri Masonry Miniwall blocks.

What makes Miniwall blocks so popular among Australian DIYers is how easy they are to use. Jason Hodges demonstrates this beautifully in his step-by-step tutorial on how to build a safe backyard fire pit.

Simply stack 21 Miniwall blocks in a circle, then repeat for the second and third courses, stacking the blocks on top of each other as you go. Easy peasy!

And importantly, Miniwall blocks create an attractive barrier around fires, keeping flames out of reach of little hands – and paws! This gives parents and pet owners the peace of mind they need when creating a fire feature.

Miniwall comes packed with features

Fire pit made using Adbri Masonry Miniwall blocks.

Super versatile and a cinch to use, Miniwall blocks are any DIYers best friend in the backyard. Take a look at what else makes them a fab choice for fire pits.

  • Lightweight and easy to hold
  • Two versatile colour options: oatmeal and charcoal
  • Split face texture adds loads of visual appeal to backyards
  • They’re reusable! Because the blocks are dry stacked, simply repurpose them for another project when fire pit season wraps up!

Aside from their brilliant functionality, a fire pit is a smart way to elevate unused sections of the backyard. It brings warmth to spaces and welcomes guests with open arms. And with family-friendly Miniwall bricks, it couldn’t be easier to create the perfect fire pit for your needs.

Adbri Masonry Miniwall Blocks Reviews

We sent 10 lucky Making HOME reviewers Adbri Masonry Miniwall Blocks to build their own backyard firepit and share their honest thoughts. Take a look below at what our top reviewers had to say!

Turning our backyard dreams into reality with this DIY fire pit!

Overhead view of a DIY fire pit.

“The Adbri Masonry Miniwall Blocks created the perfect entertainment spot. Levelling the paving sand is our number one must! A smooth foundation is key to the success of creating a stunning fire pit area. DIY fire pit installation was a breeze, and now we’re captivated by the outcome. Ready to create unforgettable family moments around our beautiful fire pit.”

Claire, August 2023

Our new favourite area – the fire pit!

“As a mum to active young kids, I have always been hesitant about having a fire pit, which is why I absolutely love the Adbri Masonary Miniwall Blocks! They create a safe layer of protection around the fire pit, so I don’t have to worry about the kids getting too close to the fire. We have created such beautiful memories around the fire and it has already become a highly requested activity by all! I cannot recommend this enough if you have young kids or pets. It takes the stress out of fire pits and also looks incredible. I have had so many comments of just how luxe and bespoke the area looks. We absolutely love our fire pit by Adbri Masonary!

Jessica, June 2023

Such a smooth process to set up!

Father and child smile as they toast marshmallows at a fire pit.

“I recently had the pleasure of using the Adbri Masonry Miniwall Blocks in a fire pit DIY project, and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed with the results. The Miniwall blocks not only provided exceptional quality but also made the entire process a breeze. The quality of the Adbri Masonry Miniwall blocks is outstanding. They are well-crafted, durable, and visually appealing. The fire pit assembled with these blocks exudes a modern charm that instantly elevates the aesthetic of my yard. The blocks fit together seamlessly, which made the construction process remarkably easy, even for someone with limited DIY experience. One of the most notable features of the Miniwall blocks is their ability to enhance safety while creating an inviting atmosphere. They act as a barrier around the fire pit, making it a secure spot for children to enjoy toasting marshmallows and spending time with family and friends. This added layer of protection brings peace of mind, allowing everyone to enjoy the fire pit without worry.”

Keara, August 2023

So easy to build!

“The Adbri Masonry Miniwall Blocks were so easy to use to create a fire pit! The instructions were easy to follow and I found the trickiest part was making sure the first layer of bricks was level. After that, stacking the bricks to finish off the fire pit was simple! A great DIY starter project to build your confidence to create more!”

Fiona, August 2023

DIY Dream

Small child holds a hammer next to a half-built fire pit.

“Thanks to Making HOME we have been able to DIY our old fire pit area and make it into a beautiful space to share with our family and friends. We used the Adbri Masonry Miniwall Blocks Fire Pit to transform it into a more kid safe option for our young family. The kids got involved in the process and have been loving eating marshmallows by the fire. We love how easy the whole process is and how you can really make it your own with 3 layers of bricks and 2 different brick colour options to suit your needs. We are so impressed with the results and can’t believe how quickly it came together. I highly recommend even for a novice DIY’er like me.”

Jenna, August 2023

A quick and easy way to upgrade your backyard

A father and child toast marshmallows at a fire pit.

“A quick and easy way to spruce up your backyard, the Adbri Masonry Miniwall Blocks were super-easy to assemble, and following the instructions the fire pit was up and running in less than 20 minutes! Just make sure the area you’re building on is nice and level, measure your 60cm diameter and off you go. Overall this could not have been easier to build and it looks great. We love this new addition to our backyard.”

Matej, August 2023

Safe and fun for us all

A child walks towards a DIY fire pit.

“I wanted a fire pit but was always cautious with little ones. Then came along the Adbri Masonry Miniwall Blocks. The perfect circle to edge a fire pit, making it safe for little ones. We sit around it and kids can easily toast marshmallows. We also added a mesh one day and could cook corn and potatoes on it. Friends have all complemented it. It matches our other walls perfectly. Thank you for the chance to review, really appreciate it.”

Sejal, August 2023

The hottest way to transform your backyard!

A backyard firepit made with Adbri Miniwall blocks.

“Do you ever get sick of being stuck inside in the cooler months? I know we sure do and there is no better way to turn up the heat than with toasty warm fire. A huge thank you to MAKING HOME AND ADBRI MASONARY for sending me an amazing charcoal coloured, DIY FIRE PIT KIT to spruce up our outdoor entertaining area. It has honestly elevated our tired winter backyard in a little over an hour into alfresco bliss! It was easy to construct and it really brought the family together in such a fun way. There was laughter, toasted marshmallows, pets, sparklers, magic Colour Change Flames (really cool!) and a whole heap of hilarious family shenanigans. We can’t wait for next weekend (and for many years to come) to do it all over again!”

Nicole, August 2023

Adbri Masonry enhancing our backyard

“The fire pit itself has become a stunning focal point in my yard. They add a touch of sophistication to the overall design, and their charcoal colour complements the natural elements of the outdoors. Whether it’s a cozy evening gathering or a weekend barbecue, the fire pit has become a central gathering spot that everyone admires. I am thoroughly impressed with the Adbri Masonry Miniwall Blocks and wholeheartedly recommend both the product and the company. The ease of assembly, exceptional quality, and enhanced safety features make this a standout choice for anyone looking to create a beautiful and functional fire pit in their yard. Adbri Masonry has truly delivered a product that combines aesthetics, quality, and practicality seamlessly.”

Keara, August 2023

Find Adbri Masonry Miniwall blocks at hardware stores nationwide.

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